A Muslim is not someone who inherits his faith, but someone who voluntarily submits to Allah Almighty.

Muslims believe that all revelations of Muhammad were dictated to him by the angel Gabriel.

Every Muslim believer strives to live according to the Quran and in this manner, they reject any other language version of this book.

Any translation diminishes the value of the Qur’an which was written in Arabic – and the fact is that all Muslims believe that Islam is the only true religion from which others, including Judaism and Christianity, arose.

In it, there is a set of rules for all believers, that they must follow.

Having said all of this, for many and this is mostly relevant for younger people who have been subjected to the many temptations, how to resist all things that the modern world and society brings.

In this sense, is it allowed for the people of this faith to consume one of the most popular soda drinks in the world – it is Pepsi?

It is spread all around the globe, and how Muslim people can resist it if it is not allowed for them to consume it?

And if it is permitted for them to drink it, are they completely safe to do so?

Is Pepsi Halal or Haram In Islam?

Pepsi is a drink that was made out of kola nut and pepsin enzyme hence the name, and it was discovered in 1893.

In the US, Pepsi is made out of these ingredients: first and foremost we all know about its fuzzy part and it is all thanks to the high percentage of carbonated water that is found in Pepsi drink.

Then, of course, we know that this is one very sweet drink, some would even argue that this drink is much sweeter than the competition or Coca-cola, so it has in its composition a high fructose corn syrup, and of course, it has a lot of sugar.

This is the part, not just from the perspective of religion, but from a health point of view, that it is worrying, that enormous amounts of sugar are in this drink.

It is also known for its dark color, and it has caramel color, and also natural flavors.

It contains also citric acid and phosphoric acid, but we all know that drinks like this one, also contain caffeine, which consumption can be problematic, especially for children.

Looking at the 355 ml of Pepsi, this is one can it has 41 grams of carbohydrates, and the call comes from the large amounts of sugar.

Drinking large amounts of carbonated juices during the day drastically increases sugar intake, which is certainly associated with several health problems and diseases.

Research has shown that if you drink more than one glass of soda per day, your chances of getting type 2 diabetes are 26% higher.

Sugar-rich juices also contain high levels of calories, which have been linked to other diseases, especially obesity.

Then, Pepsi drink has 0 grams of protein and fat, and it has 38 mg of caffeine, which is not a small amount, especially if it took in large quantities.

Decaf Pepsi has the same composition, except that it does not contain caffeine.

And you have probably seen many bottles of Pepsi during Ramadan, but we must raise the question – is this what is completely safe to drink, is it halal?

But having looked at the list of its ingredients, we could say that Pepsi is safe for the Muslim community to drink it.

Now, the different matter is whether this drink is seen as healthy, as it is not as it has a lot of sugar in it.

Islamic rules are based on the health of the believers of this faith.

Examinations have revealed that spikes in sugar input repress the immune system, and this is crucial if we want to stay healthy in the long run.

And we also know that in those moments when our body is in danger, like in moments when our immune system is in danger, we are more probable to get unwell.

So, if you can it is best to avoid these sugary drinks, especially during virus and flu times, in winter, etc.

What does the Company say regarding Halal status?

The company that produces and owns Pepsi drink, Pepsi Co has stated in the written statement that in their product there are no animal by-products that could ruin the halal status of this drink and that this is safe to say.

But, there is not a word that this drink contains or does not contains alcohol, but when you look at the list of ingredients you can see that it does not have any alcohol, and even if it does, it does not have the percentage that could make you drunk, that is not acceptable for any people of Muslim faith, and that would jeopardize the Halal status of this beloved drink.

Of course, this is true for the regular Pepsi drink, but you need to be extra careful when you are buying something else, the list of ingredients could be very different.

One concern

In some previous years, there has been a saying that the company has fooled the consumers and that Pepsi is made out of forbidden elements, and that millions of Muslim people have been wronged.

Some claim that this drink is made out of the acids that come from pork, or from pigs’ intestines.

They claim that this was known for many decades and that this practice just has been continued.

Some samples of this drink were tested, and there was a ban put on the consumption of this since it was said that pepsin that was found here came from pig intestines (or the acid that it produces)

Based on this information millions of Islamic believers did not want to drink it anymore.

Any food item containing even a small amount of pork, pork fat, or any ingredient derived from that animal is strictly prohibited.

The biggest reason for that ban is the harmfulness of pork to human health, it is said in the Islamic rules, that must be followed by all means and at all times.

Later on, it was concluded that the problem comes from packaging and that this must be resolved as soon as possible.

More about Pepsi

When this drink was discovered it was called “Brad’s Drink”.

It was so delicious that he soon began selling it around the neighborhood.

Later in 1898, this delectable drink was renamed Pepsi Cola, and that’s when this world brand came to life.

This drink was made in a pharmacy, but the demand was so strong that it has to be shifted from it, and moved into the building where the mass manufacture has started. In that year more the 30 thousand liters were sold.

Then the marketing started, from which point this drink could be sold anywhere.

After that, the famous Pepsi logo was made.

Of course, during 1929 and the big crash of the market, everything was ruined and also Pepsi-Cola company, they were bankrupted.

During the 40s the marketing of Pepsi was tuned toward the black community, which was seen as a smart move and it gain great benefits.

The company grew more and more as the years pass and many world-famous personalities participated in Pepsi campaigns.

The company has made many famous drinks over years, but Pepsi has remained one of the most favorite all around the world the other part of its notoriety is its rivalry that has with another famous soda drink brand – Coca-Cola.


Islam came to make life easier for people and did not forbid them anything, without giving them something better and more useful in return.

Likewise, Allah forbade men to wear silk clothes, but instead gave them decorative clothes made of wool, linen, and cotton.

Just to mention a few, the fact is that the idea is that an Islamic believer remains healthy.

So, you have probably drunk so many times a refreshing drink and wondered if is it halal.

And as you could have seen it is a halal drink, since as we have said there is nothing that has animal products in it, and also it does not contain any alcohol in its composition, and therefore it is safe to be consumed by Islamic people.

The company that makes this drink has stated that their product does not contain any animal by-products or any alcohol.

But, there is a different matter of health status of this drink, and even if it is proven to be completely halal, is it good to drink it?

Experts advise Islamic believers to try to do some small things to stay alert and conserve energy.

These are small breaks from correction or work, short walks, and writing daily to-do lists or lists of things that are difficult for you and how to get rid of them.

It is also advisable to plan daily meals to make sure you’re eating the right things and getting the right energy.

In the end, it is, by all means so relevant for all people of the Muslim faith to be aware at all times of what are they consuming and what is allowed and what is forbidden (strictly haram), to be positive that he or she is following the right course.

And, when you are not certain it is the best to avoid it – and when some concerns appeared, then the situation is more than clear – one piece of information has appeared that the pepsin in Pepsi and also in Coca-Cola was made out of pigs intestines, and therefore it was not allowed to be consumed.

Of course, the company itself has never confirmed these clams and has stated that their drink does not have any by-product that comes from any animal source, not only pigs.

And in the end, for all believers of the Muslim faith, maybe this is not a cardinal sin, but by all means, it is not something that is seen as the healthiest version of taking care of a body and soul, and this is what this religion wants.

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