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Citrus + Pomegranate Salad

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Fruit salad. We all grew up with it. My childhood memories of a fruit salad was a tinned fruit cocktail (with cherries!), sliced banana, vanilla yogurt, and chocolate chips. Not exactly the type of fruit salad I’d make now. Instead, I’m making this easy citrus salad and making the most of winter citrus. Enter this Citrus + Pomegranate Salad - your upgraded version of a childhood fave.

Easy Citrus Salad with Passionfruit and Pomegranate

This grown up fruit salad has sweet, sour, and bitter notes. Fresh citrus like mandarines, tangerines, grapefruit, oranges (whatever you can find!) is paired with sour passionfruit and topped with pomegranate and mint. It’s so easy I don’t think you even need a recipe.

If you’ve never purchased passionfruit, you can find them in large or “ethnic” grocery stores. They are typically deep purple shells with a bright orange pulp with crunchy black seeds. They are ripe when the outer shell looks wrinkly (which is counterintuitive, I know). Sliced them in half and scoop out that delicious flesh. The seeds are perfectly fine to eat as well, in fanct they are a source of omega-3 fatty acids, and a full of fibre as well.

Next time you’re hosting a brunch or dinner party, make this tangy citrus salad as the perfect palate cleanser!

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Citrus Pomegranate & Passionfruit Salad

Prep Time: 10 mins

Servings: 4

Looking for a brunch recipe that is simple but WOW-worthy? A zippy citrus salad with tropical passionfruit and juicy pomegranate!


  • 5-6 citrus fruits oranges, grapefruits, tangerines

  • 2 passion fruits halved and seeds scooped out

  • ½ cup pomegranate arils

  • Mint leaves chopped


  1. Cut the citrus: Slice off the stem and end of your citrus, cutting deep enough to see flesh.

  2. Place your fruit with one cut side down, and cut downwards, following the curve down the peel, until you see flesh.

  3. Turn the fruit until there is no more peel.

  4. Slice into rounds.

  5. Combine citrus with passionfruit, pomegranate and garnish with mint leaves.


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