Is Panda Express Halal or Haram In Islam? 

Human beings are just one species in this world who are not just eating, they are enjoying food, unlike any other.

Cuisine and nice food are to a certain extent one of the most important things in this world, as some would like to say, what you eat is who you are.

For some, it is our passion and joy, and for others, it is a social thing and for some others enjoyment and preparation of nice food is something that you want to do for your loved ones.

In any case, so many things are revolving around food, and for those who have a craving for mostly greasy, tasty, and comforting food they will, especially after some stress and maybe a long night out reach for Chinese food.

This is something that is so tasty, and comforting, also filling and usually this type of food is not very expensive.

But also this is not authentic Chinese food, but it is a version of it.

It is the Western version of Chinese dishes, and here we are speaking of fast food franchises and there are many of them for sure.

And we have to agree that Chinese food, the way we eat it, is one of the most popular cuisines around the world – it is tasty and filling, and on the market, you can find numerous options to order or eat inside Chinese restaurants.

Chinese cuisine is colorful, and truly beloved, as many would say, this is the type of food where you can find the most amazing dishes and foods on offer, which you probably didn’t even know existed.

And it is good to know, that all Chinese regions have their own specific foods, that are authentic for that environment, but also, there are certain similarities between them.

Of course that in numerous other, western countries, there are also versions of Chinese food, and it does not have to be so authentic, it could be based on that food, but it still tastes amazingly great.

Authentic Chinese food is truly great for body and soul, and Chinese people live very long.

The fact is, on the other hand, they are long-lived and they are characterized by good health and a slim figure.

They achieve this primarily thanks to fresh ingredients, a large number of fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and great care during food processing.

They are eating it on a daily basis, and it is very fresh for sure, but all of this is important for a healthy diet.

In many countries around the world, Chinese food has been popular in recent years, both because of the combination of flavors and because of the originality and variety of dishes.

And in all of those countries, there is a twist on certain dishes that have their own similarities but also differences

The food is prepared a little differently than in China, because the customers are mostly meat lovers, so the chefs enrich the dishes more with this food.

One of the basic characteristics of Asian food is also moderation in eating, which should be followed for a slim line.

Now, one of the favorite franchises of this type of food is most definitely Panda Express.

Here we are focused mostly on western franchises, that are not as authentic, but they are extremely popular.

Now, many of us will reach it, but some communities and includes particularly religious puts a lot of limitations on this topic.

Therefore, here we would want to discover whether is specifically Panda Express halal or haram in the Islamic religion; or does the Muslim community can visit these very popular restaurants.

Here is the answer.

Is Panda Express Halal or Haram? 

One of the most popular food items on the Panda Express menu are orange chicken and chow mien and beef prepared in many different ways, all of which are delicious.

This is the food that is mostly ordered from this famous restaurant, but is it halal?

It is not halal based on Islamic regulations and not any meat product here is halal certified.

All people who want to consume halal food should avoid going to Panda Express.

The food place does not assure that the food will be prepared in agreement with Shariah Law, generating the prevalence of its menu is seen as haram.

And to confirm this on their website it is said that in this restaurant there are no vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian food items.

The problem arises when food is prepared on the same surface with the same equipment as food that is not halal/kosher or vegan etc.

Then it is not acceptable to be consumed.

So, if you take a look at the dishes themselves, you can see that they are suitable for halal consumption, but on the other side the company has stated that all food has been prepared on the same surface, and there may be contact between halal and haram food, and this is the reason why Panda Express is haram for people who belong to the Muslim community.

When it comes to their chicken, many wonder whether it can be halal.

Specifically, the one that is served in the US does not have any halal certification and therefore it cannot be consumed.

Those who belong to the Islamic community should avoid it for sure, as it is haram.

It does not matter if a certain food is by itself halal, like it is not pork, or it is not made with alcohol, but when it touches items that are seen as haram, then it makes them also haram.

Is there anything in Panda Express that is halal?

If you have noticed, the Chinese always chop food into pieces, while the contrast is desirable in the form of combining soft and smooth ingredients with hard and crunchy ones.

Traditional dishes include rice, fish, and vegetables, without which almost no meal can be imagined.

So, is there anything on this menu that is halal and suitable for the Muslim community to consume it?

Yes there is:

Primarily those are drinks, like Coca-Cola or Lemonade. There are also some other drinks that are suitable for Islamic people to consume.

Then fortune cookies, and spring rolls without meat, and this is what potentially can be on the halal menu.

Of course, besides drinks, these food items can be problematic, as their entire menu is made on the same counter, or the same surface.

This poses a problem for people who are consuming food based on the halal rules, and also the fact that the restaurant cannot confirm that their food is slaughtered based on Islamic regulations.

And one more important thing is this – when speaking of Panda Express there are restaurants in dominantly Islamic communities that are of course halal, and which serve their food based on all requirements written in the Quran.

More about Panda Express

The Chinese are considered to be smiling, kind and slim people, who are empathetic.

They maintain their youthful appearance and health by means of a proper diet, which is emulated by more and more people around the world, in order to achieve the same effect.

This is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the world and this is particularly true when it comes to the United States.

Panda Express serves Chinese meals, in one of its forms.

The first restaurant was opened in 1983. in Glendale California, and at the current moment, this restaurant has more than 2,300 units worldwide, and its yearly revenue is more than 3 billion dollars.

You can now imagine why this restaurant is one of the most popular Chinese fast-food places there are, in the world.

So this is one very huge fast-food chain that has numerous food items on its menu, and the most popular are these three.

First, it is their famous orange chicken (sweet and spicy), then Chow main which has a lot of vegetables and noodles.

And some customers like to have Beijing Beef which is also spicy and has a great taste.


We can see that more and more, there is frequent labeling of all goods, not only food that Muslims are allowed to eat, in order to attract consumers of this religion.

Numerous restaurants around the world are attempting to give as much attention to the people of Muslim communities as they are big consumers.

And it is not always possible for the course, and there are always some additional questions about whether certain food items are halal or haram.

It is permitted for all Muslim believers to consume food from any restaurant and any takeaway place, but that food and that place must be halal.

Not only regarding the items on the menu, but the way of their preparation, etc.

Here, we were not speaking of food that is authentic Chinese, we are speaking of one specific restaurant which comes from the US originally, although it has branches in many different countries including some Muslims like UAE.

There cannot be any doubt whether Panda eExpress is halal, cause it has to be, as it is located in a strictly Muslim community.

But what happens when Panda Express is located in a certain other country, which is not predominantly Islamic?

Then in the case of Panda Express, it is not halal, and it is not suitable for members of the Muslim community.

So, having said all of this, we can see that Panda Express is not halal.

But there is one major difference, Panda Express in countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE are completely halal, as they are in countries that are Islamic.

But, when it comes to other Panda Express restaurants, in for example North America, it is not halal.

And as you were able to see, it is not a matter of the food items themselves, cause certain food does not even include meat, like some tofu stuff, but there is a matter of preparation.

Here we are talking about the fact that in Panda Express restaurant all food is prepared on the same surface, and then halla and haram foods are mixed, which makes it completely haram.

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