Drinks That Start With H – Ultimate List 

Here’s a new challenge to beat boredom or play with friends.

Try to think of as many drinks that start with H as you can.

If you need help, here’s our list.

It features well-known cocktails, popular hot drinks, famous beers, juices, and drinks to boost energy and alertness.

Alcoholic Drinks That Start With H 

Find out which Dutch beer is one of the world’s favorites and how some famous cocktails got their names.

See the list of alcoholic beverages starting with H.

Harvey Wallbanger 

Those old enough to remember the seventies will surely remember the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail, which was very popular in the US during this decade.

The younger ones will definitely want to try it if they haven’t had the chance so far.

This variation of the screwdriver cocktail is made with vodka, Galliano, and orange juice.

This cocktail was designed to increase sales of Galliano, and the campaign used a cartoon surfer character in the ad.

In the USA, the national day of this cocktail is celebrated every November 8.

There is a legend that the cocktail was named after the surfer Tom Harvey, who got so drunk on this drink that he started crashing and hitting the walls!

However, almost no one believes in this legend, and there are no facts that would confirm the truth of this story.

Heineken Beer 

One of the world’s most famous and loved beer brands, the Dutch Heineken, is sold worldwide in as many as 192 countries.

Estimates say that around 25 million bottles of Heineken beer are drunk in the world every day.

This beer has been on the top of the list of the most popular beers in the world for years.

It is recognizable by the green bottle and the red star that is the trademark of this brand.

Heineken is a pale lager beer and has 5% alcohol by volume.

Heineken beer has a tradition of 150 years.

Since 2017, in addition to the original flavor, there is also a non-alcoholic version, “Heineken 0.0”.

Heineken beer has appeared in numerous James Bond films and is also a sponsor of multiple sporting events.

Honey Deuce 

Are you a tennis fan?

If you follow the US Open, the American Grand Slam tennis tournament, you must have heard of the Honey Deuce cocktail, the official drink of this sporting event.

And have you tried it?

This cocktail is made from lemonade, Gray Goose vodka, and Chambord.

You can decorate it with a lemon wedge or honeydew melon balls that look like tennis balls.

The name of this cocktail comes from a 40-40 draw in tennis, called “deuce” in slang.

The Honey Deuce has been a trademark of the US Open for twenty years, and recently a canned version of this cocktail appeared in New York.

Honeymoon cocktail 

This romantically named pre-Prohibition cocktail was invented by Hugo Ensslin and described in his cocktail book.

The ingredients for this cocktail are apple brandy, Benedictine, orange liqueur, and lemon juice.

Different recipes suggest various apple brandies and orange liqueurs, but you will go right whichever you choose.

The sweetness of the liqueur and the acidity of the lemon juice, mixed with the strong alcohol of apple brandy, give the drink a unique taste.

You don’t have to be on your honeymoon to enjoy this cocktail.

Relaxing on the porch during summer evenings is the perfect time for this famous cocktail.

Horse’s Neck 

It’s no secret that in marketing, the name is often more than half the job.

It’s the same with cocktails.

While few will order a bad drink just because it has a catchy name, a name that’s easy to remember can help a good drink.

Such is the case with the Horse’s Neck cocktail.

This delicious cocktail, also made in a non-alcoholic version, got its name from the curved lemon peel that sticks out of the glass as a garnish of this drink.

This American cocktail is made from brandy and ginger ale. Sometimes you can use bourbon instead of brandy.

The former non-alcoholic version was made from ginger ale, lemon peel, and ice, so at that time, the alcoholic version was also called “stiff horse’s neck” or “horse’s neck with a kick.”

Over time, the alcoholic cocktail took over the primacy and the original name.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Beginning With H 

Soft drinks starting with H include a diverse list of healthy beverages, hot treats, and well-known juice brands.

Check out the list we’ve compiled.

Hawaiian Punch 

Although it started as a topping for ice cream, the American brand Hawaiian Punch eventually became a famous fruit punch produced in fifteen different flavors.

This drink is sold in 1-gallon (3.8 liters) containers and contains only 3% fruit juice.

This drink’s ingredients are water and high fructose corn syrup.

Although this drink cannot be considered very healthy, it has been very popular with children (and adults) across the United States for decades and is regarded as a national brand.

Hawaiian Punch’s favorite flavors are Berry Blue Typhoon, Fruit Juicy Red, Green Berry Rush, and Orange Ocean.

In the 1990s, there was also the famous Hawaiian Punch flavored chewing gum.

Health Shake 

The market for healthy food, and therefore healthy drinks, experienced a real boom during the previous decade.

The trend started with athletes and celebrities and quickly spread to “ordinary” people.

Mixed drinks intended to improve health are called health shakes.

You can make these drinks at home, but there are also commercially available ones.

Health shakes can have a variety of ingredients, from powdered nutrients, plant sprouts, superfoods, and vegetable oils, to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Protein shakes, a subtype of health shakes, are primarily intended for athletes and people who lack certain nutrients.

Protein shakes also help in building muscle mass.

Some health shakes have an extremely high number of calories. In contrast, those that contain more fruits and vegetables (similar to smoothies) usually have a significantly lower number of calories but a higher content of vitamins and fiber.

Hemp Milk 

Plant-based milk is a perfect substitute for people who avoid regular milk for various reasons.

A drink made from hemp seeds is called hemp milk and is a common choice among people allergic to milk and soy.

Hemp seeds are soaked in water and ground, and sometimes vanilla extract or ground vanilla is added to improve the flavor.

Although this milk is made from the same plant that produces marijuana, THC, the psychoactive compound for which marijuana is known, is only found in trace amounts in hemp milk.

Hemp milk has numerous health benefits, such as protection against heart disease and a favorable effect on the appearance of the skin.

This creamy drink has a nutty flavor, and although you can make it yourself, many commercial versions are available.

Hemp milk has fewer calories, protein, and carbohydrates than whole cow’s milk but has about the same amount of fat.

Unlike most other vegetable kinds of milk, hemp milk is richer in proteins and healthy fats.

Herbal Tea 

While so-called true teas, such as green, black, yellow, white, and oolong, are made from the Camellia sinensis tea plant, herbal teas are made from other plants.

The infusion or decoction of herbs or other plants is steeped in hot water to make herbal tea.

Herbal teas usually do not contain caffeine, although many herbs from which they are made may contain caffeine or other stimulants.

Herbal tea can be served sweetened, and in different cultures, people add lemon, honey, or milk to them.

In traditional medicine in many cultures, herbal teas are known as remedies for various conditions and diseases.

The list of plants from which these teas are made is long and varies in different parts of the world.

Although herbal teas are generally considered healthy, some herbs can harm health.

Some herbal teas are not recommended for people suffering from specific health problems, children, and pregnant women.


Hot or cold, on its own or as an aromatic addition to coffee or other beverages, horchata is a trendy drink in some parts of the world.

Although it sometimes contains animal milk, this drink is primarily made from plant ingredients.

This drink originated in Africa and came to the New World via Spain and Portugal.

In Latin America and the USA, horchata usually contains jicaro, white rice, melon seeds, sesame seeds, and many other spices.

The Spanish make this drink from soaked and ground tiger nuts.

In Mexico, where horchata is a traditional drink, it is generally made from a ground mixture of white rice soaked in water, sugar, and cinnamon.

Horchata is not only delicious but also healthy. This drink is rich in vitamins and minerals, low in calories, and protects the eyes’ health.

Horchata is also thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Hot Chocolate 

What better drink than hot chocolate to enjoy on a winter afternoon with a book or a movie?

Hot chocolate is made from cocoa powder or melted chocolate and milk. Sometimes, water is used instead of milk, and the drink can be additionally sweetened with sugar.

Hot chocolate is sometimes garnished with whipped cream or marshmallows.

This drink, which both children and adults consume worldwide, is several thousand years old.

The hot chocolate was believed to be represented as early as the Mayan civilization.

In the United States, National Hot Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on January 31.

All over the world, people have attributed magical powers to chocolate for centuries. Some effects, such as mood enhancement and aphrodisiac effects, are also confirmed by science.

Hot chocolate is very healthy because it is rich in antioxidants, and before the 19th century, people often used it for medicinal purposes.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the USA, was a big fan of hot chocolate.


Traditional Korean punches made from fruits or even flowers of various plants are called hwachae.

These drinks are traditionally prepared by soaking fruits or flower petals in water with honey.

Honeyed magnolia berry juice is sometimes used instead of this water.

Today, the name hwachae in South Korea is also used for some more modern drinks made by adding fruit juices or sodas to traditional hwachae.

This drink can be decorated and served in different ways and is a favorite summer treat for children and adults in Asian countries.

Energy Drinks That Start With H 

Energy drinks based on caffeine or similar stimulants and vitamins have been popular for decades.

These non-alcoholic drinks instantly increase the body’s energy, wake up, and increase endurance and mental abilities.

However, with their incredible popularity, energy drinks have been accompanied by controversies for decades because of the side effects they can cause.

Hell Energy 

One of the most popular energy drinks in Europe and a part of Asia, Hell energy, is produced in Hungary.

This drink is available in about forty countries around the world.

It is known to many because it was a sponsor of the AT&T Williams Formula 1 Team, and it is even more famous because the famous Bruce Willis once advertised it.

The drink is available in cans of different sizes and in numerous flavors such as classic, strong apple, strong cola, multivitamin, summer cool, magnum, and strong focus.

In addition to energy drinks, the company that produces Hell energy also offers cold coffee in cans.

100 ml of Hell energy drink contains 32 mg of caffeine.

Hype Energy 

Hype Energy Drinks has been around since 1994 and produces a range of energy drinks available in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

In addition to the base flavor known as Hype MFP, Hype MFP Sugarfree, Hype UP, Hype mojito, Hype tropical punch, and others are also available.

Hype MFP contains caffeine, taurine, carbonated water, sugar, and B vitamin complex. 100 ml of this drink contains 32 mg of caffeine.

The primary flavor of the Hype energy drink contains no preservatives or artificial colors.

Hype Energy also sponsors the Formula 1 team Sahara Force India.

The influence of this drink in the world of Formula 1 is also connected with the fact that Bertrand Gachot, the company’s owner, is a former Formula 1 driver.


We hope our article on drinks that start with H entertained you and reminded you of some forgotten drinks.

We believe that in this list, you managed to find a drink to your taste and learned some new, exciting facts about alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and energy drinks enjoyed by people around the world.

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