Is Trident Gum Halal or Haram In Islam? 

For some gums are the symbol of disrespect and childlike behavior, and for others are the perfect way of making their breath fresh, having something refreshing and sweet at the same time, and relaxing their nerves.

Not only that when you are chewing gum has a great taste and smell in your mouth, but also this can help us helps us to remember better, to be more alert, and to make decisions more easily.

Some believe that chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain, although this has not been officially cited as an explanation.

But, it makes us feel great there is no doubt about it, for sure.

Now, we all love them, they, as all that we consume when done in some excessive way can be problematic, but here we want to speak of a matter that is even more controversial.

We want to look if one particular brand of chewing gum makes them halal, or if this matter is still something that is debatable.

Is Trident Gum Halal or Haram In Islam, and if it is not, why is this the case?

What part of it, the ingredient makes it haram?

And are there any special flavors that are safe for consumption?

We will take a look at all of this and give you the answer.

Is Trident Gum Halal or Haram In Islam? 

We could say that the majority of people simply and without much thinking grasp their favorite gum at the counter right after they have finished their shopping.

This is not something that we think about very much, it is something that we inherently do when we buy groceries.

Often times we will take that chewing gums instead of a change, and this is also something that we will do without much thinking.

But for those who belong to Islam, this cannot be just a simple purchase it is so much more – it is not just gum, it must be safe for consumption and halal, not just regarding ingredients but also the process of its manufacturing.

When we look at the list of ingredients, we cannot find anything that will make them haram.

All of them are halal by nature, as they are made from sugar mostly and all ingredients do not have anything doubtful in them, there is nothing that seems to be haram.

The problem arises from the fact that Trident gum does not obtain halal certification and this means that it is not 100 percent halal.

It can be., but there is a certain risk to it.

Also, there is something that certain Islamic teachers like to point out, and it does not concern too much food regulations, but it touches more on some other matters that are equally relevant for the Islamic community.

So here, based on the guidelines from Islamic teachers, we want to remind you of one more thing – during Muslim celebrations, like fasting; it is not suitable to chew gums.

Not Trident gum, but also any other gum, as this is a sign of a major disrespect toward faith itself.

Chewing gum during fasting is not allowed and breaks the fast because it contains substances that are separated and introduced into the body. Also, they give the impression of not fasting.

The company that makes them 

What is also important for this picture is what the company that makes them has to say about it.

Response from the company

Mondelēz is the firm that makes Trident Gum.

They have responded to this question by saying that this type of gum does not contain any animal products, and here we are talking about gelatin and alcohol.

If there is so much of it that it makes you drunk or inebriated, then it is forbidden.

If it is present in small amounts and it has changed its properties through chemical bonds, then if you want to stay away from the suspicious, do not use them.

Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with consuming them.

Although, the company has stated that none of its products have vegetarian, vegan, or halal certificates.

In some of them, there can be ingredients that have come from an animal source, just like glycerin.

The original Trident gum has no sugar, and it has natural and artificial color, soy lecithin, mannitol, sorbitol, gum base, glycerin and xylitol, glycerin, and sucralose.

Just as is, there is no problem.

The response that the company has provided is a bit blurry, they do not have any clear halal certificate, as their products may contain pork, but do not have to.

This is most notably the case in Canada and in the USA, as all consumers must be extra careful when they are buying this brand of gums, as it can be haram.

Does Trident gum have alcohol?

Maybe this is something that will make them haram, but how it is possible that chewing gum has alcohol?

It is true that this brand has a remarkably little quantity of alcohol as a flavor courier for multiple tastes.

Nevertheless, this is most commonly not sufficient to make it haram for Muslims.

Still, those who are following rigorous halal rules should inspect the label to confirm that it does not have any non-halal components before chewing this brand of gum.

Which flavors of Trident Gum are halal?

If we presume that there is no pork gelatine and that it comes from the beef source, then Trident’s original flavor, as well as Tropical Twist, Coconut Mango, and Watermelon Splash are good to go.

Those you should avoid are most definitely Strawberry and lime and Peppermint Swirl.

So, this is just a presumption that these kinds could be halal, as we have said, the company that makes them does not provide any certificate for their products, but knowing the list of ingredients and knowing that even if there is gelatin, it is very likely to come from beef.

Also, the amount of alcohol that is mentioned is not sufficient to make a person drunk, so it could be neglected.

But, if you know all of this, and still do not feel good about consuming something that does not have a halal certificate then do not do it.

More about gums

There is virtually no one who does not love to chew some gum, when we want to be more concentrated or when we just want to move our mind to think about something else.

But did you know that chewing gum can have both good and bad effects on our health?

On a more negative side, if you have some issues when it comes to chewing gums, then you may not chew gums when you were at school. Blame the teachers who didn’t let you chew gum in class.

One study has shown that chewing gum can trap bacteria that are then expelled when you spit out the gum.

About 100 million bacteria were detected in each of the chewing gums. However, this effect of collecting bacteria is reduced if the gum is chewed for longer than 30 minutes.

So, commercials that have been claiming this were true – chewing gums can truly assist you in having better breath and help you fight cavities.

Brushing your teeth with a new toothbrush without toothpaste has the same effect.

This research may lead to the creation of gums that selectively remove certain bacteria from the oral cavity.

Although, several studies have proven that theory. One, conducted in 2002, showed that chewing gum improved short-term memory by 24 percent and long-term memory by 36 percent.

There is also some evidence that chewing gum can help reduce stress.

Some people have said that it is completely stupid that teachers do not permit kids to chew gums as it will make them easier to concentrate on their tasks, as this is proven many times.

You probably couldn’t have guessed that chewing gum can have some “side effects” and this is what is a more common realization than some others.

It was concluded that constant gum chewing can cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the skin.

It was concluded that excessive gum chewing can also affect the appearance of those fine lines – especially in the area above the upper lip and this can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles.

However, the keyword in all of this is “excessive”.

Chewing one gum a day will not affect the texture and appearance of the skin in the long term.

But if you do it constantly and excessively, then it can have some effect.

Also, excessive chewing can change the shape of your face.

Despite these good points, experts point out that you should not exaggerate chewing gum because it can lead to jaw joint disorders.

It is not classified as a serious problem, but it can cause pain in the jaw, so it can cause problems when eating and sleeping.


If you want to deal with this issue it is best to sea for the answers on the company’s website and ask.

If you are not happy with the answer, then simply try some other brands that are declared as halal.

But the fact is that this brand of gums does not have any halal certificate we cannot claim that it does not have forbidden ingredients, just as pork gelatine, which is often part of some chewing gums.

So, you should avoid buying this brand, as there are many to choose from on the market that has the needed halal certification.

Trident gum is a famous label of chewing gum that is known in numerous various tastes. With such status, suspicions about its halal position are very frequent.

Mondelēz, the company that makes them has stated that neither of their products and these include also Trident Gum has a halal certificate and it could not be called vegetarian, or vegan as it can obtain by-products from the animal source, most notably pork gelatin.

So, this is a matter of could have; but this does not have to be the case – gelatin can also come from beef.

It is obtained from bones and skins from pork, but it can come from other animals like beef; and truth be told, in chewing gums it is often used this type of gelatin.

If you do not know what the mentioned case is about, but in any case we recommend avoiding all items containing alcohol, regardless of its origin. Doubtful things should be avoided.

Having said all of this, we will remind you of one more thing that is relevant for all people of the Muslim community.

Islamic teachers say that it is very rude and disrespectful to chew gum during important Islamic celebrations.

We are talking here about all chewing gums, not any kind in particular.

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