Have you heard the saying that goes something like this – a fish swims three times – one time in the water, the second time in oil, and the third time in wine?

This is truly important to know, as fish is truly amazing food, that should be consumed at least three times a week.

Now doctors say that when you consume fish, then you know that

your heart and blood vessels are protected all thanks to omega-3 fatty acids.

Consuming fish and in general seafood maintains bone health, preserves eyesight, prevents hyperactivity, maintains brain functions, and reduces the risk of cancer.

Whether you want to throw the fish on the grill, in hot water, or fry it in a pan, whether you want to put it in the oven alone or with other ingredients, make a salad, or even eat it raw (e.g. salmon), the decision is up to you.

Now, when we look at the huge market, we can see that there are numerous types of fish, and what is even more amazing is the number of recipes that are out there.

Some of the recipes are demanding and best consumed in restaurants or in the home of skilled chefs, and some you can follow yourself.

But, as we know not all people could consume it, as in some cases, there are some religious rules that forbid the consumption of certain fish, and this may be the case in the Islamic religion or Jewish, we refer here to kosher rules.

Specifically, we will discuss here one of the most favorite seafood, crab, a delicacy that many enjoy.

Is it kosher?

Is Crab Kosher?

The Jewish community and its people are very strict about their diet and what they are allowed to eat and what they are not allowed to eat.

It is a complex “Diet” that all Jews adhere to and strictly observe.

As for seafood that is kosher, it can be any fish that has scales and scales.

If a sea or river creature does not have enough scales and fins, then it is considered that the animal is not kosher and must not be eaten.

As for the specific crab, which is also a sea creature, given that it has neither scales nor fins, it is considered not for the table of a member of the Jewish community and must not be eaten.

Of course, this group includes all carnivores that do not have weapons and armor, such as lobsters, crabs, crabs, and crabs…

Of the large fish, dolphins, sharks, whales, sea snakes are not kosher… So the nonkosher group includes all sea and river animals that do not have scales and enough fins.

Given that there are countless types of fish in the seas, rivers, and oceans that are allowed to be consumed freely, we do not believe that this is difficult for them, but still, there are those producers who have come up with a little trick that would at least somewhat imitate, i.e. copy the taste crab meat, which sticks the so-called Surimi, which is not crab meat, but actually the meat of white fish, which is kosher and is allowed for consumption by the Jewish people.

Surimi is an imitation of crab meat that has a very similar taste and can be eaten raw or fried or peeled and it really tastes like crab meat.

There are several types of surimi and the quality of the meat of this white fish can vary, so you should be careful.

But because bread is not kosher, Jews should not despair and we believe that they do not, in view of the fact that white fish is far healthier to eat than a crustacean, which in most cases are carnivores, such for example lobster.

This means that he also feeds on carcasses from the bottom of the sea and various islands, so his meat is not overly healthy and is compared to pork, which is also not Kosher.

The crab lives on the coast and feeds on waste and also carrion from other seafood, so it can also be said that it is not too healthy to eat, so don’t despair.

Moses said that Jews can eat all seafood, which has scales and fins, and that should be more than enough for Jews, oh and other people because you should always choose healthy and the taste is another side of the story.

Crab meat is quite expensive, especially king crab.

We all know the famous show “Crab Hunters” whose work is extremely dangerous and therefore very well paid.

But king crab meat is not expensive because of its quality, but because getting to it is a dangerous job, every year during the king crab hunting season, that hunt also takes away several lives, which rest at the bottom of the ocean.

It is interesting for people to eat food, ie. seafood that is hard to come by and that someone risked his life to get to, and that meat is expensive for that reason.

As we know, Kosher is a diet that Jews follow throughout their lives, and we believe that crab is the last thing on their mind and especially on the menu.

They very strictly and disciplined adhere to all the rules of the Jewish community and its customs, so we believe that they do not lack crab in their lives.

The seas and oceans are full of fish that they are allowed to consume and whose meat is of far better quality than the meat of a crustacean, which is essentially a scavenger.

Would you, after this text, when you found out that the crab was a scavenger, eat its meat?

Would you eat the meat of a creature that ate a dead fish that rotted on the ocean shore for a month?

We honestly don’t believe you would do that to yourself…

So there is a reason something is Koser and something is not…

Kosher is always healthy and safe to eat without fear that it will harm our health.

That’s why everyone should follow this way of eating, i.e. “diet”.

Because she propagates something that will bring us more benefits than harm.

More about Crabs

Crabs are classified as low-calorie and light food, which is seen as a delicacy and an in some parts of the world very expensive food items.

Crabs in general are very healthy, as they incorporate tiny amounts of saturated fatty acids, but what is even more important is that crabs are very rich in omega-3 acids, which are important for human health.

Elements that we have just mentioned are known to lower bad and increase good cholesterol, protect arteries, and prevent blood clots, and cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest “killers” of humans, maybe even bigger than cancer.

For those who have problems with cardiovascular problems, grilled, steamed, or steamed crabs are recommended to be consumed at least three times a week, if possible.

Smaller crabs include prawns and shrimps, and they are also a favorite among people.

People enjoy eating different risottos and sauces made from small prawns and shrimp, the medium-sized ones are cooked on the grill, and the largest ones are grilled. This way of preparation is truly the best.

Who says that lasagna is made only from minced meat?

They are also prepared from crabs, as well as famous crab salads and crab burgers, and also crab cakes that are often served as a delicacy at some celebrations.

You haven’t been to a certain place that is located near the sea if you haven’t eaten pasta with crab meat at least once.

The crab has a similar taste to the shrimp, only it has less cholesterol, so doctors more often recommend this instead any other seafood delicacy.

Replace the version of the classic meat patty with a crab burger, and you will eat something that is truly healthy and above all very delicious and filling.


Since all crustaceans are forbidden to eat, whether they come from the sea, rivers, or lakes, that is the way it is and the tribes strictly adhere to it.

If any of the Jews want to know what the crab meat tastes like, even approximately, then they can try the stamina of the crab meat, i.e. Surimi, and be satisfied, because they will see for themselves that it is nothing special and that the fish meat is much tastier. for eating.

Seas and oceans are currently an inexhaustible source of food that man can consume.

But unfortunately, most of the water is polluted with mercury, oil, and the very quality of the fish that comes from them is called into question.

Also, the water is polluted with plastic and many sea creatures die because of this waste that floats on the surface of the water.

So, if we are going to talk about something kosher and that should be healthy, like sea fish, that could soon come under question.

If you already avoid various food additives, shouldn’t you also avoid fish that contains mercury, which everyone knows how harmful it is and what consequences it has on the human body, settling in the brain?

However things stand, the crab has always been for the wounded of the Jewish people and will remain so until the day of judgment, and we do not believe that it bothers them in any way.

But considering that we have already established the amazing quality of crab meat, we shouldn’t feel bad if we skip it in the restaurant and order some white fish instead.

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