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Kitchen Hacks: Using Up Leftover Coffee

If you're a coffee-addict, you're not alone here. I literally can't function without 2 cups a day of STRONG coffee. I think that my coffee runs in my veins, and I chalk up my short height to too much coffee.

I know it's a problem, but it's not one I'm keen on fixing. In the spirit of reducing waste, if you find that you have too much leftover coffee on hand, here are some ways to use it up!

  • Freeze leftover coffee into ice cubes for the perfect iced coffee that doesn't get diluted as your ice melts. Use these ice cubes in your next smoothie. Or, if you're fancy, make a cocktail out of it!

  • Use as the liquid (or ice!) for your next smoothie with cocoa powder, nut butter, and a banana

  • Blend coffee ice cubes with a dash of honey for a coffee granita or sorbet.

  • Use it in a chocolate cake recipe in place of water or milk.

  • Make chia pudding with equal parts milk and leftover coffee, yum!

  • Add it to your favourite pot of chili (trust me!) with stock or water.

  • Make my low carb coffee protein bars

  • ...drink it cold or reheat it. There's no glamour in this one, but hey, we don't all have time to whip up a cake.

What are your favourite ways to reuse your leftover coffee?

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