For example, if you see a man on the street who is sick because he has experienced some stress, especially when it is hot and sultry days, the first thing you will offer him as first aid is of course water and sugar, i.e. something sweet, of course, if the man does not suffer from diabetes.

The problem arises when a Muslim abroad drops sugar and does not have something sweet with him that he is sure is Halal.

Should he stumble into the store and read the composition of the first candy he can get his hands on to recover?

Or should he buy a kilogram of sugar that he will put in his mouth and pour water on?

Due to such unpleasant and unpredictable situations, Muslims should know and inform themselves which sweets are safe for them to consume and are of animal origin, and that they should always have with them, for example, Twix chocolate, which we found here is also Halal.

So if you see someone who is sick and needs to have their sugar increased, and that someone is a Muslim, the best thing to do is to mix water and sugar.

If someone who is a Muslim comes to visit you, and we all know how important it is to respect other people’s faith and traditions, find out what food and drinks that person is allowed to consume so that he does not feel ostracized and neglected.

Educate yourself and learn about the traditions and customs of the person you hang out with, and in addition to friendship, you will additionally expand your horizons and learn something new.

Every culture and religion cherishes certain rules and customs and it is very nice and useful to learn something about them.

Muslims who live abroad and respect their customs and traditions also have a problem when, for example, they find themselves in military service where the food in the canteens is the same for everyone, including them.

They should be allowed to procure food for themselves, which they can consume, but there is also a problem because they have nowhere to keep it and prepare it.

This is something that the army should seriously deal with because no one should be denied the right to the customs of the country they come from.

Now, Twix is one of the most favorite cholates in the world, and there is virtually no one who does not love its taste.

Do you know where its name comes from?

It is very obvious and simple – twin biscuit sticks; in short, you get to see Twix.

Now the market for sweets, in general, is huge, and Twix bar has its place the direction of the company can see when they are trying to accommodate all markets, including the Muslim one which is huge.

But, not only that this market is enormous, and there is a major profit there, the fact is that any company that wants to work well must accommodate all markets.

Muslim market is huge but it has the most limitations, as all food and drinks must be halal, or approved by their laws, and this is not always an easy task.

So, here, today we will try to find out if Twix Halal or Haram is in Islam.

Is Twix Halal or Haram In Islam?

This delicious and crunchy chocolate that we all love and gladly reach for it in the store has the following composition:

The main ingredients are skim milk, cocoa butter, chocolate, sugar, lactose, milkfat, artificial flavors, PGPR, soy lecithin, and sugar.

Wheat flour enriched: Artificial flavor (reduced iron, riboflavin, wheat flour, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, niacin), modified corn starch, dextrose, skim milk, corn syrup, palm oil, sugar, less than 2 percent of fat.

Judging by this, if Twix didn’t have milk in it, it would be a fully vegan product.

Specifically, this is a question that bothers all people who respect their traditions.

Are certain types of food allowed to be consumed, but when it comes to sweets, a problem arises, especially if no label on it will confirm that it does not contain animal products.

Then you have to read the declarations about the composition, which are written in such small letters that an elderly person will hardly be able to read them without glasses and a magnifying glass in hand.

Manufacturers, who send their products to Muslim countries try to put a mark on each of their products that something is Halal and that the people know immediately and without reading the declaration whether they will buy the product or not.

This also speeds up the entire shopping process in stores, which means less crowding in them.

As for Twix chocolate, it is Halal and Muslim people can consume it.

But there is always a certain doubt among Muslims if there is no mark on the product that it is Halal, they read on the declaration whether it is safe for their consumption.

The problem arises with Muslims who live abroad and where it is not written on the products whether it is Halal.

This is a big problem for Muslims because they have to read the composition of the product on the spot in the market or find out about the products they want to buy before going to the store.

The whole procedure takes a lot of time and they have to plan every purchase well. Also, when a new chocolate product appears, they must first investigate whether it is Halal or not.

Which Twix is Halal?

Just like any candy manufacturer who wants to come closer to as many audiences as possible, this includes also the vast market that the Muslim community makes around the world, and we are speaking of a multi-billion market.

After some research here the Twix chocolate bars that are halal:

Ice Cream Barm; both Dark, Caramel, and White Cookie bars.

Also under the Halal category falls all Twix fingers (Milk, Dark, White) and also Milk Chocolate.

Some may ask if the Twix with vanilla flavor, perhaps haram, having in mind that vanilla extract that is put into cakes can, at times made out of alcohol, which is forbidden as a great sin in the Islamic faith.

the answer came from the company itself – even vanilla is haram here, as it does not have any traces of alcohol in it.

Have in mind that Twix bar is one of the chocolates that have numerous limited editions version and collaborations in the meantime.

One of the most popular ones, which appeared just four years after the release of the original Twix was the Twix bar with peanut butter.

This has been a fan favorite for many years, and it has remained till this day – and the question that arose here also is this.

Can Muslims eat Twix with peanut butter, is it halal?

Just like those that we have spoken of at the beginning of this piece, Twix with peanut butter is also halal, and the Islamic faith allows them.

More about Twix 

The Twix bar is made out of one thicker biscuit that is coated with a once again thick layer of caramel and covered in milk chocolate.

It is what gives it its interesting flavor.

This sweet has been represented to a wider audience in 1967 in the United Kingdom.

Ten years later it came to the United States and there it has become a phenomenon.

It is noticeable for its packaging – gold and orange.

Here it came to be known as Twix Cookie Bar.

Both in the UK and the US it is one of the most popular and beloved chocolates.

To its popularity, an amazing marketing strategy had its share; since commercials of this chocolate are one of the most famous in the world and numerous celebrities have participated in them.

There is a deliberate debate online that was set into motion by the company itself – is there any difference between left and right Twix – the answer is there is none, it is just a marketing trick.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love them?

We’ve been used to them since we were little and we simply can’t help but enjoy their taste.

Although homemade sweets are preferred over store-bought ones, it is necessary to be moderate.

Candies have a certain effect on our bodies, and this does not have anything do to with Islamic law, which demands that people are moderate, but it has to do with the common sense of healthy living.

Is it even necessary to clarify?

Sugar is not good to be eaten in great quantities, and this is true for Twix chocolates also!

In addition to affecting the development of obesity, tooth decay, and the development of numerous health problems, some experts claim that it also affects the development of some serious diseases, and this is a true alarm, mostly for kids.

It’s always good to be in moderation, and that’s the case with sugar as well.

One of the fan favorites is also frozen Twix bars, which are present on the market of ice creams for a long time they are also a fan favorite, as well as Twix bites, which were made to be more comfortable for consumption.

All of these, are, by the way, halal, but in any case, always read the ingredients, just be certain.


Around the world, there are many restaurants whose food is strictly and exclusively Halal and Muslims can dine in them without fear of breaking the rules.

These are not restaurants run only by Muslims, but also by people who have decided to build a business for mutual satisfaction based on this Muslim custom.

For example, when you go to Egypt on vacation, you can choose one of the hotels that serve European food in their restaurants.

Some hotels have several restaurants, where European food is served, and in others, food adapted to their diet and in which all food is Halal.

Some people are simply bothered by their way of eating and they need time to get used to it, and since a person spends an average of 14 days on vacation, there is no need to bother choosing a restaurant with food that suits him.

Their dishes contain a lot of spices that our body is not used to and therefore they came out to meet people who are not obliged to have a Halal diet and serve in restaurants and adjust their food they suit our habits and needs, and this is also a big plus for hotels that prefer this.

Twix chocolate is one of the most popular products and children especially love it, but as we have said, the idea to be moderate is also present here, as too much sugar is not good for you.

But even though it is an almost vegan product, you should find a measure and not exaggerate its consumption.

Just because something is halal, kosher, vegan, etc does not mean that it is recommended to be eaten in large quantities.

But in any case, it is an excellent choice.

In Twix bar, you will not find any gelatine, and this is what makes it Halal-friendly, but also kosher and vegan.

Islamic scholars say that the vital regulation involving all foods and drinks is that all of them are allowed unless there is proof to demonstrate that they are prohibited.

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