Is Hero Burger Halal or Haram in Islam?

Burgers are most commonly associated with fast food and, let’s not lie, all that hateful junk that we should stay away from at least half as much as we easily succumb to it.

This is at least what they say to us, but we simply love it, it is not an expense, it is indirectly tasty, and we can find it on every corner.

However, if you haven’t learned it yet, it’s the right time you understand that for food, as for so many other things, it is necessary to open your mind, reject stereotypes and understand that absolutely everything is subject to revaluation and different value judgments, depending on the context in which you put things.

The burger market is so wide, that there is no one who cannot find anything for himself; as there is a lot to choose from.

There are so many variations of food on the market – there are vegan, organic, gluten-free, there are high-quality burgers, and there are those that just tastes amazing, and there are those well-known burger joints that we all love, some of us may be secretly, and others openly, but there is virtually no one who has not eaten from Mc Donalds, Burger King, etc.

Nowadays, there are more and more fast food items on the market, and what is also noticeable is that they are attempting to reach as many audiences as possible.

Younger people are always there, but how to reach those who are unlikely to eat fast food items; like people who do sports, because they are on a healthy regime, or maybe people who belong to a religion that forbids a certain kind of food, for various reasons.

Right away also, all of us should at least try to agree that the kitchen of a certain nation, country, or whatever is usually seen as a backbone of a culture and is an irreplaceable part of it.

If it is broken the entire culture will vanish in some way.

It sounds crazy, but many cultures would soon disappear if their cuisine disappeared.

Because it is not just food but represents a way of life, and customs, but also certain rules determined by religious or social regulations.

And this is what interests us very much here, and in correlation to the Islamic religion – what does their Holy Book says regarding Hero burger, is it halal or haram?


Most commonly, when we think of a burger, we think of a piece of meat, that is put into a bun with numerous toppings, and in the same way, those toppings could vary, also the burger itself can vary.

The patty could be made out of various types of meat, or combinations of it, or even not from the meat at all, just a vegetable, etc.

The variations are huge – and maybe the most interesting category is the one that offers fast food items to the believers of one religion, that have numerous restrictions regarding everyday life including food.

So, here, we are discussing the Islamic religion, and does it allows Hero Burgers.

First of all, there are numerous types of halal fast food going from burgers, to Italian food, including pizza, Chinese, and so much more.

And as you know, the requirements for any halal fast food are that the meat fulfills Islamic norms and that prohibited components are not used in the preparation of such meal.

It is also important that the products utilized to cook and prep the meat are not polluted by prohibited products, and when it comes to the burger this means that such meat does not have any pork in itself, or that not any part of it contains it, or some of its produce.

Is Hero Burger Halal or Haram In Islam?

Now, here we have come to the main thing when it comes to the Islamic view of the Hero Burger, and it is not just the meat itself, we are talking here about the preparation of it, and it must be taken care of if every step of preparation and every product is Halal.

The meat that is in the burger has to be butchered according to Islamic rule.

So, for Hero Burger to be seen as halal, the animal that gives the meat must be killed in Allah’s name.

The rules of this religion, in a similar way, as in the Jewish religion, dictate that the animal must be killed in one stroke and all the blood must be drained completely.

Unfortunately, many believe that this method of killing is more “humane” since the animal is not aware that it will be killed until the moment of death.

The meat cannot have any blood on itself, and of course, the animal cannot be a pig, as it is forbidden to be eaten by Islamic law.

So, if you go to a fast food restaurant, it is very likely that you will order a burger, and you need to observe what kind of burger you would order, most notably from what kind of meat – if the burger is made out of the meat that comes beef or maybe chicken, then it is seen as approved and it is halal.

Of course, if is even partially made out of pork, or entirely then the Hero burger cannot be seen as halal, and it cannot be consumed.

What is also important to observe is the fact that in the burger, and if you look at it, it usually has some other part in itself, like cheese, or some vegetable, or even a bacon strip or a ham.

Here you must also pay attention that these two (ham and bacon) are made out of pork, and they usually are, but then you cannot eat them.

is not.

They are haram, and if the burgers have lettuce or cheese, they could be eaten based on Islamic law.

Now, we all know that burgers are usually eaten with a set of french fries or chips, or some like to eat it with the ticker slices, called potato wedges.

Now, for these to be considered halal, potatoes, made in whatever way, cut in whatever way, must be fried in oil that is vegetable.

No pork fat is allowed, and when you order your Hero burger then you must pay attention to this detail.

Observe not just pig at but also pig oil or lard.

Halal is translated as by the law in the Arabic language, and it is all that falls under Islamic rules.

In the same way, rules are followed when food is cooked and served, and there are restaurants that are specified in preparing halal food, they guarantee that the food they have prepared is halal, and there is nothing in the produce, preparation, or serving that defy Islamic laws.

And as you can see for yourself, the variety of halal fast food places around the globe is getting bigger, not only in the US but also in Australia and Europe.

This is important to say, having in mind Islamic people who travel, as it may be easy in some Muslim countries, to presume that the meat (or burger in this case) is halal.

So, if you opt for the Hero burger, which has meat that is halal, there is no bacon, ham, or any pork fat, and you use a combination of ingredients including cheese, mustard, ketchup, and pickles, you know that is safe to eat it.

In the end, and this is just one step further in this story, it is ok to be safe and to follow the law exactly – if these all components are fulfilled, and the burger itself is ok, then you observe when you buy it, that the fast food chain has fulfilled other demands by the Islamic law; that the devices and other derivatives are not contaminated with non-halal produce.


Many people, mainly of the Islamic faith, want to eat as their religion dictates wherever they find themselves in the world, for various reasons.

The food industry market has started to adapt to this trend, and today you can see the “halal” certificate on many products in many parts of the world, as manufacturers and food producers are aware that the Muslim market is huge, and that they deserve to have options.

It is so important for all of us to know these customs closer and get to know these concepts so that we can better understand the terms; as it is very certain that it represents a good way to understand other cultures, but they can also become, believe it or not, a really profitable business.

The consummation of halal food and which includes the halal burger is not obligatory in the Islamic religion.

You have options to eat one or the other, and on the market, there are many ones to choose from.

If the opportunity is there to eat a halal burger rather than a non-halal version, then it is advisable by Islamic law, that the Muslim believer eats a halal burger.

But, in life, there will certainly be some opportunities where there is no halal food, burgers, or anything else, and in those specific situations, it is not wrong to eat such foods including burgers.

But you always must try to find halal options, that are in accordance with the Qur’an, it is no sin to eat non-halal burgers.

Nowadays, more and more fast food objects are becoming halal-friendly also, as this is a vast majority of the population who want to eat, not only Hero burgers, but all other fast food items.

We must also add that the Hero burger is seen as a Gmo-free food, it does not have any gluten and it is, as we have said Halal.

And this includes all other companies who prepared their food in this way – Italians, Mexican or Chinese.

And in the end, maybe this is the matter that is relevant for all of us –

in addition to a more detailed understanding of these concepts and the philosophy behind them, there is a growing trend of Halal among non-Muslims.

Do you want to know what is the reason behind it?

To say it as simply as we can, when you order food that is halal, that is made according to some rules that should not be broken then you “know” what you are consuming – the criteria for obtaining these certificates are really high and complicated and the checks are strict and extensive, and no certificate issuer wants to jeopardize its reputation by giving it to unreliable shops or slaughterhouses.

That’s why these products are more expensive – there is no mass production, and everything is strictly organic, without additives.

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