Is Chocolate Kosher? Answered! 

All religions in the world have some rules regarding people of that faith, and accordingly, those rules can be strict or loose, it all depends, not just on religion, but also regarding the place, and the country or region.

We have heard about Islamic laws and the way they regulate the lives of its believers, in terms of their everyday lives, but also we are talking about the similar rules that come from the Jewish community, and there we have food that is kosher, and we guess that you have probably heard of it.

This means that when a certain food is labeled as kosher it is suitable for people of the Hebrew community to consume it.

“Kosher” is a phrase used to define food that fits the strict dietary norms of traditional Jewish law.

For many Jewish people, kosher is something much more – this represents much more than simple regulations regarding food, that concerns health or safety.

This is much more, and for the people of the Jewish community, kosher is associated with consideration and commitment to religious practice which is very old and is used for many many years, and it was given from one generation to the next.

But, right away we must say that not all Jewish societies stick to these strict procedures.

The fact is, and this may be the key to a deeper understanding of these laws, is that they are very thorough.

These rules are associated with strict norms that not only demonstrate which foods are allowed or banned, but also dictate how allowed foods must be made, processed, and prepared prior to any consummation.

Now, here we will take a look in detail at what it means for this religious community to consume chocolate.

Does it fall under the category of kosher food or is this simple food that is kosher in certain cases, or in certain brands, and not in some other?

Chocolate is one of the most favorite food items in the world, and this also includes all markets in the world, chocolate does not know any limits.

But the regulation does know, and there is a set of rules that must be followed.

Is Chocolate Kosher? 

It is generally considered for chocolate to be really hard to meet those strict rules that come from Jewish dietary laws, but some say it does not mean that this is the case.

We have to say that this is the case because there are some manufacturers both smaller and larger Chocolate companies that have that kosher certification for example, we are talking about one of the most famous chocolate factories in the world, and we are talking about Hershey’s company. In fact, their chocolate bar is seen as kosher.

So any food, and this also includes chocolate, needs to meet some rules that are pretty strict and that come from Jewish food law.

This law regarding food is called kashrut.

Now when it comes to chocolate in different chocolate bars there is a concern about its kosher status, but it is more associated with the methods of its preparation than the ingredients that are found in chocolate.

We have said that in order for a certain food be kosher, there are some rules that need to be met, so that the food, which also includes chocolate is regarded as kosher.

This rule applies to the process of separation of meat and dairy – the norm is that they must not be eaten at the same time; also this means that any equipment that is used to create chocolate must separate meat and dairy.

Separation is seen as the most important when it comes to kosher rules.

In different words, this is true when it comes to a factory that makes the chocolate it must be set in a way that the product contains the sample from an animal (like animal fat) and the part that uses dairy is separated.

This is the case when it comes to chocolate bars so they need to be separated.

Still for chocolate to be considered kosher it must be prepared from kosher ingredients in made in a kosher manner.

As we can mention Hershey’s company they have stated the day of chocolate is made in a kosher way and this includes ingredients that are used in chocolate and the way it was made.

So, the answer to the question – is Hershey’s chocolate kosher, is yes.

As this company has said that they meet all kosher requirements.

Is chocolate kosher for Passover?

Although there were some doubts is this chocolate was suitable for consumption during the Passover, and people were hesitating, the real answer is that chocolate can be consumed during this time.

 Is Lindt chocolate kosher?

This is one of the most popular chocolates in the world and you would be happy that the large variety of their chocolates is kosher, they meet the standard.

To make things easier, on their website you can find all the offerings that contain kosher chocolates, like Lindor Milk chocolate, 70% Extra Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffles, Caramel Milk Chocolate Lindor Truffles Box, and Lindor Milk Chocolate Stick 24-pc, and many, many more.

Is Toblerone kosher?

We are also certain that you will be glad if you know that Toblerone chocolate is also seen as kosher and that all the Jewish community can enjoy it.

This is by far, one of the most famous chocolates in the world.

The company has stated that all of its products are kosher, they have a kosher certificate, and this includes its chocolate bars.

But you need to be extra careful when it comes to this since they have declared that for example cakes that have added Toblerone parts are not seen as kosher.

Is Ferrero Rocher kosher?

One more brand that is found on the market chocolates is Ferrero Rocher, and it is also said that their products are kosher.

This includes FR Chocolates, Collections, and also FR Rondnoir Chocolates.

The company is proud that it can offer its customer a clear kosher certification; in fact, you can find products that have a Kashruth stamp on them, and therefore you can be certain that you are enjoying a piece of high-quality kosher chocolate.

Is Godiva kosher?

Here, when it comes to this manufacturer, some of their products are kosher, and others are not.

This manufacturer is known for its luxurious chocolates, which are loved by many.

Those that are kosher, have the OU-D stamp on their packaging and you can be certain that you are eating the real deal.

Their products that do not contain this stamp are not seen as kosher, and this includes, for example, chocolates like Godiva Biscuits or for example, Café Godiva coffees that are not having this stamp, and therefore they are cannot be regarded as kosher.

Is kit kat kosher?

Having in mind that Kit Kat is made by the Hersheys company then it is safe to assume that it is kosher, and this is the case when it comes to the Kit Kat that is made in the USA, but the company in Canada is not making kosher Kit Kat.

This type of chocolate snack is a favorite for many, most notably for children.

Is Cadbury chocolate kosher?

The answer is yes, this chocolate is dairy kosher and therefore it is safe to eat.

The company has stated that it follows kosher rules, both when it comes to ingredients and when it comes to the process of production.

Is Ghirardelli chocolate kosher?

Yes, it is – this factory has a kosher certificate given by the KOF-K Kosher Supervision.

More about chocolate

Have you ever wondered how chocolate is produced, and here we mean from scratch?

First, when the cocoa bean arrives at the production facility – it is estimated and sorted by class so that the factory comprehends precisely which kind of cocoa reaches into the chocolate.

Some manufacturers use many different kinds of cacao in their formulae, and must carefully calculate it so that the flavor is constant.

The cocoa bean is then toasted in big, spinning ovens at temperatures of around 100-145°C. It can last from 30 minutes, and more, like two hours.

The warmth brings out more fragrances and tastes and parches and darkens the cocoa beans.

The warmness splits the grains into smaller components. At this moment, it needs to be added that the cocoa is edible, even though it has a bitter taste.

Now the fun part starts – cocoa beans are grounded into a dense paste, and what occurs next turns on the type of chocolate that is created.

The chocolate paste is also bitter, and the texture is not very soft and fair. To make it sweeten and enhance its consistency, the factory adds elements such as sugar, vanilla cocoa butter, and milk.

At this moment, the chocolate is edible, since it is delicious, but it would not have the consistency that we know chocolate has.

The factory then places this mix under a series of steel rollers to enhance its consistency.

After that, this almost-done product is positioned in a machine for chocolate that blends, bends, and rotates it.

The factory will add more cocoa butter and perhaps soy lecithin, which will give the chocolate its smooth velvety consistency.

This procedure can take a while and this is true when it comes to not-so-quality chocolates, which are cheaper, and up to six days for more elevated quality and more costly bars of chocolate!

The chocolate is then mixed and permitted to cool down, then gradually warmed and this procedure is replicated a couple of times.

It will give the chocolate brilliance, and allow it to dissolve correctly.

This is the chocolate that we all have in our minds that we think of as a wonderful and brown sweet sensation.


As you can see, on the market you can find a lot of manufacturers that produce kosher chocolate, of course, this is not the case, with all of their products and you need to be extra careful, and this is also true when you visit some other country.

The same products may not have the same kosher status in different countries.

Here, in this article, we have spoken of many brands that make kosher chocolates, and this induces not only chocolate bars but also some other chocolate products, like for example Swiss Miss hot chocolate.

Not all products from this manufacturer are kosher, but hot chocolate is


For example, Twix chocolate and Milka chocolate are some of the most favorite chocolates, and many are wondering if are they kosher.

For Twix, there is an opinion that it is kosher, but there are soma claims that deny this, saying that in them there are some animal products, so be careful when you buy and eat, and educate yourself.

Is Milka kosher, some would like to know, and the answer is yes, it is made in a way that is completely kosher.

As you could see chocolate could be bought as kosher in these forms: parve (OU), dairy (OU-D), and Passover (OU-P).

Ok so maybe it’s not that hard to find kosher chocolate, and some would like to say that there are many in your place to find it.

Just pay attention to what you put inside of your body, and what is important you always must be aware and read labels.

It is notable to say that so many chocolate companies have gone to the immense length to provide their Jewish customers with what they want to eat, and this is true, especially during the holidays.

They have to obtain the kosher certificate and ensure that they create chocolate that is completely safe for the Jewish community to consume it.

But of course, you need to be always a little bit of care so that you don’t violate any kosher laws and this is true even when you enjoy your homemade chocolate.

Maybe during the holidays you have made your own recipe, a bit here also it does matter what kind of chocolate you have used.

So, during some Jewish holidays, you need to be extra careful because there are some on the market that are not kosher (for example, one brand makes kosher, but not all of them, and this can make confusion) so you need to be extra careful.

In the end, always buy familiar products and when you choose to try some other, then it is a good idea to read the labels as carefully as you can and to know what exactly they mean.

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