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Top Pantry Staple Recipes To Make!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

These days, our pantries are our best friend. Really, my self isolation self is looking for any sort of connection, and currently I'm connecting with my kitchen. It's special, but it can also be frustrating. We don't have the ability to pop out to the store as much as we used to, and I'm looking in my cupboard to inspire my recipes. From pantry staples and easy recipes - even though I've got seemingly more time in the kitchen, my motivation to get creative is at an all time low.

I've ROUNDED UP some of my favorite pantry recipes that are quick, easy, and best of all, comforting.

Chickpea Fries

Chickpea flour is a pantry staple - and chances are, you might be able to find it in your local shops (it's not quite as popular as bread flour lately!). Chickpea flour is SO versatile, a source of fibre and plant protein. When cooked, chickpea flour binds together, making these suer easy to make either in the air fryer OR roasted in the oven!

Roasted Everything Chickpea Sheet Pan Meal

Sheet pan meals give me LIFE. No dishes, no mess, just delicious dinner on the table. Everything bagel spice is the true hero in this recipe - but feel free to use your favourite seasoning blend. There are no rules for sheet pan meals!

Giant Latke

Potatoes last forever, well almost... and most of us have one or two sitting in the cupboard. Don't go crazy flipping a million potato pancakes, and make one GIANT latke, perfect for sharing with your family.

Plantain + Lentil Pie

Lentils are the ultimate pantry staple. Healthy, cheap, and easy to cook. Elevate the humble lentil with this shepherd's pie - no plantain? no problem! Top with mashed sweet potatoes or potatoes!

Turmeric Ginger Lentil Soup

A hug in a bowl, this turmeric ginger lentil soup is my favorite soup recipe! It's full of flavor, without a whole fridge worth of ingredients. Red lentils are another pantry fave- versatile, quick, and dummy-proof, they're perfect in soups, stews, curries and even baked goods (really!).

Chickpea Kale Soup

Another winning soup recipe, this chickpea kale soup is just as comforting as my grandmother's chicken soup - seriously soup for the soul! No kale? try using spinach, chard, or any other hearty green.

Seeded Beer Bread

If you were lucky enough to find flour, this is the recipe for you! The best news? This NO YEAST bread uses beer - if you can spare it. It's super simple, full of flavor, and an easy way to make bread, without a bread-maker or yeast!

Olive Oil Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

Let's face it. Cookies = comfort, and there is nothing wrong about that. These FLOURLESS cookies use oat flour (or make your own!), olive oil (in case you're out of butter!), and loads of chocolate. They're cakey, and subtly sweet, they are basically breakfast.

My Go-To Granola

This granola recipe is super simple. It is totally customizable so that you can use whatever you have in the pantry. There are no rules in this healthy granola recipe, only to try not to eat it all in one sitting.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home my friends!

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