Honey is a very healthy and tasty food, and it is the food item that has been on the tables in ancient civilizations, and till this day also.

Honey is consumed by anyone who cares about their health and who is not allergic or sensitive to it; this is a completely natural product made by bees, but on the market, you can find many bad copies, so watch what you buy.

There are many types of honey produced by bees and each of them has its own benefit for the human body.

Some of the most famous types of honey are Acacia honey, meadow honey, linden honey, forest honey, and many others.

The quality of the honey itself depends on the purity of the nature in which the hives with bees are placed and whether the honey is pure or something was added to it, in order to obtain a larger quantity for sale.

Unfortunately, this trick is used by some beekeepers in order to earn more money, all at the expense of the quality of the honey itself and its ingredients.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find pure and high-quality honey because it is difficult to notice the difference, and therefore you should always buy it on recommendation.

As for specifically whether honey is a kosher food or not, it depends on whether the honey is pure or not.

Here we will try to give you the answer, is honey suitable for people who follow either a kosher diet or belong to the Jewish community can consume?

Is Honey Kosher? Answered! 

Honey that has a kosher certificate means that it is safe for consumption by the Jewish people, while those without this mark should be avoided.

Why is honey considered kosher?

Honey is considered kosher because honey is not actually a product of the bee itself, that is. it is not produced by their organism.

Bees actually collect honey from acacia flowers, meadow flowers, etc., and transfer it to the beehive and store it in the combs that are in the beehives.

So honey is kosher, but as we said, if some of the non-kosher ingredients are added to it, then Jews may not consume it.

Therefore, if you come across honey in a store that has a kosher certificate, be sure that it is honey to which nothing harmful has been added and it is recommended to buy it because it has passed a very rigorous quality control.

The quality control of foods that need to receive kosher certification is very rigorous and is carried out by rabbis.

When a producer wants to mark his product with this certificate, he has to pay and pass the inspection, and when he passes it and receives the certificate, it is a truly high-quality product, i.e. food.

As we said, in today’s time honey is unfortunately used for all kinds of meat in order to obtain it in quantity.

The beekeeping job is not at all easy and they are stung by bees several times a day.

There is a lot of work in maintaining the beehives themselves and taking care of the health of the bees.

Bees can be attacked by bee ticks and hornets, so they can get sick and the whole colony can die if they are not taken care of.

Today’s climate changes have a very bad effect on bees and on the quality and quantity of honey.

If there is a frost during the period when the acacia blossomed, the frost will “kill” the flower, and the acacia crop will not be good, and therefore there will not be much acacia honey either.

And then, due to the quantity, some beekeepers resort to adding sugar water and other ingredients, in order to increase the quantity and survive on the market.

If the spring and summer are very rainy, that is not good either, because the bees cannot fly in the rain and collect honey from the flowers, and again the honey crop will not be good.

Bees are an incredibly useful creatures, and unfortunately, their survival is threatened by climate change and unscrupulous people who, when they burn their fruit, do not warn the beekeepers that they are going to do bad things and the bees die that way.

Also, when mosquitoes are driven from the air and from the ground, beekeepers must be warned to close their bees in the hives, so that they are not poisoned.

When bees take honey from a flower, they also pick up pollen from that flower, which they spread around the area, and in this way, they participate in the creation of the plant world on our planet.

As we said, honey is a very healthy food and is kosher only when it is pure and without harmful additives that are not kosher.

When is honey not kosher?

Of course, there are some instances when honey is not kosher – it is mostly in the cases when in honey some additions were added, like flavorings, and this is most certainly the case when special attention must be paid.

Always pay attention to buying the product which has a kosher certificate, or the one product that you buy from a verified seller who knows what he is selling to you.

In any case, honey is the food that is great for all those who are following the strict Kosher diet.

And some like to say that honey comes from an unclean animal, but this is not true, bees do not make honey from their bodies but they create it, and this is the reason why is ok to consume it.

Always look to buy honey that is labeled as pure honey, this is the real deal, not just when you are following the kosher diet but in general.

On the market, there are many fake kinds, that are filled with corn sugar and additional flavorings.

Benefits of honey

Honey is very useful in raising immunity.

If walnut is added to acacia honey, it is excellent for men’s potency and immunity, meadow honey is an excellent nutritional supplement because it is high in calories, but it should not be used by people who are sensitive and have allergies, because it is a mixture of meadow plants and flowers and for such people, pure acacia honey is the best.

Forest honey is excellent for the blood count and the lungs.

Linden honey is excellent for soothing stomach problems, like linden tea.

All these types of honey are excellent and kosher, only if they are without additives and additives that can be harmful to our health.

Honey can be used in many ways and is an excellent substitute for sugar.

If you are used to drinking tea with sugar, which is known to be unhealthy, it is better for you to drink tea sweetened with honey instead.

You just have to wait for the tea to cool down a bit before putting honey in it because if you put honey in hot tea, it would lose its nutrients.

Also, honey should not be taken with a metal basket, but with a wooden one in order to preserve the healthy ingredients.

Just as lemonade should not be mixed with a metal spoon so that the vitamins do not oxidize, neither should ice cream come into contact with metal. It should be stored in a dry and dark place in a glass jar.

Its consumption should not be exaggerated, because it is high in calories.

It is best to take one coffee pot in the morning on a day off your stomach and keep the honey under the tongue so that it melts and your body absorbs all the crunchy ingredients in the best way.

One of the favorite juices of tsetse is mead, which is honey mixed with water.

This drink was drunk by the Vikings to strengthen their body and this is a drink that will really help you wake up and restore energy to your body.

All people should practice buying kosher honey and other kosher foods because they have really passed quality control that does not tolerate bribery.

Many food products that are on the shelves in stores, did not even deserve to be there, let alone in our stomachs.

This is something that should be stopped and the control of all foodstuffs be far more rigorous than it is so far.

Do you know that honey is a product that does not have any expiration date and that in one ancient tomb, honey was found, and it was still edible?

This is such an interesting information to know.


So, as you could see – honey when it is high quality, honey, when it is organic, and when it is made in a proper way, has numerous benefits.

This is the food that does not have any expiration date, it tastes amazing, both in sweet and savory dishes.

It can be eaten by itself and can be mixed in various drinks, and it has so many health benefits, from stomach problems through issues and it is also very good for your skin and hair.

It is, as we have said, been used abundantly in the cosmetic industry also, and pharmaceutical, as it has elements that can help in battling many diseases, and also boost an immune system.

Honey is an extremely nutritious food, but it can even be harmful if additives and sweeteners of various origins are added to it.

Therefore, the Jewish people should only buy honey with a kosher certificate or from a verified beekeeper.

The question arises again, how is it that honey is Kosher if the bee is not Kosher?

The answer to this question is perhaps the simplest to explain if we say that the bee only transports honey from the flower to the hive and stores it in the honeycomb.

So the bee is only a transmitter and it does not produce honey in itself.

This means that honey is not part of it and that means that it is Kosher and can be freely consumed, if it is without harmful additives that have a bad effect on human health.

The price of the honey itself can vary depending on its purity and the certificate it possesses.

If a beekeeper wants to have a Kosher certificate for his honey, he has to pay for it.

And in order to keep the certificate, he must be prepared for sudden quality checks to which his honey will be subjected from time to time by the rigorous inspection of the rabbis.

In order to keep the Kosher certificate, the beekeeper must conduct extremely strict quality control of his honey and must not contaminate it with anything.

The Kosher certificate is easy to lose, and for this reason, the beekeeper must take care of quality non-stop!

But of course, this is also why he can charge more for his honey because he maintains the quality of the honey at an enviable level.

Honey prices range up to 200 dollars per jar if it is honey that is perfectly clean and honey that bees collect in an environment where there is no traffic and where nature is extremely clean, and you will agree that, unfortunately, this is something that is very rare and could not be found so easily, but for those who are ready to do it.

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