Drinks That Start With I – Ultimate List 

The letter “I” is perfect for iced drinks, but also for all drinks that come to us from Ireland and Italy.

It’s time for a new challenge!

How many different drinks that start with the letter “I” can you think of?

Once you’ve made your list, take a look at the list we’ve created.

Our list includes alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and energy drinks, and you might find here an idea of what to order the next time you go to the bar or want to refresh yourself after a hard work day.

Alcoholic Drinks Beginning With I 

Wine, vodka, or whiskey?

Whatever your choice, you’ll find something for you on this list.

And there are also some famous cocktails to enjoy on the beach or warm-up for the party.

Ice Wine 

If you’ve never had ice wine, you should try it, even if you’re generally not a wine lover.

Ice wine is a unique drink in terms of its taste and the way it is produced.

This wine is not easy to make because the grapes for it are harvested when they are completely frozen, which is why this wine is only produced in certain regions.

The most significant amount of ice wine comes from Austria, Germany, China, and Canada.

The rules for producing this wine are very strict, and the basic rule is that the grapes mustn’t be frozen artificially but exclusively naturally.

This wine is extremely sweet and contains about 10% alcohol by volume, so it is usually not drunk with a meal but as a dessert wine.

A bottle of ice wine requires up to five times more grapes than a traditional, regular wine bottle.

Because of this, as well as because of the complex production process, these wines are costly.

Iceberg Vodka 

The most famous Canadian vodka and one of the best in the world is Iceberg vodka.

It is produced from alcohol obtained from cream corn or peach kernels and water that is called the purest on the planet because it comes from the icebergs of Newfoundland.

This vodka contains 40% alcohol by volume.

In addition to the original flavor, there are also Iceberg vodkas with chocolate mint, cucumber, and crème brûlée flavors.


Is there anything better than an ice-cold cocktail on a hot summer day?

The possibilities are endless, but this time we suggest the Icebreaker.

This cocktail is reminiscent of the more famous Tequila Sunrise but provides even more refreshment than it.

The base of the Icebreaker cocktail is tequila, while triple sec, grenadine, and grapefruit juice are added.

The ingredients are mixed with plenty of ice and strained into a chilled glass.

The Icebreaker is usually garnished with fruit, often with an orange wheel.

A blue version of this cocktail is also made with vodka and curacao.


IPA, or India Pale Ale, is not native to India, as you might think from the name.

IPA is a type of hoppy beer, more specifically, one of the many pale ale styles.

Although there are several versions of the story of the origin of this drink, the most accepted one is that IPA was made in England and got its name because the amount of hop was increased to keep the beer fresh during the long transport from England to India.

IPAs average around 6% alcohol by volume, although within this category, several subcategories differ in alcohol content, among other things.

For example, session IPA beers have 3-5% ABV, while double IPA beers have from 7.5% to even 10% ABV.

Some IPA subcategories are American IPA, English IPA, Belgian IPA, Black IPA, Red IPA, Brown IPA, Hazy IPA, and many others.

Irish Car Bomb 

It’s no secret that many cocktails owe their success to their names. And while the names of many cocktails have sexual connotations or are politically incorrect for various reasons, it seems that this mainly only adds to the popularity of these drinks.

However, the situation is different regarding a cocktail called the Irish car bomb.

This cocktail wasn’t invented anywhere near Ireland but about fifty years ago in America.

And while it is happily ordered across the United States, especially around Saint Patrick’s Day, it is considered highly offensive in Ireland and the rest of the UK.

You might even get kicked out of the bar if you try to order this drink.

Of course, Irish people associate the name of this cocktail with a tragic and sensitive history and long-term conflicts in Northern Ireland in which many people died.

In defense of the cocktail – the clumsy name was given to the drink because it foams like an explosion and is made from ingredients from Ireland.

By the way, this cocktail is made by throwing a shot of Irish whiskey and Irish cream (together with the glass) into a pint of Guinness.

You should drink it as quickly as possible, preferably in one gulp.

The cocktail is delicious if you ignore the offensive and insensitive name.

Irish Coffee 

If you can’t decide whether to drink coffee or something alcoholic, Irish coffee could be the right solution.

This cocktail is made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and cream on top.

Although it was invented around 1940, this famous cocktail has many predecessors worldwide. For example, similar drinks were served throughout Europe in the nineteenth century, especially in France and Vienna.

Irish Cream Liqueur 

Irish cream is a liqueur that you can enjoy in many ways.

You can serve it with ice, use it in cocktails, add it to coffee or hot chocolate, and use it as an ingredient for various desserts.

Irish cream is made from Irish whiskey and cream, but other flavors are added.

The most famous and oldest brand of Irish cream is Baileys, but Carolans, Kerrygold, and Saint Brendan’s are also very popular.

Irish Whiskey 

One of the oldest distilled drinks in Europe, Irish whiskey, was made by Irish monks.

This whiskey is distilled three times and made using a method known as pop still.

Four distilleries in Ireland make this drink: Bushmills, Kilbeggan, New Midleton, and Cooley.

Although it is primarily drunk neat, Irish whiskey is also an ingredient in many cocktails.

Italian Breeze 

A fun and refreshing cocktail of unknown origin, called Italian breeze, is made from Amaretto, white rum, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice.

It is usually garnished with a piece of pineapple and served in a hurricane glass over ice.

It is the perfect cocktail for hot days when you need a little breeze to cool off the heat.

You can find a version of this cocktail in a can, but it contains vodka instead of rum and Amaretto.

Italian Kiss 

The cocktail with the seductive name Italian kiss is similar to its more famous cousin, the French kiss.

However, while French kiss is made with raspberry liqueur, Italian kiss contains almond liqueur, champagne, and very little pomegranate juice.

On festive occasions, you can toast with this cocktail in a champagne flute, garnished with an orange wheel or twist.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Beginning With I 

Here are some soft drinks that start with the letter “I.”

Enjoy iced versions of your favorite drinks, fruit juices, or her majesty water.

Ice Cream Float 

For those who can never get enough of a sweet taste, ice cream float was invented, sometimes called ice cream soda, and is known by many other names worldwide.

The story goes that Robert McCay Green, who had a soda fountain in Philadelphia, invented this drink in the second half of the nineteenth century.

It was a sweltering day, and Green ran out of ice, so he came up with the idea of putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the flavored soda.

This drink has many different versions and combines many sodas or root beer.

Ice Mountain 

Ice Mountain is one of the most famous bottled water brands in the United States.

This water came to the center of public debate a few years ago due to controversies surrounding the excessive depletion of underground water sources.

Iced Coffee 

When it comes to coffee, everyone has their favorite, and the variations are countless.

Iced coffee is ideal for summer days and any other occasion when you want refreshments.

You can drink iced coffee in your favorite cafe, but you can also make it at home if you have the patience to wait for it to cool down.

Brew your favorite coffee and let it cool at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Then, when it is cold, pour the drink over the ice in the highball glass.

If you are in a hurry and want to cool the coffee immediately, you can also pour freshly brewed coffee over ice, and then when it reaches room temperature, transfer it to a new glass with ice.

However, brew very strong coffee in that case, so the taste is not too watery.

You can garnish iced coffee with chocolate syrup, ice cream, or cream.

Iced Tea 

If you prefer tea to coffee, you can cool off with iced tea on hot days.

The making process is similar to iced coffee.

Brew the tea, and pour it over a large amount of ice when it cools.

This drink can be drunk unsweetened or with added sugar or honey.

Many commercial ice teas in different flavors are also available.

Iced tea is a popular drink worldwide and a common alternative to sodas.

Icelandic Glacial 

The Icelandic bottled water brand Icelandic Glacial is considered one of the best waters in the world.

The quality of this water is explained by the pH value of 8.4 and the fact that the water has been naturally filtered through lava rocks over five thousand years.

The company that produces this water is also known for its environmental activism and strives to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum.


The brand of juice and smoothies called Innocent was founded by three graduates from the University of Cambridge in 1998, but today it is majority owned by the Coca-Cola company.

Although marketed as a healthy option because they contain no artificial ingredients, Innocent juices contain a large amount of sugar.

Innocent juices come in about fifteen different fruit flavors, and in addition to juices and smoothies, the company also produces coconut water, vegetable kinds of milk, and carbonated drinks.

Italian Soda 

Although it is called Italian soda, it originated in the United States.

Italian soda comes in various flavors and is made from carbonated water and syrup, which is responsible for the aroma.

Although the most popular flavors are fruit, there is also Italian soda with the taste of chocolate, chai, amaretto, and many others.

If you add cream to your Italian soda, you will get French soda, an even sweeter and creamier variant.

This drink is usually served well chilled and can be garnished with fruit if desired.

Energy Drinks That Start With I 

Some people start their mornings with coffee, and others can’t imagine a working day without a can of energy drink.

These drinks are intended to improve concentration and increase energy levels and stamina.

However, do not forget that you should consume them cautiously because a high concentration of caffeine and other stimulants can be dangerous for some people.

Irish Moss 

Although not a classic energy drink, Irish moss is a popular drink from Jamaica among athletes because it contains a lot of protein and calories.

The main ingredient of this drink is marine red algae with the scientific name Gracilaria spp, also known as “Irish moss.”

It is believed that these algae were brought to the island by Irish immigrants, so the drink is named after it.

Algae is cooked in sweetened milk, to which spices and sometimes oats, peanuts, or flax are added.

Although it is also served in bars, Irish moss is sold in a can.

It is believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac for men, as well as helping with mood disorders.

Irn-Bru 32 

Energy drink from Scotland Irn-Bru 32, was produced in 2006 by a company known for soft drinks.

The drink contains 32 mg of caffeine in 100 ml of liquid, with the addition of taurine and vitamin B.

In addition to the basic version, there is also Irn-Bru 32 without sugar.


With coffees, teas, sweet drinks, wines, brandies, cocktails, energy drinks, and more, we believe you’ve found something to your taste on this list.


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