Drinks That Start With A – Ultimate List

This article is dedicated only to drinks that start with the letter A.

We’ve put together detailed lists of some of the most popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, but also some extras like energy drinks.

These lists of beverages that start with A don’t provide any real benefit, but they can be extremely fun if you want to surprise the person whose name starts with the letter A and get different things with this letter, including different types of drinks.

Alcoholic Drinks Beginning With A

Here are some of the most popular alcoholic drinks that begin with letter A.


The anise-flavored alcoholic beverage known as absinthe is made using a variety of botanicals, including the flowers and leaves of the plant.

It is frequently associated with the bohemian way of life of 19th-century in France and is seen as a strong and occasionally dangerous liquor.

The alcohol content (ABV) in absinthe is often high, ranging from 47% to 74%.

Thujones are compounds that are present in the drink, and because water is commonly offered with it, the drink has a milky white color.

Absinthe was historically illegal in many countries due of concerns about its alleged psychoactive effects, but it is now typically permitted for production and sale.


Ale is a style of beer prepared from malt that has been slightly caramelized by roasting.

Its hue ranges from amber to dark brown, and its flavor is malty and just a little bit sweet.

Pale ale, brown ale, amber ale, and stout are just a few of the numerous brew varieties.

Top-fermenting yeast is used in the brewing of ales, which implies that during the fermentation process, the yeast reaches the top of the fermentation medium.

This contributes to ale’s distinctive hazy look and mildly fruity or spicy flavor.

Ales are frequently paired with heavy dishes like stews or roasted meats since they are normally served at somewhat warmer temperatures than lagers.


Italian liqueur amaretto has a sweet and nutty flavor. Because it is made using an apricot or almond pit base, it has a distinctive nutty flavor.

Amaretto usually has an brownish color and an alcohol content of 15–30% ABV.

As an after-dinner beverage, it can be consumed neat, on the rocks, or mixed with other beverages.

Many treats include amaretto as a flavour, including cakes, cookies, and ice cream.


Anisette is a delicious liqueur with an anise flavor that is well-liked in many nations.

It is created by distillation of anise seeds, giving it a taste similar to licorice.

Anisette normally has a 20 to 50 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), while other varieties with a greater proof are also produced. It can be combined into cocktails or served neat as a popular after-dinner beverage.

A range of delicacies, including pastries and candies, contain anisette as a flavoring.


The bitter and sweet orange, rhubarb, and gentian used to make the Italian aperitif known as Aperol are combined.

Typically, it is consumed as a spritz, which is produced by combining Aperol, Prosecco, and a little soda water.

It is light, energizing, and only contains about 11% alcohol.

The Italian area of Veneto, where aperitivos are common, is where Aperol is frequently associated as a pre-dinner drink.

It is well-liked throughout the world and in other regions of Italy.


A brandy made from apples is called applejack. It has a distinct apple flavor and is made by fermentation and distillation of hard apple cider.

Applejack typically ranges from brownish and has an ABV of between 40 and 60 percent.

It can be combined into cocktails or served neat as a popular after-dinner beverage.

Pies and sauces, among other foods and desserts, contain applejack as a flavoring.


Scandinavian nations such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are big fans of aquavit, a clear, unsweetened spirit.

It is cooked with a potato or grain basis and several herbs, most notably caraway seeds, are used to flavor it.

Aquavit has an alcohol concentration of between 40 and 50 percent ABV with a unique, licorice-like flavor.

It is typically served as an aperitif with savory foods like herring and salmon and is customarily consumed chilled.

Additionally used in a range of cocktails, aquavit is a preferred liquor for toasting at important events like weddings and festivals.


De Kuyper Royal Distillers in the Netherlands produces the pear-flavored liqueur under the brand name Archers.

Its alcohol concentration ranges between 15 and 20% ABV and is derived from pear juice as a basis. T

he taste Archers is frequently added to desserts, as well as blended into cocktails.

It is well-known for its pleasant, fruity flavor and is frequently used to give mixed beverages a pear flavor.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Beginning With A

Here are some non-alcoholic drinks that begin with the letter A:

Apple juice

A form of juice created from apples is called apple juice. In order to obtain the juice, apples are crushed and pressed.

The juice is then processed and pasteurized.

Apple juice often has a clear, golden hue and tastes sweet with an apple flavor.

It is frequently consumed as a cooling beverage on its own or when incorporated into cocktails as well as other drinks.

Apple juice is frequently eaten for its health advantages and is a strong vitamin C source and other nutrients.

It is also a well-liked ingredient for cooking and baking because it may give foods like cakes and sauces taste and moisture.

Almond milk

Almonds are used to make almond milk, a vegan beverage. For individuals who prefer a lactose option, it is a well-liked substitute for cow’s milk.

In general, almond milk has fewer fat and calories than cow’s milk because it is created by crushing almonds and mixing them with water.

Almond milk has several applications, including usage in smoothies, coffee, and as a foundation for soups and sauces.

Arnold Palmer

Lemonade and iced tea are combined in equal parts to make an Arnold Palmer.

It has the name Arnold Palmer after the famous golfer who enjoyed consuming it on the course.

Many people today like the Arnold Palmer, which has become a well-liked beverage to relieve their thirst. It can be topped with a lemon slice and is frequently served over ice.

The Arnold Palmer can be made in numerous ways, such as by using fruity teas or lemonades or by adding a dash of vodka or another liquor to make it alcoholic.

Agua fresca

A popular non-alcoholic beverage in Latin America is called agua fresca.

It is produced by combining fruit, sugar, and water to produce a cool, subtly sweet beverage.

Watermelon,mango, cantaloupe, berries, and papaya are just a few of the many fruits that can be used to make agua fresca, which is often served over ice.

It is frequently offered by street markets in Latin America and is a preferred option for soothing thirst on hot days.


Espresso and hot water are used to make an Americano.

It is comparable to a standard cup of coffee but contains espresso, which gives it a rich flavor and more caffeine than plain coffee.

Although it is frequently served black, it can also be personalized by adding milk or any other flavors.

Coffee consumers who like a stronger yaste than standard drip coffee but don’t like the smoothness or thickness of a cappuccino or latte frequently, opt for an Americano.

Açai bowl

With fruit, oats, and almonds as toppings, an açai bowl is a special kind of smoothie made from frozen açai berries.

This berry is noted for its high antioxidant levels and other nutrients.

In order to make açai bowls, frozen açai berries are combined with a liquid, like almond milk or coconut water, to produce a thick, milkshake consistency.

After that, the finished product is poured into a dish and decorated with a variety of toppings, including fruit slices, granola, almonds, and coconut flakes.

Açai bowls are popular for their pleasant, fruity flavor and are regarded to be a nutritious breakfast or snack.


Ades is a type of plant-based protein that is derived from non-GMO soybeans.

It can be consumed by itself or used as a foundation for smoothies and other drinks.

It comes in a range of tastes, such original, sweetened, and unsweetened.

Ades is occasionally used as a dairy-free substitute for cow’s milk.

Apricot nectar

Apricot nectar is an apricot-based liquid. It is created by pressing and crushing apricots to get the juice, after which it is processed and pasteurized.

The hue and smell of apricot nectar are typically light orange and sweet.

It is frequently consumed as a revitalizing drink by itself or when incorporated into cocktail and other drinks.

Apricot nectar is frequently consumed for its health advantages and is a strong source of the vitamin A.

It is also a well-liked ingredient for cooking and baking because it may enhance the flavor and moisture of foods like cakes and sauces.

Artesian water

Water that emerges naturally from a well without the aid of a pump is known as artesian water.

It is drawn naturally to the surface when a well is bored into an aquifer, which is an underneath layer of water-bearing sediment that is under pressure.

Because it undergoes a natural filtration process as it runs through the ground, artesian water is frequently regarded as being of a high grade.

Due to the fact that it is not exposed to atmospheric contaminants, it is also regarded to be reasonably pure.

The crisp, pure flavor of artesian water makes it popular for bottling and sale as a luxury drinking water.

Aspen Pure

Mineral water sold under the name Aspen Pure comes from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

It is renowned for being of the highest caliber and purity and is frequently regarded as a deluxe bottled water.

As it runs to the surface, Aspen Pure is naturally cleansed through sediment and rock layers as it comes from the Rocky Mountains.

Since it is bottled just at the source, its purity and natural minerals are preserved.

Aspen Pure is popular for its crisp, clear flavor and is frequently used in cooking and baking.

It also makes an excellent beverage on its own.

Energy Drinks That Start With A

At the end of our list we also add some of the most popular energy drinks that start with the letter A.

Açai Energy

Non-alcoholic beverage Açai Energy is advertised as a healthy approach to increase energy and enhance physical performance.

It comes in a range of tastes and is produced from a combination of açai berries and additional additives like caffeine, minerals, and vitamines.

Açai Energy is frequently used as a substitute for conventional beverages, which are infamous for having high levels of sugar and caffeine.

Amp Energy

It is touted as a non-alcoholic drink that will give you more energy and support your physical performance.

Amp Energy comes in a variety of tastes and is manufactured with a combination of caffeine, b vitamins, and taurine.

It is frequently used as a substitute for regular coffee or simply as a means to improve energy throughout the day.

Amp Energy is not advised for use by youngsters or those who are caffeine sensitive due to its high caffeine concentration.

Energy drinks should be drunk in moderation because excessive consumption can cause unpleasant side effects like nervousness, sleeplessness, and an elevated heart rate.

Atomic Energy

Atomic Energy Drink was created specifically to provide the extra strength your body and mind require.

Guarana, caffeine, and taurine are all naturally added flavors to this carbonated energy drink.

With the use of these components, this beverage will aid in boosting metabolism, sharpening focus, and quickening reaction times.


No matter what the occasion, we hope this list has helped you find and learn a little more about drinks that start with the letter A.

Rest assured that this list will be as fun to read as it is to consume these drinks.

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