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Sweet, Sugars Oh My! - Nutrition Tips for Oral Health

Let’s talk about oral health! Your oral health may not be on top of your mind every day, but it’s a crucial part of your overall health, and it takes more than brushing your teeth to keep your smile in tip top shape!

In addition to a good brushing routine, diet has an important role in your oral health. There’s a common myth that eating just sugary foods makes you prone to cavities, but it’s more than that. Factors including:

  • length of exposure

  • Texture

  • and frequency of eating sugary foods

all contribute to the potential of being more susceptible to getting cavities. Check out below how we broke down how to still eat sweets while still having good oral health.

Have Sugary Foods with a Meal

I don't know about you, but I’ve got a sweet tooth. Just because they can cause cavities doesn’t mean that sweets are no longer allowed in our diets. Combine sweets as desserts with a meal instead of just by itself. Longer exposure to fermentable carbs/sugar on your teeth can make you more likely to get cavities… that’s why eating sweets with other foods can lower the chances of fermentable carbs on your teeth.

What About Sticky, Chewy Foods?

Food like dried fruits, nut butters, and honey that have sticky or chewy textures tend to cling to your teeth. This provides ample food for bacteria to thrive on. After eating sticky foods, brush your teeth, rinse with some water, and/or limit how much you eat

For Stronger Teeth…Got Milk?

Add a source of dairy with meals and snacks for more calcium in your diet. Calcium helps build strong teeth by equipping the teeth building blocks to remineralize bone and teeth. Other calcium plant-based options are green leafy veg like broccoli rabe, kale, or bok choy or soy products that are fortified with calcium.

Watch What’s In Your Cup

Sodas, fruit juices, and lemonade are acidic drinks that can diminish your enamel. The enamel is the outside layer of your teeth that protects your teeth from damage. Drinking out of a straw can minimize the damage from acidic drinks. If you don’t have a straw, do a quick swish!

What you munch on significantly impacts your dental health. Even if you have a great brushing routine, sometimes we just need a little help here and there.

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