Drinks That Start With B – Ultimate List

Drinks that begin with the letter B include numerous delectable options.

These drinks, which range from exquisite cocktails to energizing drinks, will satisfy your palate and quench your thirst.

Alcoholic Drinks Beginning With B

Here are a few alcoholic drinks that begin with the letter B:


A sort of alcoholic beverage called beer is created by fermenting grains, most commonly hops, barley, and water.

The starch in the grains are transformed into sugars during the brewing process, and yeast subsequently ferments the carbohydrates to create alcohol.

There are several different kinds of beer, each with a distinct flavor and set of qualities, such as lager, ale, pilsner, porter, and stout.

Beer is a preferred libation at bars, clubs, and other social occasions and is frequently served cooled in a glass or bottle.


Brandy is a kind of distilled liquor created from wine or another fermented fruit juice.

The Dutch term “brandewijn,” means “burnt wine,” is where the word “brandy” originates.

In order to distill wine in a still and concentrate the alcohol and tastes of the wine, brandy is often manufactured from wine.

After being created, the spirit is matured in wood casks, giving brandy its particular flavor and amber hue.

There are numerous kinds of brandy, such as cognac, which is produced in the French province of Cognac, and calvados, from Normandy.

In addition to being frequently drunk neat or with ice, brandy can also be a component of cocktails.


A mash of maize and other grains is used to make the American whiskey variety known as bourbon.

Whiskey must be matured in new, smoky oak barrels and be manufactured from a mix that includes at least 51% maize in order to be categorized as bourbon.

Additionally, the whiskey must be distilled to a maximum proof of 160 (80% alcohol in volume) and bottle it at a minimum proof of 80 (40% alcohol in volume).

With flavors of vanilla, oak, and caramel, bourbon has a characteristic flavor that is popularly known as rich and smooth.

Usually, people drink it neat, with ice, or in cocktails.


Rum with the brand name Bacardi is made in Puerto Rico.

With a variety of goods, such white rum, black rum, gold rum, and flavored rums, it is one of the biggest and most recognizable rum companies in the world.

Don Facundo Bacardi Masso established Bacardi in Cuba in 1862 after inventing a special distillation technique that resulted in a smoother, more sophisticated rum.

Both as a single spirit and in cocktails like Daiquiri, Mojito, and Pina Colada, Bacardi is favorite ingredient.

Black Russian

A cocktail called a “Black Russian” is created with coffee liqueur and vodka.

It is a straightforward cocktail that is simple to make.

You’ll just need  1.5 ounces of vodka,  1 ounce of coffee liqueur.

Mix everything on a cocktail shaker and add some ice.

To mix and chill the ingredients, give them a good shake.

This cocktail is smooth, rich, and perfectly balances the flavors of vodka and coffee. It is often consumed at a bar or after dinner.

Black Velvet

Champagne and stout are combined to make a drink known as Black Velvet.

It’s a straightforward drink that’s easy to prepare.

The Black Velvet is a sophisticated beverage with a silky, creamy texture and a balance of bubbly champagne and strong stout flavors.

It is typically garnished with cherries or a lemon twist and given as an appetizer or celebratory drink.

Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is a tomato juice and vodka cocktail that is frequently spiced up and topped with a celery stick.

It is a well-liked brunch beverage that is frequently sipped to help with hangovers.

The Bloody Mary is a bit spicy cocktail that is frequently served with a range of toppings, including celery, pickles, bacon, shrimp, and shrimp cocktail sauce.

It is frequently used during brunch or as a morning recovery beverage.


Adding a shot of bourbon or whiskey to a glass of beer results in a beverage known as a Boilermaker.

It is a typical drink at bars and pubs because it is straightforward and traditional.

The Boilermaker is a potent, alcoholic cocktail that’s frequently sipped “down the sink.”

It is frequently used as a quick and convenient way to drink both beer and whiskey at the same time.

It is normally served in a pint glass or a shot glass.


Using Kahlua, Grand Marnier, and Bailey’s Irish Cream, a B52 is a stacked drink.

The B52 is a coffee, chocolate, and orange-flavored sweet and creamy cocktail.

It is primarily consumed as a nightcap and is frequently offered as a shot.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Beginning With B

Here are a few non-alcoholic drinks that begin with the letter B:

Banana smoothie

Bananas, milk, ice cream, or yogurt are all ingredients in a banana smoothie, which is a cool and creamy beverage.

It is simple to create and can be modified by adding extra ingredients like nuts, seeds, or different kinds of fruit.

To change the flavor of your banana smoothie, add other ingredients.

If you want a protein smoothie, consider adding a teaspoon of peanut butter, spinach for a nutritional boost, or a few berries for a fruity twist.

Beetroot juice

Beetroots, a kind of root vegetable, are used to make the dark red liquid known as beetroot juice.

It is nutrient-rich and has an earthy, sweet flavor.

Athlete performance, blood pressure, and inflammation are just a few of the health advantages of beetroot juice that are said to exist.

To change the flavor of your beetroot juice, you can also add additional components.

For an added nutritional boost or a touch of the tropics, consider adding a few spinach or kale leaves.

Blackcurrant squash

In order to create a fruity beverage, blackcurrant squash is a smoothies syrup that is combined with water.

Although other kinds of fruit can be used instead of blackcurrants, it is frequently made using them.

The blackcurrant squash is a common beverage that is frequently provided as a cool drink to satisfy your thirst on a hot summer day.

Simply combine a few teaspoons of water and syrup to make blackcurrant squash.

Depending on your preferences, you can add more or less syrup to change the sweetness and flavor.

For an additional tart or refreshing touch, add a lemon juice squeeze or a leaf of mint.

Black tea

Black tea is a variety of tea prepared from the Camellia sinensis plant’s leaves.

One of the most widely consumed teas in the world, it is renowned for its robust, full-bodied flavor and rich red brewing color.

Before the tea leaves are dried, they must first turn brown, in order to create black tea.

Black tea’s unique flavor and aroma are a result of this process.

Although black tea is typically consumed hot, it can also be savored cold.

It can be consumed plain or with the addition of milk and sugar to taste.

Many well-known cocktails and other drinks have black tea as a fundamental component.

Blueberry smoothie

A blueberry smoothie is a delectable and cooling beverage that is created from blueberries and milk, yogurt, or ice cream.

Making it is simple, and you may add extras like nuts, seeds, or different kinds of fruit to make it your own.

The flavor of your blueberry smoothie can be altered by including additional ingredients.

For a boost in nutrition, consider adding a scoop of spinach, a scoop of peanut butter, or a few strawberries, or both, for a smoothie that is high in protein.


Bojito is a non-alcoholic variation of the mint, lime, and sugar-based cocktail known as a mojito.

Simply eliminate the rum and proceed with the usual mojito recipe to make a bojito.

To change the taste of your bojito, you can add additional ingredients.

For instance, experiment with adding a few cucumber slices for a cool twist or a dash of fruits for a delicious flavor.

Bubble tea

A delicious beverage mixed with tea, tapioca balls, and milk is known as bubble tea, often referred to as a boba tea or pearl milk tea.

The tapioca balls add a distinctive texture to the beverage and are frequently placed at the bottom.

Since its creation in Taiwan, bubble tea has gained popularity all over the world.

By combining different kinds of tea and milk and altering the flavor to your preference, you may personalize your bubble tea.

For a special twist, you may also experiment with adding additional ingredients like fruit flavorings or powders.

Energy Drinks That Start With B

It’s crucial to remember that not everyone should drink energy drinks, and that if drank in excess, they may have harmful side effects.

It is advised to consume less energy drinks overall, read labels carefully, and abide by the suggested serving amount.

Here are a few energy drinks that begin with the letter B:

Bang Energy

A blend of caffeine, amino acids, and B-vitamins can be found in the energy drink line known as Bang Energy.

It is touted as being “hyper carbonated.”

According to the company, their drinks are made to increase performance and enhance both physical and mental capabilities.

Pink Lemonade, Star Blast, Purple Haze, and Black Cherry Vanilla are just a few of the flavor options for Bang Energy.

There are around three times as many milligrams of caffeine in each can of this energy drink as there are in one can of cola.


Caffeine, vitamin B, and some other nutrients are found in the energy drink Boost.

It comes in a number of flavors, such Chocolate, Strawberry, and Original and is touted as a source of long-lasting energy.

The quantity of caffeine in one can of Boost is 80mg.

Additionally, the beverage includes a combination of B vitamins,  which are crucial for sustaining energy levels and assisting the body’s metabolism.

Bull Energy

Bull Energy is a caffeine, B-vitamin, and taurine-containing energy drink.

The varieties that are offered include Blueberry, Mango, and Original.

The amount of caffeine in one Bull Energy can is 80mg, or about the same as in one cup of coffee.

Taurine, an amino acid also included in the beverage, is thought to have a range of possible health advantages, including enhancing athletic performance and lessening weariness.

B-vitamins are crucial for maintaining energy levels and helping the body’s metabolism.


Caffeine, B vitamins, and taurine are among the ingredients in the energy drink Burn, which also includes guarana and ginseng.

The varieties that are offered include Mango, Blueberry, and Original.

The quantity of caffeine i is 80mg, or about the same as in one cup of coffee.

Taurine, an amino acid also included in the beverage, is thought to have a range of possible health advantages, including enhancing athletic performance and lessening weariness.

Burn also contains ginseng, a herb that is said to offer a variety of possible health advantages, and guarana, an Amazonian plant noted for its stimulating effects.


Caffeine and guarana, a plant noted for its stimulating effects, are used to make the energy drink Bawls.

The varieties that are offered include Cherry, Root Beer, and Original.

About 70 mg of caffeine can be found in each can of Bawls.

Guarana is noted for its stimulant effects, is also used in the beverage.


There are numerous delectable and cooling beverages that begin with the letter B.

There is a B drink that will sate your appetites, whether you’re seeking for something mild and sweet or powerful and delicious.

B drinks are sure to please, whether you’re drinking a cold beer on a steamy summer day or you want something stronger to keep you warm during cold winter.

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