Drinks that start with K – Ultimate list

So many drinks come in various varieties and flavors.

It can be alcoholic, non-alcoholic, or soft drinks.

This article will present some popular drinks that start with K.

Alcoholic drinks start with K

1. Kahlúa

Kahlúa is a famous coffee-flavored liqueur with a rich heritage. It originates from Mexico. Kahlúa is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, sugar, rum, and vanilla.

Moreover, this coffee often is used as an ingredient in cocktails such as Espresso Martini, White Russian, and Mudslide.

With caramel color, rich taste of Arabica, chestnut, and sweet butter, Kahlúa has an exquisite taste, and you can hardly resist it.

2. Kriek

Kriek is a type of traditional Belgian beer. It is made with fermented lambic beer and sour cherries.

The cherries are added during brewing, giving the beer its distinctive fruity flavor. Kriek is usually served in a goblet or a tulip-shaped glass, offering a unique drinking beer experience.

3. Kummel

Kummel is a type of herbal liqueur made initially throughout the Baltic in the 19th century.

The specific taste of this liqueur is obtained by adding caraway seeds, cumin, and fennel. Most people usually drink it as a digestif after a meal. Kummel is very popular in Germany and Russia but

Kummel came from Riga, and the company’s founder was originally Prussian.

Long ago, Kumel was used as a stomach medicine against colic.

Today, this famous liqueur is distilled and produced in France according to the old recipe.

4. Kentucky Bourbon

Kentucky Bourbon is a type of whiskey made from a mash that contains at least 51% corn.

The style and taste of whiskey are greatly influenced by the type of grain used in the distillation process.

Kentucky Bourbon is a specific type of bourbon that is produced in the state of Kentucky, USA. It is known for its rich flavor and smooth finish.

Moreover, the producer who wants to put a bourbon label on their product must follow specific guidelines.

This refers to the distillation process, the original recipe, the aging length, and the aroma.

5. Kraken Rum

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a 94% alcohol drink with a significantly longer persistence than other spiced rums.

As a result, you can expect high-octane flavors of dark chocolate, toasted caramel and cinnamon.

Before the Kraken was launched – in 2010, spiced rum was more sophisticated, with less rum strength, and the most prominent “spice” was vanilla.

Kraken brought a high-alcohol swagger, a darker color and mocking allusions to a mythical sea monster to the world of spicy rum.

The result is one of the world’s most popular and widespread spiced rums.

6. Kaffe Ploro

Kaffe Ploro is a perfect black dessert drink in the Finnish version.

This drink is made from instant hot coffee, sugar to taste and Finlandia Vodka. It is served in coffee glasses.

7. Karamel apple shot

Karamel apple shot is an alcoholic drink with Stoli caramel vodka and apple juice.

It is served in chilled shot glasses and consumed at once.

Soft drinks that start with K

Soft drinks are a popular choice of beverage for people all around the world.

Many different types of soft drinks that start with K are available. Each with unique flavors and ingredients.

1. Kvass

Kvass is a non-alcoholic drink. Kvass originated on the territory of today’s Russia some thousand years ago, and several types of this drink are still produced today.

People from East Europe made Kvass because it was actually a way to preserve grains and preserve them.

Kvass is a biologically valuable drink, especially in terms of minerals.

You can find a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus, and B vitamins complex, which are of high value.

Kvass can be used in diets if a person needs to increase the intake of B complex vitamins.

2. Kola Nut Drinks

The kola nut is caffeine-rich and often used as a flavoring agent in soft drinks.

Some of the most well-known soft drinks that contain kola nut as an ingredient are Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.

These drinks are characterized by their sweet, caramel-like flavor and distinctive fizzy texture.

3. Kombucha tea

Kombucha tea is a fermented tea drink. To get kombucha tea it must be added sugar, bacteria and yeast is necessary.

The resulting drink is slightly animated, with a tangy flavor often compared to apple cider vinegar.

Kombucha has gained popularity recently due to its probiotic properties and potential health benefits.

The name kombucha is associated with a drink obtained with the help of a specific microbiological culture that can be found under various names, primarily as kombucha, Japanese tea mushroom, and Manchurian mushroom.

It was used 220 years before Christ in China, and Genghis Khan’s warriors also drank this drink because it gave them energy and protected them from illness.

Kombucha mushroom is considered a natural elixir of longevity in Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, China and India.

It came to Europe precisely from Russia and spread all over the world.

Kombucha drink is a solution to strengthen immunity, slow down aging, remove wrinkles on the face, strengthen the blood, overcome anemia and prevent cancer.

Because of its healing properties, it is also called the elixir of youth.

4. Krest

Krest is a carbonated soft drink that is popular in many African countries.

This soft drink is made with a combination of water, sugar, and natural flavors.

Moreover, it is known for its refreshing taste. Krest has several flavors, including lemon-lime, orange, and grape.

5. Kickapoo Joy Juice

Interestingly, Kickapoo Joy Juice was a fictional drink from the American comic strip named Li’l Abner.

In the strip, this beverage was introduced as a drink of burning flavor.

Kickapoo Joy Juice was introduced in the United States in the 1930s.

The main characteristic of this drink is its bright green color and distinctive citrus flavor.

Initially marketed as a health tonic, it is now primarily sold as a nostalgic novelty item.

6. Kristian Regale

According to legend, the story of the Christian Regale brand begins in Sweden.

The founder of the company and her husband rode Swedish bikes and tried a refreshing apple soda during the break.

Intuitively sensing that this drink would become very popular in America, where she was from, she tirelessly traveled to Sweden to perfect the recipe.

This is how the Christian Regale brand was created.

Although this drink has many different flavors, apple remains the most popular.

7. Kiwi Papaya Smoothie

Kiwi Papaya Smoothie is a refreshing drink full of healthy ingredients.

This tasty and rich smoothie combines kiwi, papaya and coconut milk.

Papayas contain soluble fiber, Kiwis are rich in vitamin C, while coconut milk is an excellent source of good fats.

This combination makes a delicious drink with many benefits to your organism.

8. Kahlua cream soda

Kahlua cream soda is a unique drink. If you never drink it, you should try it.


This potent drink has a such smooth taste. Mixing it with other beverages creates a creamy taste unlike any other soda pop.

9. Kwench

Kwench is a fruit-flavored soda popular in several countries, including India and the United Arab Emirates.

The drink comes in several flavors, including lemon, orange, and grape, and is known for its refreshing taste.

Kwench is often consumed as a thirst quencher and a popular drink during the hot summer.

And the most numerous on our list is the Cocktails.

Cocktails that start with K

Cocktails that start with the letter “K” offer diverse flavors and tastes, from light and refreshing to solid and sweet. You can see our list below.

1. Kalimotxo

Kalimotxo is a famous cocktail from the Basque region of Spain made by mixing equal parts of red wine and cola.

The resulting drink is sweet, slightly bitter, and has low alcohol content.

Kalimotxo is a popular drink at parties and outdoor events.

Usually, it is served over ice.

2. Kist

Kist is a carbonated soft drink popular in several countries, including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

The beverages come in several flavors, including orange, lemon-lime, and grape, and are known for their sweet taste.

Kist is often a refreshing and popular drink during the hot summer months.

4. Kinley

Kinley is a brand of carbonated water that The Coca-Cola Company owns.

The drink is known for its crisp, refreshing taste and is often used as a cocktail mixer.

Kinley comes in several different flavors, including lemon, orange, and peach, and is available in many countries worldwide.

5. Kinnie

Kinnie is a soft drink that is popular in Malta.

The drink is made with a combination of bitter oranges, spices, and herbs and has a distinctive bitter-sweet taste.

Kinnie is often consumed as a thirst quencher and a popular drink during the hot summer.

6. Kamikaze

The Kamikaze is a classic cocktail perfect for those who love a sour taste.

It consists of equal parts vodka, triple sec, and lime juice, shaken with ice and served in a chilled glass. This cocktail is simple to make but packs a powerful punch.

7. Kentucky Mule

What is the fun way to drink bourbon? As a mule, of course.

The Kentucky Mule is a famous Moscow cocktail using bourbon instead of vodka.

It is made by mixing bourbon, ginger beer, and lime juice over ice in a copper mug.

This cocktail is perfect for those who prefer a strong and spicy flavor.

8. Kir Royale

The Kir Royale is a French cocktail with crème de cassis and champagne.

It is typically served in a champagne flute and garnished with a lemon twist.

This light and refreshing cocktail make it a perfect choice for special occasions.

9. Kahlúa Espresso Martini

The Kahlúa Espresso Martini is a rich and decadent cocktail for coffee lovers.

It is made by shaking Kahlúa, vodka, and fresh espresso over ice and serving it in a chilled glass.

This cocktail is perfect for after-dinner drinks or a pick-me-up during a long night out.

10. Kool-Aid

Cocktail-The Kool-Aid Cocktail is a fun and fruity drink perfect for summer parties.

It is made by mixing vodka, lemon-lime soda, and cherry Kool-Aid powder over ice and serving it in a tall glass.

This sweet and tangy cocktail makes it a hit with kids and adults.

11. Kir

This is a popular French cocktail made from crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) and white wine.

The cocktail is named after Félix Kir, a former mayor of Dijon, France. Kir is usually served as an aperitif before a meal.

12. Key Lime Pie Martini

The Key Lime Pie Martini is a sweet, creamy cocktail perfect for dessert.

It is made by shaking vanilla vodka, lime juice, pineapple juice, and cream over ice and serving it in a chilled glass rimmed with graham cracker crumbs.

This cocktail is like drinking a slice of key lime pie.

13. Korean Cucumber Soju

The Korean Cucumber Soju is a refreshing, light cocktail perfect for warm weather.

It is made by muddling cucumber and mint, adding soju (a Korean spirit), lime juice, and soda water.

This cocktail is low in alcohol content, making it a perfect drink to enjoy with friends without getting too drunk.

15. Kentucky Tea

The Kentucky Tea is a southern take on the classic Long Island Iced Tea.

It is made by mixing bourbon, peach schnapps, lemon juice, and cola over ice and served in a tall glass.

This cocktail is perfect for those who prefer a solid and sweet drink.

16. Kir Imperial

The Kir Imperial is a French cocktail similar to the Kir Royale but made with raspberry liqueur instead of crème de cassis.

It is made by pouring raspberry liqueur into a champagne flute and topping it with champagne.

This cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet and fruity drink.


We tried to make our list as long as possible.

In addition, we tried to give you a choice between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

For cocktail lovers, they can find fascinating suggestions here.

For those curious, there are numerous cocktails that we haven’t listed that would be very interesting for you if you want to explore more.

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