The most popular drink in the world, for sure.

The word coffee comes to us from the Arabic word kahva, which is an abbreviation of the word qahhwat al-bun – grain wine.

No one knows exactly when coffee was discovered, although there are various legends and myths about coffee.

This is the drink that is a favorite in the entire world, and nowadays there are many different types of coffee, and the ritual of drinking it has become something more than just taking a beverage and enjoying it, with a bit of milk and sugar, perhaps.

But, when it comes to certain religions, people who belong to this faith, may wonder if are they permitted to consume it, if is it following their dietary rules.

Like halal in Islam, or Kosher in Judaism.

What about coffee – is it Kosher?

If it is, are there any special coffees to watch over, that perhaps are not kosher, and if that certain type of coffee is not kosher, what is the reason behind it?

Is Coffee Kosher? 

The Jewish community is very careful about their diet, and are you wondering if the most popular drink in the world is coffee, kosher or not?

If the coffee is clean and without various additives and supplements that are harmful to the body, then it is Koser.

Many Jews, to make sure that the coffee is without any additives, grind the coffee themselves in their home and do not add anything to it that is not kosher, to make sure that something that is allowed is absorbed into their body.

For the coffee to be certified as Koser, it must pass a detailed examination and analysis by Rabin, who is trained to check the product.

This inspection of certain foodstuffs is sometimes very strict and is even stricter than the regular inspection for certain raw materials.

In addition to the Rey community and people who are not of their religion and who are not obliged to observe a kosher diet, they use kosher products, because they know that these products are subject to rigorous inspections and are of excellent quality.

But coffee is not kosher in the case when caffeine is separated from the coffee by a certain chemical process, because those chemicals contain harmful substances and that coffee without caffeine is not kosher.

If the caffeine is extracted naturally, then it is kosher, but that process must be supervised and approved by Rabin for the decaffeinated coffee to be kosher.

If cow’s milk is from a cow that is healthy and whose milk is approved and kosher is added to the coffee, then that coffee with milk is also kosher.

But there are also cases when kosher coffee, even though all the procedures of its production have been followed and are subject to all standards, is harmful and not kosher, and that is when that coffee is poured into a plastic cup or a styrofoam cup.

When such a hot drink is poured into those materials, then that material melts and releases chemicals into the coffee, which are then introduced into the body and are very harmful to human health, and then it is not kosher.

Therefore, when many Jews buy kosher coffee to take away, they always buy it from verified places, which they are sure to produce or sell coffee that meets their standards, and only when it is taken away in cardboard packaging that is not harmful because it is made of natural materials. , which are subject to Koser standards.

As we have already said, even people who are not of the Jewish faith should emulate the Kosher standard, because it is based on a healthy diet and a healthy combination of foods without chemicals and additives that are very harmful to our bodies.

If we look at the real picture, we can take coffee machines as an example.

Most of the coffee machines nowadays, even if they contain coffee and tea, and other top-quality beverages, will not be kosher because the machine fills the beverage into plastic cups.

And we all know very well how harmful plastic is for the human body and that in combination with heat, it is carcinogenic if we all turn a blind eye and still drink that drink.

This is something that is even very harmful to our body and it cannot be Kosher, and therefore neither can coffee from such a cup.

So we concluded that coffee itself is kosher and can be consumed, but that additives and various flavors and syrups can make it unsuitable and not a kosher beverage.

More about coffee

What we know for sure is that the first people who found coffee beans belong to the Oromo tribe.

They were located in Ethiopia, and some parts of Somalia and also have lived in Northern Kenya.

Monasteries that were located in Yemen (South Arabia) have proof of familiarity with the coffee tree and making a beverage from its beans.

From there the coffee bean has outstretched additionally from Moka (a Yemeni city) to North Africa, and Egypt, also to the Middle East, Turkey, and also Persia.

In the 16th century, coffee came to Italy and the rest of Europe.

Nowadays, all people in all parts of the world are consuming this wonderful, and many would say, healthy beverage.

Sipping coffee is a ritual, and this is most certainly true for the vast majority of people in the world who enjoy drinking it.

Either you like to drink coffee or you don’t drink it at all (but we have to say that in this category, only a small group of people go, we have not included kids, who also like to drink a bit of coffee with a lot of milk froth).

Coffee is a characteristic type of pleasure for those who drink it, and every coffee consumer has his favored type of coffee, the way he makes it and drinks it.

Coffee the regular cup is drunk also, like black coffee, but nowadays millions of drinks are called coffee, but have a coffee basis and a lot of additional elements in it.

Still, it is something that is a favorite for many, and nowadays you will see people with their favorite coffee go, and many of them have coffee machines at home so that they could enjoy their favorite drink without ever leaving the home.

And additionally, knowing that you are taking a drink that is good for you sounds even better – as caffeine acts as a stimulus and allows you to stay more alert and concentrated.

In complement to caffeine, coffee has a lot of antioxidants, which battle free radicals, and also when you consume coffee regularly you can fight the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart issues.


Many Jews drink pure black coffee, precisely for the reason that it does not contain anything that is not kosher and that could be harmful.

Most Jews buy coffee beans and grind them themselves in a coffee grinder, to be one hundred percent sure that they are taking in something healthy and kosher.

If they want to add milk to the coffee, that is also something that is allowed, but that milk must be cow’s milk and must also be checked and free of harmful supplements and additives.

And if they drank coffee with milk, then they must take care not to combine it with meat or with food that contains meat, because the combination of milk and meat is frowned upon in Jewish communities.

As we can see, in the Jewish people many dietary rules must be followed.

But they learn such a diet from a young age and are used to it.

The kosher way of eating or as some call it “diet” is, in principle, we can say the right way of eating.

The combination of food and drink they take in and the rules they have to follow is something they have to observe and observe during their entire life and not just periodically, as is the case with Orthodox believers when they fast on certain holidays.

This is something that every member of the Jewish community has to get used to from a young age.

The fact that they choose food without additives in their diet and avoid harmful substances and chemicals is something that every person should adhere to.

But unfortunately, this is not the case in the world, and people are served everything and anything, and in essence, various harmful ingredients are added to the food and drinks of the masses, which over time can seriously damage the human body.

PžFor the beginning, since we are talking about coffee here, drinking coffee from Styrofoam and plastic cups is something that should be completely prohibited, because it is very harmful and has carcinogenic properties for humans, and also such materials pollute the environment because their biodegradability is very bad.

If all people started following the Kosher way of eating i.e. children, we believe that many companies and factories would collapse overnight, because the demand for their products would cease.

The human race should become aware and inculcate in itself healthy eating habits and combinations of food that it owns, to live a healthy life in this world without a great risk of developing resistance due to the consumption of, for example, cow milk that is filled with antibiotics to the antibiotic and when they need it, it will not work on them completely.

If you drink coffee with milk that comes from a cow that has been raised in such a way, you will absorb these harmful substances and risk your health.

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