Drinks That Start With Y – Ultimate List 

Not all drinks that start with the letter Y are yellow, but those named after this color are usually the first to come to mind.

However, the Y drinks list is very colorful, and you’ll find everything from milkshakes to whiskey brands.

Whether you enjoy refreshing fruity flavors or cocktails with intriguing names, you will find something to your taste in the ultimate list of drinks starting with Y.

Alcoholic Drinks That Start With Y 

Yellow roses, birds, submarines, and many other things inspired the names of some alcoholic drinks.

Find out how some drinks got their names, where they were created, and on what occasions they are drunk.

Remind yourself of some alcoholic drinks you may have forgotten and get an idea for your next order.

Yellow Bird 

The Yellow bird cocktail is the right choice if you want a drink that will make you feel like you are on a wonderful vacation in a tropical country full of beautiful beaches.

The yellow bird is a much-loved and popular cocktail because of its excellent light yellow color and unique sweet and sour taste.

However, this cocktail has many variations, and it is best to discover what you like best and mix the ingredients to suit your taste perfectly.

The usual recipe for this cocktail includes white rum, Galliano liqueur, orange liqueur, and lime juice.

Some people like to mix light and dark rum, while others add orange or pineapple juice in addition to lime juice.

Pour 2 ounces of rum and one ounce each of Galliano liqueur, orange liqueur, and lime juice into a shaker.

Add plenty of ice and shake, then strain into a glass.

You can serve this cocktail in different glasses, but it looks best in a cocktail glass or on the rocks in a highball glass.

You can garnish it with a sprig of mint or with cherry.

It is not entirely clear how this delicious cocktail got its name, but it is assumed to have something to do with the yellow color of Galliano liqueur.

On the other hand, some think that the name comes from the Haitian song “Yellow bird.”

Yellow Rose 

Texas whiskey called Yellow rose has been produced since 2012.

The producers borrowed the name of the whiskey Yellow rose from a local legend.

The story goes that a woman nicknamed Yellow Rose, with her cunning and courage, helped Sam Houston defend Texas and win the battle for Texas’ independence from Mexico.

There are four versions of the Yellow rose drink: Outlaw bourbon, Premium American, Rye whiskey, and Harris county.

The alcohol content of the different versions of this whiskey ranges from 40 to 46% ABV.

Yellow Submarine 

Probably inspired by the famous Beatles song, the Yellow submarine cocktail is extremely strong as it contains three different spirits.

Although it is delicious and sweet, don’t let that fool you, and drink responsibly because the alcohol content in this cocktail is very high.

The yellow submarine cocktail is made from vodka, light rum, and banana liqueur in a ratio of 3:1:1.

The best garnish on this cocktail is a slice of banana.

If you are using a dried banana, let it float in the glass, and if you are using a fresh banana, cut a ring and hang it on the rim of the cocktail glass.

You can also use a lime spiral or pineapple wedge as decoration.

This cocktail has numerous variations, so if you want a milder version, you can experiment with the ingredients and replace some with pineapple, orange, or lemon juice.


Straight bourbon whiskey called Yellowstone has been produced for 150 years in Kentucky.

Over the decades, this drink’s popularity fluctuated, peaking in the 1960s when it was one of Kentucky’s best-selling bourbons.

By the way, this brand is named after the famous first American national park. Every year, the company donates part of its income to preserve and protect national parks.

Yorkshire Dry Gin 

A tribute to the Yorkshire tradition is Yorkshire dry gin.

The Yorkshire Explorer Distillery produces it.

This gin is made from juniper, tonka, tobacco leaf, cardamon, lemon verbena, and bay leaf.

All ingredients are individually distilled to give a spicy and smooth taste.


We’re moving from England to Russia, where the perfect way to toast is to drink a big glass of yorsh.

This drink is sometimes called mora grogg and is a mixture of vodka and beer in different ratios, from 1:10 to 1:4.

The drink is drunk quickly, usually in a single gulp, which makes it unsuitable for people not used to strong drinks, as it contains a large amount of alcohol.

Yorsh has been present in Russian tradition for centuries, and it is known that Russians love vodka and are considered one of the nations that drink the most alcoholic beverages.

There is a poem by an unknown author from the seventeenth century that mentions yorsh, though with slightly different ingredients.

Today, in Russia, this drink is mostly drunk socially, especially when celebrating something.

Your Train Has Been Cancelled 

Was your train cancelled?

Did the downpour start just as you were heading to the beach?

Girlfriend dumped you just as you bought the ring?

We have the perfect drink for days when everything seems to conspire against you.

Instead of despairing, order or make a cocktail with the fun name Your train has been cancelled.

Some say this cocktail is just a wet version of the tequila martini, but you’ll love it if you like bitter and challenging drinks.

For this cocktail, you will need 40 ml of tequila, 15 ml of dry vermouth, 5 ml of Benedictine, and a quarter teaspoon of orange bitters.

Mix all ingredients with ice in a shaker and strain into a martini glass.

You can decorate it with a lemon twist.


One of the most famous and best-selling beers in the Yukon and the rest of Canada is produced by Yukon Brewing.

It has existed since 1997, and in addition to beer, it also produces several spirits.

Yukon red and Yukon gold are among the ten beers in the production line.

Yukon Red is brewed in the amber ale style and contains 5.5% alcohol by volume.

Yukon gold is the best-selling beer of this producer.

It consists of a mix of five malts, and it is made in the old English ale style and has 5% alcohol by volume.

Another exciting feature of these beers is their packaging, which features local artists’ artwork that makes the cans and bottles unique.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Beginning With Y 

Here is a list of soft drinks starting with Y for refreshment and enjoyment.

Some are ideal for warm summer days, and others are perfect for starting an active day.

Some may remind you of your childhood, and some are probably still on your list of favorite drinks.


Yazoo is a milk-based drink with different flavors sold in several European countries, packaged in fully recyclable bottles.

The brand was launched in 1987, and some of you may remember the dinosaur mask called Dino from childhood.

In the beginning, Yazoo was sold in only a few primary flavors, but the palette has expanded considerably over time.

Today, strawberry, banana, chocolate, vanilla, choco caramel, choc mint, and choc-hazel flavors are available.

Previously, more flavors, such as watermelon and a combination of chocolate and orange, have been discontinued.

These milk drinks are marketed as a healthy alternative to drinks that contain artificial flavors and added sugars.

Yazoo drinks contain protein, calcium, and vitamin B and are equally popular with adults and children.


If you love dairy products, yogurt is probably on your list of favorite foods.

Yogurt has been part of the human diet for hundreds of years and is consumed in many different cultures.

Yogurt is obtained by bacterial fermentation of milk, and although you can make this drink at home, many different versions of industrially produced yogurt are on offer.

In addition to regular cow’s milk yogurt, there is also lactose-free yogurt, yogurts made from different types of plant-based milk, fruit yogurts, Greek yogurt, and more.

Regular consumption of yogurt has a positive effect on many aspects of health.

In addition to a large amount of calcium, which is extremely important for your bones, teeth, and hair, yogurt also contains phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins.

If you are trying to lose weight, yogurt can help because it contains a lot of protein.

Protein makes you feel full, so you have less need to snack between meals.

Greek yogurt contains even more protein than other types of yogurt, so it is particularly effective in appetite control.

Drinking yogurt regularly also improves your immune system, especially if you choose yogurt fortified with vitamin D.

Dairy products, including yogurt, in combination with other factors, affect the lowering of high blood pressure.

Yogurt Cooler 

Make a yogurt cooler when you need refreshment during hot summer days that will fill you up and cool you down without consuming a lot of calories.

The recipe is simple, and you can adapt it to your taste by choosing your favorite fruit.

You need one cup of yogurt and one cup of finely chopped fruit.

Place all ingredients in a blender and add two handfuls of crushed ice.

Stir until the drink is combined and completely smooth, then serve and enjoy.


Yoo-hoo is a chocolate-flavored drink that generations of Americans have grown up with.

It was first made in New Jersey in 1928.

Over the years, owners have changed, and today Yoo-hoo is produced by the Keurig Dr. Pepper company.

The Yoo-hoo brand is also associated with some controversies, such as lawsuits for misleading advertising.

The lawsuit related to allegations that Yoo-hoo contains minerals and seven vitamins and is produced without preservatives.

As stated in the case, it is a drink that mainly contains only sugars, water, milk by-products, and various artificial substances.

In addition to the basic flavor, Yoo-hoo is also available in strawberry, vanilla, and cookie&cream flavors.


All nations have their traditional foods and drinks, and one such drink for people in Korea is yuja-hwachae.

This drink is a type of fruit punch.

It was named after the yuja fruit, a type of Korean pear.

The drink is made by straining yuja cut into small pieces and mixing it with a syrup made from water and honey (or sugar).

This drink has a special place in Korean culture.

It used to be an indispensable part of the festive table at the royal court.

Nowadays, it is drunk mainly in autumn, at the time of the festival called Junggu, which is very important in Korean tradition.

It is believed that two positive cosmic forces meet during this festival, so this moment is celebrated, among other things, by drinking the traditional yuja-hwachae.

Energy Drinks That Start With Y 

Most people can’t imagine a party without their favorite alcoholic drink, a summer afternoon without a refreshing fruit juice, a morning without coffee, a winter day without tea or hot chocolate, and a busy day at work or preparing for an exam without an energy drink.

These caffeine-based drinks help us stay focused and use the maximum of our energy to complete all tasks.

However, it is crucial to be aware of the potential health risks that these drinks can have for some people.

Energy drink manufacturers generally warn that some people, such as children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people hypersensitive to caffeine, should avoid these drinks.


Pepsi Lipton International produces an energy drink brand called YULA.

The brand is inspired by nature and the rainforests of the Amazon, so the name YULA was created by combining the Quechua words that mean tree and energy.

The brand is very committed to organic production and is marketed as an energy drink made exclusively from organic ingredients.

In addition, it is packaged in fully recyclable cans, and the company invests in the reforestation of the Amazon.

YULA energy drink comes in three flavors: berries&spice, mango&chilli, and lemon&ginger.

These energy drinks contain only 23 calories per 100 milliliters of liquid, are very low in sugar, and contain no taurine.

They are made from carbonated water, fruit juices, and herbs, and caffeine comes from green tea, green mate, and guarana.


It was our list of drinks that start with Y.

We hope you had fun and found an idea for your next order.

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