Drinks That Start With Z – Ultimate List 

We’ve reached the last letter of the alphabet and the final ultimate drink list.

Last but not least, drinks starting with the letter Z also make a diverse list of interesting alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and energy drinks.

From zombies to Zulu warriors and Zorro, this list has various heroes and anti-heroes that have inspired many beloved drinks.

We should not forget some famous wines and vodkas, and those not fans of alcohol will be able to remember some juices and sodas that start with Z.

We were zealous and zestful to zoom in on the best drinks to make you zouk in joy.

Alcoholic Drinks That Start With Z 

The list of alcoholic drinks starting with Z is really long.

You will find wine types, vodka brands, delicious cocktails, and much more there.


The German brand of vodka called Zaranoff is sold mainly in Europe, mostly in Germany, Belgium, and Denmark.

Although it is one of the most affordable German vodka brands, connoisseurs claim it is of excellent quality.

Officially, Zaranoff vodka contains about 37.5% alcohol by volume.

However, there is controversy surrounding this vodka, as the Swedish authorities tested it and found a significantly higher alcohol level, around 55% ABV.


The cocktail scene is very diverse, and the names of different cocktails are inspired in many ways. For example, the Zaza cocktail is named after a famous theater play later adapted into a film and an opera.

Although this play was played on many stages worldwide, it probably had its most significant popularity on Broadway in the late nineteenth century.

The play is about a prostitute named Zaza, who falls in love with her customer, and then, after a bad breakup, builds an enviable music career.

There are several versions of the Zaza cocktail, but the most accepted is the one in which 45 ml of gin and 60 ml of Dubonnet are mixed.


Zeffer is a New Zealand brand of cider founded in 2008.

Although it started as a small local business that sold its drinks only at the local market, Zeffer won the World’s Best Cider award in 2017.

Today, this drink is available worldwide and sold in several flavors, including some non-alcoholic options.


Although it is not among the most famous varieties of wine, wine lovers certainly know about zibibbo.

This wine is made from the eponymous white grape variety that grows in Sicily, identical to the Muscat of Alexandria grape.

The name of this wine and grape comes from the Arabic language.

Zibibbo can be a sweet, dry, or aromatic wine.

Although zibibbo is a white wine, several producers also make orange zibibbo wine.


Do you remember Zima?

This American slightly carbonated alcoholic drink, recognizable by its clear color, appeared on the market in 1993.

Although it was a massive success initially, the situation quickly turned around.

In the beginning, Zima was very aggressively advertised in the media and was even one of the first alcoholic beverages to be advertised on the Internet.

It was presented as an alternative to beer, the forerunner of today’s coolers, and an alternative to the wine cooler category, which was very popular then.

However, after the initial taste, the popularity of this drink declined sharply.

One of the problems was that the manufacturer counted on male consumers, and it attracted a mostly young female population.

In addition, Zima quickly gained a negative reputation because it was accepted by minors, among whom the myth spread that due to its transparent color and the lack of a specific smell and taste of alcohol, this drink could not be registered on an alcohol test.

Attempts by the manufacturer to turn the situation in their favor with the help of marketing were unsuccessful, as well as the effort to add new flavors to the product line.

Zima stopped being sold in the United States in 2008, though it returned briefly in 2017 and 2018.

This drink lasted the longest in Japan, where it was available and very popular until 2021.


Here’s another drink for wine lovers.

There are both white and red Zinfandel. While red is more refined and sophisticated, white is more widespread and popular among wine novices.

White Zinfandel is usually low in alcohol (about 10% ABV) and contains few calories but has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste.

Red Zinfandel has a more complex flavor than white, often blending fruit and spice flavors, followed by a smoky finish.

Red Zinfandel wines typically contain between 14 and 17% alcohol by volume.


The refreshing and fun Zipper cocktail is made from equal parts of vodka, black raspberry liqueur, and lemon-lime soda.

If you want to garnish your drink, you can use mint spring or fresh berries.

Another advantage of this cocktail is that it can easily adapt to your taste.

For example, if you want a lower alcohol content, just increase the amount of soda.

On the other hand, if you would like a stronger cocktail, you can use sparkling wine instead of soda.

It will increase the alcohol content but also slightly change the taste of the cocktail. With sparkling wine, the cocktail will be drier and less sweet.


The legendary Tiki cocktail Zombie was created way back in 1934, but it is still famous.

It was created by the American adventurer and “father” of Tiki culture Donn Beach.

If the legend is to be believed, the cocktail and its name were accidentally invented.

Namely, a hungover customer complained to Donn Beach that he was waiting for an important business meeting for which he was not ready, and Beach, wanting to help him, sipped several types of rum, fruit juices, and liquor.

It turned out that the cocktail didn’t help, as a customer reported feeling like a zombie the next day, but Donn Beach offered the cocktail to other people, and the drink quickly became a hit.

Donn Beach liked to keep his recipes a secret, which is why there are many different versions of the Zombie cocktail today.

However, it is assumed that the original cocktail contained three different kinds of rum, Angostura bitters, falernum, lime juice, grenadine, Pernod, cinnamon syrup, and grapefruit juice.


It’s not entirely clear why this coffee-based cocktail is named after a masked hero who stands up for the weak, but what is certain is that this drink tastes fantastic.

If you want to whip up a Zorro, you’ll need a cup of coffee, 2 cl of sambuca, 2 cl of white creme de menthe, 2 cl of Bailey’s Irish cream, and 1.5 oz of whipped cream.

Pour the ingredients into a glass, pour hot coffee over them, and add cream on top.


Zubrowka is a brand of Polish vodka, the third best-selling in the world, available worldwide in more than 80 countries.

Zubrowka is available in many flavors, but the most famous is Żubrowka Bison Grass Vodka, which has a bison grass blade in every bottle and is hand-harvested in the Białowieża Forest.

This vodka was illegal in the United States until 2010 because bison grass contains a substance that is banned in the United States.

This vodka is also an ingredient in numerous cocktails served around the world.

Zulu Warrior 

If you like cocktails with a full fruit flavor but still with a high alcohol content, try Zulu warrior.

This cocktail is made from 30 ml of strawberry liqueur, 30 ml of watermelon liqueur, 30 ml of lemon juice, chopped melon slices, and three chopped strawberries.

Place ice and all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Strain the drink into a glass and garnish it with a whole strawberry.

This cocktail is a lovely red color and is perfect for enjoying a warm day.


A lesser-known cousin of sangria, also from Spain, is called zurracapote.

Zurracapote is made from red wine and fruit, the most common being lemon and peaches.

Cinnamon and sugar are added to the drink for sweetness and aroma.

According to the traditional recipe, zurracapote is aged for several days before being served.

It is often drunk at celebrations, festivals, and local festivities.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Beginning With Z 

Here’s a list of drinks starting with Z for those days when you don’t feel like alcohol and just want to refresh and enjoy sweet or sour flavors.


There are local alternatives to the world-famous Coca-Cola and Pepsi in many countries.

In one part of Asia, it is Zamzam, an Iranian drink produced by the Zamzam Group.

The drink is named after the Well of Zamzam in Mecca, an important place for all Muslims.

Although they only produced one drink initially, Zamzam now has many flavors.

Some are cola, orange, lemon, mango, and lemonade. In addition, Zamzam also produces energy drinks, mineral water, and non-alcoholic malt beverage.


Zevia soft drinks and other drinks are intended for people who want products without artificial sweeteners and added sugar.

Zevia is based in Los Angeles and is known for making all its products sugar-free, gluten-free, and zero calories.

Also, these products are suitable for vegans and people on a kosher diet and are certified as non-GMO products.

Zevia produces sodas, organic teas, drinks intended for children, mixers, and energy drinks.


Zico is a bottled coconut water launched by Mark Rampolla in 2004.

After a few years, Zico was sold to the Coca-Cola Company, but two years ago, it was repurchased by the original owner.

In addition to the primary flavor, Zico is also produced with a chocolate flavor.

Recently, Zico hydrate has been available in fruit punch, coconut lime, and tropical flavors.


Zinger is a fruit shot, also available in 33 cl bottles in several flavors.

These vegan and invigorating shots are made with the finest pressed ginger, cherry, turmeric, apple, and lime juices.

They do not contain gluten, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives.


The Swedish soft drink called Zingo has been produced since the 1950s.

It’s an orange-flavored soda.

Interestingly, Zingo was initially called Ingo after the famous Swedish boxer Ingemar Johansson, whose nickname was Ingo.

However, when Ingo lost the world title in 1960, the drink changed its name to Zingo.

Today, Zingo is sold in several other flavors, such as lemon, strawberry, and tropical fruit, in addition to the original version.

Energy Drinks That Start With Z 

Here is a list of drinks starting with Z that will help you increase your energy, stamina, and concentration for a few hours.

Remember that energy drinks are not recommended for everyone, and you must drink them cautiously due to the high caffeine content and other stimulants.

Zevia Energy 

The company from Los Angeles that produces soft drinks also makes an energy drink, Zevia energy.

The specificity of this drink is that it is naturally sweetened, with zero calories and zero sugar.

Zevia energy in 335 ml can contain 120 mg of caffeine, which is of organic origin.

Zevia energy is available in six flavors: cola, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry kiwi, mango ginger, and raspberry lime.


A relatively new drink on the energy drink scene is Zoa, a brand behind, among others, Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock,” an American actor and former professional wrestler.

This energy drink, which comes in seven flavors, contains 160 mg of organic caffeine and vitamins B, C, and D; some flavors contain zero sugar.

Zoa energy drink flavors are frosted grape, cherry limeade, strawberry watermelon, tropical punch, wild orange, white peach, and super berry.

In addition to these flavors, a Zoa plus energy drink is designed for extra energy before training.


Zola energy drink is a mixture of coconut water and energy drink made entirely from organic ingredients.

A 354ml can contain 120mg of caffeine from green tea extract and green coffee beans.

Zola energy drink comes in several flavors, the most popular of which are dragon fruit, acai berry, matcha green tea, and pineapple coconut.


That was our list of twenty drinks that start with the letter Z.

We hope you had fun, remembered some drinks you forgot a long time ago, learned something new, and maybe got some inspiration for the next happy hour at your favorite bar.

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