Drinks that start with J – Ultimate list 

How many drinks do you know that start J? We know a lot.

But we must admit, we cheated a bit. We searched on web.

Here is our list. If we forgot something, let us know.

We found many beverages, such as cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Among our suggestions, you will find something for yourself.

The list is quite long and very exciting.

Drinks that start with J – the ultimate list

We will begin with soft drinks.

Soft drinks starting with J


J20 is a soft drink made from a mixture of fruit juices.

This drink was launched in 1998 as an alternative for people who go out to clubs and bars and do not drink alcoholic beverages.

Sold in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Its name J20 is a play on words based on the chemical formula of water H20, precisely because of the apple juice content in this drink.

The first flavors were combinations of orange in passion fruit, apple and mango, and apple and melon.

To date, its range has been significantly expanded.

Jaffa soft drink

Jaffa soft drink is a soft drink produced in Finland. The first jaffa drink was orange-flavored. To this day, it is made in many different flavors.

The first non-alcoholic Jaffa drink was produced in 1949, and today 11 different flavors are available.

This brand is known for its many exciting posters and designs.

It is interesting to note that this drink is sold in Finland after world-famous brands like Coke.

Jal jeera

In Hindi Jal jeera means cumin water.

It comes from North India and is famous all over the country.

It is usually prepared from cumin, ginger, black cumin, and mint. If desired, the juice of one of the citrus fruits, lemon most often, is added.

In Mumbai, this refreshingly bound writer serves to provide relief and cool down to the residents of this scorching city.

This drink is a mixture of sweet, sour and spicy tastes.

It is consumed by pouring it over ice cubes and thus provides ideal refreshment for all who consume it.

Jasmine tea

As its name suggests, Jasmin tea is a type of tea.

It is usually prepared from green tea, but black tea can also be used, and jasmine flowers give it a fragrance and aroma.

Jasmine flowers are sweetened next to green tea leaves, so the scents are mixed and processed to blend the aroma of jasmine with green tea.

It can be consumed warm or well-boiled.

The benefits of consuming this tea are very significant. It is full of potent plant compounds called polyphenols.

They protect the body from free radicals and various types of diseases.

What is very important to note, especially for the female part of the population, is that this tea accelerates the metabolism and thus helps with weight loss.

Its robust base is green tea, which serves the mentioned properties of this tea.

Java coffee

Some say it is a type of coffee, while others say it is a variety of coffee.

However, real coffee lovers and connoisseurs consider it one of the most delicious drinks among coffee drinks.

Initially, the name “Java” meant coffee a cup in a general sense.

Still, it became a term for a particular type of coffee grown in a specific part of Indonesia.

Java Arabica is grown at high altitudes.

People who consume this type of coffee rate it as one of the best because of its light taste and accented chocolate finish at the end of each sip.

The purity of its taste is so light that users describe it as refreshing.

This is another reason this coffee is preferred over other varieties of coffee.

Jaz Cola

Jaz Cola was one of the most popular drinks in the Philippines.

If you pay attention to the design of the packaging itself, you will notice an incredible similarity with today’s packaging of one of the most popular drinks, Coca-Cola.

The fact that the campaign in producing this drink was focused locally is also shown by the fact that you often hear, “Whoever did not drink this non-alcoholic drink in one of his meals is probably not a man.”

Jaz Cola was only available in the Philippines. More precisely, it was made for a more specific market in the Philippines, the Visayas.

Although this soft drink was made especially for the Visayas, it was the most popular beverage in the Philippines in the past.

Its popularity could be linked to its unique taste and affordable price.

Although Jaz Cola experienced its heyday with drinks like Cola and Fanta, it still needs to hold up.

More soft drinks start with J

Jamba Juice

Jianlibao (soft drink from China)

Joe (nickname for coffee)

Jolly cola (Danish cola)

Jolt cola

Josta (soft drink)

Joya (fruit soda)


Juicy juice

Alcoholic drinks that started with J

We were undecided about these two trendy alcoholic drinks to put first.

If you disagree with us, please let us know your reasons.

Finally, we decided on Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels

There is probably no person in the world who has not heard of this famous brand of alcoholic drink.

This whiskey with an unsurpassed taste is synonymous with Southern life with the signature of one name, Jack Daniels.

The distillery was founded in 1866 and was the first to be established in the United States of America.

Its creator is Jasper Newton Daniel, after whom this drink is named.

The secret of this drink is the limestone spring water, and the recipe remains unchanged and faithful to its original taste to this day.

Moreover, this original recipe includes the right amount of corn, rye and barley so that the taste is always the same and original.

The story behind the creation of such a famous whiskey is fascinating.

Namely, Jack ran away from home after his father and mother died. And before his father died, he got married, but Jack didn’t get along with his stepmother.

A local priest accepted Jack and taught him about alcohol distillation. Jack opened his first distillery with the priest’s support.

After the priest retired, Jack took full ownership of the distillery.

To this day, Jack Daniels has kept its place among the most famous whiskeys.

Johnnie Walker

Another whiskey is in second place. It is trendy as its whiskey pal before.

Johnnie is the best-selling Scotch whiskey in the world. It originated in Scotland in the city of Kilmarnock.

It was first produced by the grocer John Walker, after whom this universal drink is named.

At first, he was the owner of a grocery and liquor store. He managed the wine and spirits section.

This gave him the idea to start selling alcoholic drinks such as whiskey, rum, gin and brandy after the strict laws on distillation were banned.

In a brief time, he switched to the whiskey business. Its successors also created its tradition and established a globally famous brand.


Originally, Jägermeister was an alcoholic drink from Germany.

It contains 56 herbs and spices.

The first Jägermeister recipe was created in 1934 and kept its original recipe until today.

Father and son Wilhelm and Curt Mast created a recipe for this ultimate drink.

Moreover, its distinctive green bottle has remained the same to this day.

Curt Must always wanted to help his father with the business.

When he took over his father’s business, he invented a recipe for Jägermeister

Kurt was a very enthusiastic hunter, and because of his passion for hunting, he named the drink Jägermeister.

Jägermeister literally means “Master Hunter” or “Hunt Master.”

Although Jägermeister was extremely popular in Germany, it attracted worldwide attention when Sidney Frank ran an American liquor company.

He was focused on a completely different niche.

That was young people and this drink was trendy at student parties.

Today, Jägermeister kept its place among young and full of like people.

Today’s Company’s vision is summed up in one sentence “The best nights of your life.”

Jameson whiskey

One more whiskey on our list.

Jameson whiskey is a short whiskey with a long tradition.

Initially, it is Irish whiskey.

Its premium taste and unique and prestigious portfolio are a part of Pernod Richard brands.

This whiskey is unique because of its particular distillation and maturing technique.

This whiskey bottle passes a triple distillation and triple-cask maturing.

A unique flavor of Jameson whiskey originates from the barley, which is grounded in distillery ground and water from the local river.

Moreover, it has special sweet notes from barley and nutty, caramel and buttery notes from the oak.

We recommend it for new whiskey drinkers because of its mellow and balanced flavor.

It is very light and very delicious. In 2020, it was one of the best-selling Irish whiskeys in the US.

In addition to outstanding features, its price is very reasonable, which makes it one of the favorite Irish whiskeys.

Jamaica rum

Not all rum is the same. If you start with “wrong,” you can miss an otherwise excellent experience.

Jamaica has beautiful beaches, exclusive hotels and famous coffee. It is also the center of making the finest rum in the world.

Moreover, Jamaica rum has a specific style called fruity “funk.”

If you want to try it, you must travel to Jamaica because you can’t find it in your local liquor store.

Because of its rum, Jamaica is a popular travel destination for those who love crystal-clear water, beautiful beaches and incredible fun.

Rum is made from distilled sugar. It can be either pure sugar, molasses, or syrup.

No matter what is used, the flavor obtained by melting sugar gives the rum sweet toasted sugar.

Practically, all Jamaican rums are made from molasses.

The most famous rum from Jamaica is definitely Appleton rum.

You can’t find a store in Jamaica that doesn’t sell this rum.

Appleton rum stays in oak barrels for twelve to eighteen years in the hot Jamaica climate.

Precisely this gives it a smooth texture and fruity/funky aroma.

How to drink rum?

A short-aged and, therefore, usually cheaper rum is suitable for mixing in Caribbean-scented cocktails or teas.

While conversely, with increased storage time, rums are drunk neat.

The suggestion of rums that are best drunk in their pure form is definitely twelve-year-old rum Appleton.

More alcoholic drinks start with J

Jack Frost

Jack Hammer

Jack Rabbit

Jack Rose


Jump Shot

Jungle Juice

Juniper Wine

Cocktails that start with J

Jello shots

Some would say the Jello shot is a cocktail. On the other hand, some would say it is shot, as its name suggests.

However, we add it to the cocktail list.

Jello shot is the first cocktail on our list because of its trendy name.

It is trendy among young people at parties.

You can make it very quickly. First, prepare boiled water and add your favorite fruit powder flavor.

After that, add alcohol, and your shot is ready.

Usually, for yellow shoots, mainly alcohol used is vodka.

Ja-mora coctail

This champagne-based fruity drink will appeal to all fans of raspberries and bubbles.

The recipe for this cocktail was created in 1998 by Jamie Terrell and Andres Masso.

Ja-mora is the perfect choice for a cocktail party. You have to try this!

Essential ingredients of this cocktail are vodka, raspberry liqueur, orange juice, apple juice and champagne or sparkling wine.

Start by preparing a cocktail glass.

To chill, put it in the freezer for a few minutes or fill it with ice and set it aside to make a drink.

Fill the shaker with ice, then pour all the ingredients into it.

Shake everything vigorously and pour it into a chilled glass (without ice) through a strainer.

Top up with champagne or sparkling wine. Garnish the cocktail with raspberries.

James Bond Vesper

Every serious James Bond fan knows this is the first drink ordered by secret agent 007.

This drink is entirely made up. Writer books about James Bond mention it in his first book.

James Bond likes fine drinks and this is one of them. It combines gin and vodka with Kina Lillet (commonly substituted with Lillet Blanc or dry vermouth).

Gin has come a long way since then and Kina Lillet is unavailable today.

Because of that, today’s James Bond Vesper needs some adjustments.

No matter, we can quote Tom Macy “Regardless of the mystique surrounding it, the Vesper is a darn good cocktail.

Its composition is unlike other martini variations as it combines gin and vodka. Seems arbitrary, but it works quite well.

The vodka tempers the botanicals in the gin and gives the cocktail a pleasant levity.”

More cocktails that start with J

Jalapeno Margarita

Jalisco Bird

Jalisco Fizz

James Bond Vesper


Jammy James

Final thoughts

We found many drinks that start with J. Either you are a lover of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages or cocktails, you can find them here.

In addition, you can make it by yourself or buy it in a local store.

For some, you have to travel, but that is another way to make your life fun and try something new.

Let us know if you try some of these or visit a new destination.

We would love to hear about your experience.

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