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Kitchen Hacks: Meal Prep Myths - Debunked!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Meal prep can seem daunting. It takes planning, time, and is a pain in the a$$... right? Well, 2/3 of those are true - the last? Not so much.

True, meal prep takes planning. But don't go all Pinterest crazy. I plan mine in a few simple steps.

  • What do I need to use up? Do I have anything in the fridge or freezer I can use?

  • Is there anything on sale at the store?

  • What do I enjoy eating?

After I've asked myself those questions, I choose what I make based on this easy equation:

  • 3 Veggies (roasted, raw, steamed - however you like it!)

  • 2 Proteins (tofu, beans, hard boiled eggs, fish, you name it)

  • 1 Starches (pasta, quinoa, rice, potatoes)

  • 2 Sauces (pesto, tomato sauce, peanut sauce, tahini)

If I break it down into these sections, it's simple to create different combinations that can #makelunchgreatagain.

True, meal prep does take time. Schedule in a day for meal prep, just as you would a doctors appointment or hair-cut. This is one more way to practice a bit of #selfcare. Your future you will thank you! I assign a specific day and time frame for #mealprep. That way, there are zero excuses when I find myself without a pre-made lunch for the week. Schedule in time for: planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. BUT these don't have to take ages. Plan according to what you can make, and enjoy eating. Shop ONLINE (seriously!), cook things at the same time - grains on the stove, roast in the oven, and include pre-made shortcuts where it makes sense. Cleaning... yeah, there's no getting around that. For those of us with dishwashers, you're a lucky soul. For me? My sweet husband is my dishwasher. BUT, this upfront time commitment will 100% save you time all. week. long. I promise.

Wrong. meal prep is a pain in the a$$. Meal prep is a way to help future you feel better, save money, and save time in the long run. It's a form of #selfcare that may not be as glamorous as a face mask or mani/pedi. When you add it to your routine, it can be the "you time" you need to listen to your fave tunes, podcasts, or catch up with friends over the phone.

What are your fave meal prep hacks?

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