Drinks That Start With X – Ultimate List 

We have reached the letter X.

This challenge will probably be a little more complicated than the others, but how many drinks that start with X do you know?

Here is a list that may help you.

Alcoholic Drinks That Start With X 

This list really has everything – from black lager to vodka and gin to unusual cocktails.

You may find inspiration for your next cocktail party among these drinks or be reminded of some you’ve forgotten.

Xalapa Punch 

If you are a horse racing fan, you may have already encountered a drink called Xalapa Punch.

The name of this cocktail comes from the name of a horse breeding farm located in Paris, not in France, but in Kentucky.

The drink is believed to have been invented in the late 1980s and is often served at racetracks.

Xalapa Punch is made with black tea, honey (or sweet syrup), dark rum, apple brandy, and orange peel.

To start, mix black tea and grated orange peel on low heat. After five minutes of heating, remove from the heat and let the mixture cool, then add the honey and stir until dissolved.

Pour the mixture into a punch bowl and add ice, followed by apple brandy, rum, and red wine. Choose dry red wine instead of sweet.

Stir and garnish with sliced oranges.


The Italians are the best in the world at making liqueurs, but the French have found a way to compete with them.

Of course, they included their famous cognac in the recipe.

One such French liqueur is Xanté, which has a pear flavor.

Along with cognac, Xanté also contains pear brandy, which the French call eau-de-vie de Poire, as well as natural flavors and sugar.

This sweet drink is an ingredient in many cocktails but can also be served over ice.

Maurice Hennessy, the creator of Xanté, belongs to a family with a long tradition of cognac production.

In addition to the primary flavor, some mixes include rum, gin, coconut flavor, coffee, dark chocolate, and others.

The base flavor is 35% alcohol by volume, and the others are between 15 and 38% ABV.


Here is a drink on the cocktail scene for about a hundred years.

If you like cocktails with high alcohol content but still a pleasant taste, you will not go wrong with Xanthia.

The ingredients for this cocktail are equal parts of cherry brandy, yellow chartreuse, and gin.

When you have mixed all the ingredients, add a large amount of ice and strain the drink.

Serve it in a Nick and Nora glass without garnish or garnished with a cherry.


Another very strong and sweet cocktail that is best enjoyed after a delicious meal is the Xaviera.

Xaviera is made from coffee liqueur, amaretto, and triple sec.

However, what makes this cocktail special is the whipped cream added on top after pouring the mixed ingredients from the ice shaker into the glass.

Although this cocktail can be served plain, you can also garnish it with fruit or, for special occasions and a touch of luxury, with gold sugar beads.


A Swiss brand called Xellent produces vodka and gin that are sold all over the world.

Vodka is made from a mixture of wheat, rye, and barley, as well as the addition of several other herbs.

Caramel and vanilla are noticeable in the taste, and the drink is distilled five times, resulting in a very smooth taste.

Xellent gin has a complex taste and is made from several herbs, including lavender, coriander, juniper, and citrus fruits.

Both drinks are perfect for enjoying straight up, but also in cocktails.

Both Xellent brand vodka and gin contain 40% alcohol by volume.

This brand also produces organic vodka with a distinctive paper label.


This drink is another very old but still famous cocktail.

It is named after the Spanish word for sherry, but it was not invented in Spain.

It was conceived in a London club in the 1920s.

Xeres is made of sherry, peach, and orange bitters and is usually served without ice or decoration in a sherry glass.


It shouldn’t be disputed about taste or “De gustibus non est disputandum,” as the old Latins used to say.

This saying is very applicable to Xingu, a black lager that comes from Brazil.

While some enjoy this multi-award-winning beer, others find it awful and too sweet.

The taste of Xingu indeed resembles chocolate, although it is made from maize, malted barley, and rice.

This beer has a fascinating history.

For starters, it was created by women, which is unusual in this industry.

In 1986, a group of five women set out on a mission to revive old styles of beer that were threatened with extinction.

They founded Amazon, Inc. (no relation to the multinational Amazon you’re probably thinking of) and hired researchers to find a beer worthy of a new life.

That’s how Xingu was born, a tribute to the dark beer brewed by the tribes that lived in the Amazon rainforest.

The name Xingu comes from the name of the river, a tributary of the mighty Amazon, near which lived members of the tribe who made this beer for centuries.

A map of the Xingu River region is also on the original label of this drink.

Xingu is sold in Brazil, the United States, and Europe, and in addition to the original flavor, there are also Xingu Gold, Xingu Red, and Xingu Weiss.


Menorcan gin with a unique taste, produced in a distillery that has been making gin for hundreds of years, is called Xoriguer.

Made from a blend of native herbs, including juniper berries, thyme, rosemary, orange peel, and bay leaves, Xoriguer has a distinctively smooth flavor that is equally good mixed with other drinks and enjoyed on its own.

The story of how this giant got its name is also enjoyable.

The story of the name takes us back to the eighteenth century when British sailors coming to the port of Mahon were looking for gin, their favorite drink unavailable here then.

Enterprising locals imported juniper berries and started producing gin with the help of wine alcohol that they traditionally made.

The family that made Xoriguer named it after the local word for a windmill to preserve the memory of the miller’s craft they have been doing for generations.

Even today, the windmill is on the label of this drink as a testament to its unique history.

Xoriguer contains 38% alcohol by volume.


The Mexican liqueur XTA was created after a traditional Mayan drink called balché.

The recipe for balché, which is believed to be able to induce a trance state, has been modified over time.

Some ingredients were discontinued, others were added to improve the taste, and XTA was created.

The key ingredient of XTA liqueur is honey, not just any honey, but honey from an indigenous flower called xtabentún, from which the drink gets its name.

There are several different ideas of what the word xtabentún meant in the Mayan language, the two most accepted translations being “land of the setting sun” and “vines growing on stone.”

In addition to honey, this liqueur contains aniseed and a few other ingredients mixed with rum.

XTA contains 30% alcohol by volume, and its aromatic and challenging taste makes it the perfect addition to many cocktails, although it is often served straight or with ice.

One of the popular ways to serve this drink is the so-called “Mayan coffee.” Shot of equal parts of XTA and tequila served with black coffee.

For a bolder option, serve XTA mixed with wine.

The fact that the locals call this cocktail “olhombre,” which means “clashing” in one of the Mayan dialects, speaks best of the taste of the drink you will get this way.


If you like alcoholic drinks with fruity and sweet flavors, you will enjoy the German strawberry liqueur called XUXU.

The specificity of this liqueur is that it uses real strawberries in its production.

The texture is smooth, and the drink tastes best when served chilled after a meal.

In addition to strawberry puree, XUXU contains lime juice, water, and vodka, with 15% alcohol by volume.

XUXU is manufactured by Underberg, a family business that has been around for almost 180 years.

Xylophone Cocktail 

There are two different recipes for the Xylophone cocktail, and the only ingredient they have in common is tequila.

The origin of these cocktails is unknown, and it is not possible to say why they were given this name, but you can try them and solve this puzzle yourself.

The first Xylophone cocktail, in addition to tequila, also contains white cream de cacao, cream, and simple syrup.

All ingredients and crushed ice are poured into a blender and then mixed until the liquid becomes creamy and smooth.

The first Xylophone cocktail is served plain in a cocktail glass.

The ingredients of the second Xylophone cocktail are Southern Comfort, lime juice, and tequila, in equal proportions.

After all the ingredients are mixed with ice, they must be strained and served in a chilled cocktail glass.

XYZ Cocktail 

Is it closing time yet?

Well, then, maybe it’s time for an XYZ cocktail!

No one knows for sure how this intriguing cocktail got its name.

However, many have their theory.

One of them is that this is a drink for the end of the evening, after which you don’t need another round, and that’s why it’s named after the last letters of the alphabet.

The second theory is somewhat similar to the first but assumes that the last letters of the alphabet are used to mean “no further,” thus representing the ultimate cocktail.

By the way, the XYZ cocktail is made from rum, lemon juice, and orange liqueur in a ratio of 2:1:1.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Beginning With X 

Unlike alcoholic beverages, there aren’t many soft drinks that start with the letter X.

We remembered Xalta.


Xalta is an Indian brand that sells carbonated juices and bottled water.

Xalta is available in many flavors, the most popular being orange, grape, and apple.

As an advantage of this drink, it is stated that it does not contain gluten or high fructose corn syrup and is suitable for vegans.

Energy Drinks That Start With X 

While some choose alcoholic beverages, others prefer light, refreshing drinks, and still, others can’t imagine a hard day at work or study before an exam without energy drinks.

It is perfectly fine as long as you stick to the prescribed amounts and consume energy drinks responsibly so that the high amount of caffeine and other stimulants doesn’t adversely affect your health.

Energy drinks help us get through a demanding day more efficiently and stay focused on the tasks ahead.

Here is a list of energy drinks that start with X.

XS Energy Drink 

XS energy drink is a brand of the Amway company that has been produced since 2002.

The caffeinated soda comes in various flavors and is available in 8 ounces (236 ml) and 12-ounce (355 ml) cans.

Among the most popular flavors are cola, grape, apple, fruit punch, strawberry banana, blue raspberry, and orange cream.

In addition to 160 milligrams of caffeine, an XS energy drink can contain taurine, B vitamins, and artificial flavors.

Xtra Power Energy Drink 

Produced in Dubai, the Xtra power energy drink is sold in three flavors – classic, premium, and black.

Classic and premium options are packaged in 250-milliliter cans, and Xtra power black is sold twice the size of 500-milliliter cans.

Xtra power is the best-selling energy drink in the Middle East and Asia.

The original flavor and the premium option each contain 75 mg of caffeine in 250 ml of liquid, while the black option includes 80 mg of caffeine in 500 ml of energy drink.


American energy drink brand Xyience produces a drink that boosts energy and focus.

Xyience comes in eight different flavors.

The most popular is Xyience frost berry, followed by cherry lime, strawberry lemonade, fuji apple, mango guava, blueberry pomegranate, fruit punch, and grape.

In addition to the high caffeine content, these energy drinks also contain vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, ginseng, and taurine.


It was our ultimate list of drinks beginning with the letter X.

Study the list, choose a challenging cocktail, a delicious liqueur, or a refreshing drink from our suggestions, and enjoy!

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