What Does Lobster Taste Like?

Like most other people, you have probably heard of a lobster, but you have never tried it.

Only famous and rich people have the privilege to enjoy it, because it is a very expensive and luxurious specialty.

Most people have never tasted a lobster, but there are also those who have never even heard of this seafood.

If you’re wondering what a lobster tastes like, we’ll tell you. A lobster is actually seafood with sweet and salty taste at the same time.

People who have tried a lobster usually say that it tastes similar to a crab, but its taste is much fuller and richer.

A lobster’s crunchiness is also what gives it charm and differentiates it from other seafood.

Today in this text we will talk about a lobster and we will try to bring this specialty closer to you.

First of all, we will tell you everything about basic characteristics of a lobster and what types of a lobster exist.

Also, we are going to tell you how a lobster tastes like, so that in the end you can judge for yourself whether it is worth paying so much money to taste a lobster or it is still better to opt for some other seafood.

What Is a Lobster?

A lobster belongs to the family of marine crustaceans. Its body is very long and its tail is muscular.

Due to its huge claws, a lobster can move around and catch its prey.

A lobster eats fish and other small animals from the ocean.

Lobsters live on the bottom of the ocean and they can be found mostly in North America.

However, lobsters are not easy to find and they are always in demand.

It is one of the reasons why a lobster is so popular and expensive all over the world.

As we have already said, a lobster is usually a symbol of richness and luxurious life.

Those who have tried a lobster say that there is no better specialty than lobster meat dipped in hot butter.

In the following chapter you are going to see some of the most popular types of lobsters.

Types of Lobsters

Before we tell you what types of lobsters exist, we are going to mention an interesting fact about lobsters.

These crustaceans molt every year, which means that they shed their own skin.

Because of that it is important to know that the quality of lobsters is not the same in all times of the year.

Also, their meat is not the same always, so we can find many different types of lobsters to buy.

If we take into account that all lobsters are molting and going through both soft shell season and hard shell season, then we can divide them on soft shell lobsters and hard shell lobsters.

The time of shedding their skin is not precisely defined, but all lobsters are going through this phase.

Soft shell lobsters are very fragile and because of that it is hard to transport them.

That’s why the lobsters with soft shells are usually eaten immediately when they are caught.

This type of lobsters is usually caught every year in the summer, approximately from July until September, but there is not a fix rule when you can find a soft shell lobster in the ocean.

On the other side, there are lobsters with hard shells and they are the best type of lobsters for transport.

Due to their hard shells, these lobsters will stay alive during the transport and they can be safely transferred in all parts of the world.

It is interesting that there is more meat in hard shell lobsters than in soft shell lobsters and because of that hard shell lobsters are usually more expensive.

Apart from soft shell and hard shell lobsters, there are also warm water lobsters and cold water lobsters.

Cold water lobsters are very popular and they are a delicious specialty in restaurants all around the world.

These lobsters are also called clawed lobsters because they are typical for their strong claws and the meat on their claws is especially tasty.

Many lovers of lobsters prefer the claw meat and that’s why a cold water lobster is one of the most favourite types of lobsters.

For example, the New England lobsters, also called Maine lobsters, are a type of called water lobsters.

They have juicy and tasty meat both on their claws and on their tails.

A Maine lobster is also one of the most popular delicacies in restaurants and it is very expensive.

The taste of this lobster is sweet and salty at the same time.

Another type of cold water lobsters is a Canadian lobster that lives in cold water and it is known for its hard shell.

Canadian lobsters are not as sweet as some other lobster types.

They are usually used for their claw meat that is also very tasteful.

Apart from cold water lobsters, there are also warm water lobsters.

They can be found in the ocean near California and Caribbean islands and they are usually caught in winter.

It is typical for warm water lobsters that they don’t have front claws like many other types of lobsters, so people usually eat the meat from their tails.

These lobsters are also called spiny lobsters. Warm water lobsters are less expensive than cold water lobsters.

Some of the most popular types of warm water lobsters are Caribbean lobsters and California lobsters.

It is interesting that South African lobsters are also classified as warm water lobsters, even though they live in cold water.

They are warm water lobsters because they don’t have claws.

However, the meat on their muscular tails is very tasteful and it is a real delicacy in restaurants.

Other types of lobsters are New Zealand lobsters, Tristan lobsters, Australian lobsters and many others.

There are also many species of lobsters that we have not mentioned, but also those that are not good to eat.

Now when you have seen some of the most popular types of lobsters, you must be curious to know what lobsters taste like.

What Does a Lobster Taste Like?

If you have not had an opportunity to taste lobster meat, then you probably think that this meat tastes like fish.

But, it is wrong. Lobsters should not taste like fish.

Their taste is richer and it is certainly different from all other tastes that you have ever tried.

As we have already said, the taste of a lobster is similar to the taste of a crab, but there are also some differences.

People who have tasted both lobster and crab say that the meat of a lobster is lighter and sweeter than the meat of a crab.

Also, it is said that the texture of a crab is flaky, which cannot be said for the lobster’s texture.

Because of that the meat of a lobster is more expensive and luxurious than the meat of crabs.

It is also typical for lobster’s meat that it doesn’t have a fishy smell.

A lobster is not only similar to a crab, but it can be also compared with other seafood.

Some other people have found a lot of similarities between lobster and shrimps.

It is known that a lobster is rich in protein and because of that it has a spongy texture as well.

A lobster is sweet like lean meat and it is also crispy, which makes it a great delicacy in all restaurants in the world.

Lobster meat is so popular not only because of its rich flavour, but also because of its texture that is something between a crab and a shrimp.

People who have eaten a lobster usually describe it as something unforgettable.

If you eat a lobster, you will have a feeling that it is melting inside your mouth and that’s why lobster meat is so special and expensive.

However, a lobster can be prepared in many different ways, which will also determine its taste.

If you eat a grilled lobster, you will enjoy not only in the taste of a lobster, but also in the taste of a marinade that is used for grilling. In this case a marinade in which a lobster is soaked will actually determine its taste.

If you are eating a grilled lobster, you should combine it with butter, lemongrass or garlic.

Even though a grilled lobster is very delicious and it smells really nice, you should know that in the case of grilling, the meat of a lobster can become a little dry, but the taste will remain the same, which is most important.

Apart from eating a grilled lobster, one of the most popular delicacies in restaurants is also a steamed lobster.

You can also taste a boiled and a fried lobster. A boiled lobster is salty and sweet at the same time, while a lobster prepared on steam is typical for its tender and sweet taste.

When it comes to the taste of a lobster, it is important to take into account the way in which a lobster was served, too.

A lobster is usually served with butter which gives it an even better taste. Butter will give some moisture to a lobster and make it an unforgettable specialty.

Health Benefits of Lobsters

A lobster is not only very tasty, but it is also known for its health benefits. It contains a large amount of vitamins and we have to mention vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin B12.

There are also a lot of minerals in the meat of a lobster, for example phosphorus, zinc, selenium and magnesium.

Another important thing related to health benefits of a lobster is that it is rich in protein.

Due to a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids a lobster is particularly good for the health of your heart, as well as for your cognitive health.

A lobster is also rich in fat, but it doesn’t contain too much saturated fat, which makes a lobster even healthier.

How to Eat a Lobster?

First of all we are going to tell you what parts of a lobster are usually eaten.

If you want to get the maximum of lobster’s meat, then you should eat its tail.

If you prefer the meat that has a sweet taste, then you should opt for the claws of a lobster.

However, many people think that the meat of knuckle is the tastiest meat that you can find on a lobster.

Also, there is some lobster meat on the legs of a lobster.

A lobster has 5 pairs of legs, so you can find meat on them, too.

It’s up to you to choose which part of a lobster tastes best to you.

You can eat a lobster in combination with many other foods.

For example, you can eat a lobster in combination with corn or rice.

Also, lobster meat can be served with risotto, pasta and asparagus.

Sometimes a lobster is served with green beans and this combination also tastes great.

One of the most popular delicacies is also a lobster with baked potatoes or with potato salad.

In restaurants all over the world a lobster is usually served with cheese and macaroni, but you can also try it with olive oil or lemon dressing.

One of favourite specialties is a lobster in combination with fish.

This delicacy is very popular in restaurants all over the world.

You can combine fish and lobster in many different ways.

If you prefer a boiled lobster, then you should combine it with butter.

Another specialty made of a lobster is a lobster pizza that can be also very tasteful.

In this case lobster meat is combined with cheese and with a sauce of lemon and garlic.

There are many other lobster dishes, such as bisques of lobster, macaroni, ravioli, etc.

How to Know If a Lobster Has Gone Bad?

When it comes to a lobster and other seafood, most important is to serve it fresh.

If a lobster has gone bad, it should not be eaten.

First of all you will notice a sour smell of a lobster and it is the first sign that it has gone bad.

Also, there will be some change in the texture of a lobster.

Actually, its meat will be very soft if it is bad.

If you notice that the colour of lobster’s meat is different from the colour that it had when you have bought it, a lobster is not safe to eat and you should throw it away.

It happens often that the tail of a lobster goes bad. In this case a lobster will smell like ammonia.

But, in order to see if the tail of a lobster is bad or not, you will need to cook it first.

When a lobster is frozen, it will be very hard to notice if it has gone bad or it is still fresh.

Because of that we recommend you to cook it and you will easily detect if it smells bad.

If you notice that a lobster has a sour smell or a different colour, it will be a clear sign that a lobster has gone bad. In this case it is not safe to eat a lobster.

Side Effects of Eating Lobsters

Even though we have told you that a lobster is very healthy, there are some things that you should be careful about.

First of all it is important to buy a fresh lobster and to handle it properly.

It is very dangerous to eat a raw lobster.

Also, when a lobster is not cooked enough, it can be dangerous.

It could lead to many health problems, including vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and fever.

Also, bacteria that may be found in undercooked lobster can cause serious headaches.

In order to avoid all these symptoms, you should be careful when you are preparing a lobster at home.

As we have said, most important is to handle it in the right way.

Also, a lobster can cause many allergic reactions, especially among people who are allergic to shellfish.

In extreme cases it can also lead to allergic reaction that can be even deadly.

It is also known that lobsters, like other shellfish, can be contaminated with arsenic, mercury or with some other heavy metals.

If you consume a lobster that is contaminated, then it can cause serious health problems, such as heart and brain damage.

However, it is said that a lobster is low in mercury and it is generally safe to eat.

It is safe to eat a lobster 2-3 times a week.

But, pregnant and breastfeeding women should be especially careful when eating a lobster.

As you can see, a lobster is very expensive seafood and if you have a chance you should try it.

We are sure that you will enjoy in its sweet flavour, but you should always eat it in moderation.

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