When did humans start drinking animal milk and eating dairy products, such as cheese and butter?

No one knows exactly, because it happened before history was written.

Sour milk and products such as butter and cheese were common foods of ancient peoples who roamed the pastures of Asia with their sheep and cattle thousands of years ago.

Even today we know that milk is something that all of us have to drink when we are young, as this is the only way we can grow properly, and as we should, and our bones and teeth will grow because when we drink milk we can obtain enough calcium.

Now, we know that maybe when we are older we do not have such a need to drink milk, but the different question we want to answer here.

Can people of the Islamic faith drink milk?

Is it allowed based on their faith or not and if not what is the reason for it?

We know that Halal in Arabic means permitted, or good.

So when we are speaking of food in general, including milk, then it means halal means that the food is prepared in a way that is acceptable according to Muslim rules.

It must not contain anything of pig origin, without alcohol.

So if we look at things from this perspective, milk should be safe right?

There is one saying that goes something like this – if you tell me what you are eating, I can tell what you believe in.

Nutritional problems from a religious and cultural perspective are not easy to explain, but it is clear that religion plays an important role in nutrition in the lives of many people

Is Milk Halal or Haram In Islam? 

Animals are permitted as a food source in Islam and their milk is also Halal and can be drunk.

This excludes the milk of animals that are forbidden to eat in Islam, such as pig’s milk.

They can drink the milk of goats, cows, sheep, wild animals, buffaloes, deer, and all other herbivores whose meat they are allowed to eat, all milk is Halal in Islam.

Milk is one of the most nutritious foods for the shell organism and in the olden times when the mother did not have enough milk to feed her baby and there was no woman in the community who could take that responsibility on herself, the babies were given to drink mostly cow’s milk so that they could surnames.

For Muslims, it is very important that the milk they drink is Halal in the sense that it does not contain any additives that are Haram.

Milk is full of proteins and amino acids that are essential for the child’s development, and breast milk is especially important after the birth of the baby, because in this way the mother transmits to her child the immunity that is necessary for his health during his growth, as a protection of the organism against viruses and bacteria that infect us. surround.

Nowadays, when a woman who has given birth does not have milk or her milk is not enough to satiate the baby, there are walnuts that are used for this purpose.

However, according to some new research, scientists have come to the conclusion that when a person grows up, milk has a harmful effect on him, but this is only for people who have developed lactose intolerance over time, and they should avoid it because it will cause them stomach problems.

In the holy book, the Quran, it is mentioned in many places that milk is Halal and that it should be drunk, but there are exceptions, which are when something haram has been added to the milk and it must not be drunk.

The milk of pigs and other animals whose meat they may not otherwise eat is Haram.

In Muslim communities, goat’s milk is most often drunk, because this domestic animal is the most represented in their regions, and therefore their milk is the most accessible to them and they use it the most.

Goat’s milk is soft, very nutritious, and has more proteins and amino acids than cow’s milk, and among other things, it is known that goat’s milk was given to people who were sick with pneumonia in order to recover quickly.

Milk has a wide range of good benefits for the human body and therefore it should be drunk, but again in moderation.

In Muslim culture and customs, milk is Halal and is free to drink, especially as it is approved in the Holy Book of the Quran, which mentions its purity and the fact that it is produced inside the animal that carries it inside.

Forbidden milk for drinking is the milk of those animals that otherwise must not be consumed as Haram, and this includes the milk of wolves, monkeys, and even donkeys, whose meat is Haram in Islam, and donkey milk is otherwise known as rare and medicinal, and it is used to make one of the most expensive products in the world, but it is still Haram.

According to Muslim customs, a mother will breastfeed her newborn child until he is two years old, and this is a rule that is respected.

Many mothers are blamed for sometimes losing their milk due to health reasons, but don’t worry, since the milk is Halal, it can be replaced by the milk of a domestic animal, such as cow’s milk or goat’s milk, which is quite nutritious.

When a member of the Muslim faith buys this food at the ministry, even though it is known to be Halal, he should still check the ingredients just in case.

because it happens that something haram is added to the milk and then that milk must not be consumed.

Given that it is prescribed in the Quran and that the Prophet Muhammad also said that it should be drunk, then there should be no doubts about whether it is Halal or Haram.

He can freely enjoy this pizza that was given to him by God.

Is Cadbury dairy milk halal?

It is made out of sugar, milk, vegetable fat, cocoa butter, and cocoa mass, and with it comes emulsifiers.

The company claims that its products are halal and that they are safe for consumption for Muslim believers.

They have reported that if the company uses gelatine then it comes from beef and not the pig, and therefore it is safe for people of the Islamic faith to consume it.

And as we have said milk that comes from the cow is almost always halal, so dairy milk is safe to realize it is halal.

More about Milk

Today, when we say milk, the first thing that comes to our minds is cow’s milk, as in the majority of cases, this is the milk we drink, of course, it can be goat milk, etc, which is also high quality.

But, in various parts of the world, people also drink the milk of other animals.

In India, for example, half of the milk people drink is buffalo milk.

The consumption of goat’s milk is very widespread in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, while the peoples of Northern Europe love to consume reindeer milk.

Did you know that ancient Tatars made condensed milk in the form of porridge, and probably dry, as early as 1200, and used it as food during their ravaging campaigns under Genghis Khan?

The initial patent for the production of dehydrated milk was officially covered in 1856, and such milk was widely used by American soldiers during the Civil War of 1861-1865.

About 87% of cow’s milk is water, while the rest provides humans with a high amount of their daily requirements in the form of calcium, protein, and vitamins A and B.

Analyses have established that children and young adults who drink milk form more powerful bones than those who consume less milk or they do not drink it at all.

In addition, cow’s milk has nutrients and minerals that play an essential part exactly during the growth phase.

According to current studies, milk is completely healthy for children. Adults whose bone growth is done do not need to have milk ever, as they do not need it.

Based on a recent study, for a grown adult, it is enough to have from 200 to 250 ml of low-fat milk or dairy products daily.

That means that he or she can take up to 60 grams of cheese, and around 1 cup of milk a day.

But this contains milk foam in cappuccino and other drinks, milk that we put in granola bowls or muesli.

Research has shown that people who drink a glass of milk in the morning feel less hungry until lunch.

Experts advise that you choose organic milk, from domestic cultivation without antibiotics and added growth hormones.

Milk will refresh you and give you strength and energy and strengthen your body like no other drink.

In the Muslim culture, milk is known as Halal and is allowed, and it is the most frequently sought-after milk.

The Muslim faith prefers everything that is healthy for humans, and milk is extremely healthy and nutritious.

Only that which will cause harm to human health and that which is stated as such in the holy book, the Quran, is forbidden.

Again, it should be noted that freshly milked milk is far healthier than the pasteurized milk that we buy in large markets for general use.

Many people have developed lactose intolerance due to this processing of milk, and their stomachs almost cannot tolerate milk because of it.

But there is absolutely nothing in freshly milked milk that is harmful to humans, on the contrary!

If a person is lactose intolerant, he can cure it only if he drinks freshly milked milk, which has not lost its nutrients during its processing.

It’s incredible that many people nowadays are lactose intolerant and it’s all because the milk is pasteurized to make it last longer.

Fresh milk can only last two days at most and then spoil if not drunk by then.

It will spoil very quickly in the heat, and that is all that should be taken into account when choosing which milk to drink.

People who play sports or go to gyms, instead of drinking various proteins shakes and using steroids to gain mental mass, it would be better for them to find a way to drink freshly milked milk from a cow or goat after training, which will give their body all the proteins and amino acids it will need for recovery after hard work training.


Religion affects everyday life, and therefore also diet. Since old times, it has been known exactly what is being prepared, and it has been maintained until today.

It is written in the Quran that pork, alcohol, and blood are forbidden. The meat must be free of blood before it is prepared for eating.

All types of opiates are prohibited because a person needs to be sober throughout his life. That’s what he should stick to.

But, milk is not something that should be avoided, as it is halal.

In Muslim culture and customs, milk is safe to be consumed, it is considered to be Halal, especially as it is approved in the Holy Book of the Quran, which mentions its purity and the fact that it is produced inside the animal that carries it inside.

Harar milk for drinking is the milk of those animals that otherwise must not be consumed as Haram, and this includes the milk of wolves, monkeys, and even donkeys, whose meat is Haram in Islam, and donkey milk is otherwise known as rare and medicinal, and it is used to make one of the most expensive products in the world, but it is still Haram.

So, just be conscious of what you eat and drink, and if you are in doubt you can ask religious leaders in your town.

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