Most of us are buying oranges every day, but we don’t really know much about them.

Few people know where oranges come from, what types of oranges there are and how they can be used.

As you can guess, this text will be about oranges and their properties.

We are going to answer a very common question related to this fruit: do oranges have seeds?

Many people are not sure if oranges have seeds or not.

The answer to this question is yes, oranges contain seeds.

But, this answer also requires a more detailed explanation.

It is important to know that there are certain types of oranges that have seeds, but also those that do not.

That is why it is very important to know what types of oranges there are and how they differ from each other.

Later in this text we are going to tell you something more about different types of oranges and we are going to tell you which oranges contain seeds and what types of oranges are seedless.

Also, we are going to talk about the health benefits of oranges and we are going to tell you how to store them properly.

At the end of the text we are going to give you some tips how to use oranges.

But, first of all, we are going to mention the most important properties of this tropical fruit.

The Most Important Properties of Oranges

Oranges are a very healthy fruit and they are known for their health benefits all over the world.

You can eat oranges fresh or you can use them to make a refreshing juice.

Also, oranges can be used for cooking, baking, making desserts, etc.

They are usually used as a very healthy snack.

Oranges are actually the mix of mandarins and grapefruits.

Another important fact related to oranges is that they are not always orange in colour.

Some types of oranges that can be found in the tropics can be in green colour as well.

It is typical for those oranges to keep the green colour even when they are ripe.

Apart from green, oranges may appear also in red colour, for example blood oranges.

But, in most cases oranges have an orange colour and we can easily recognize them.

When it comes to their size, we can say that oranges are bigger than mandarins and smaller than grapefruits.

Even though most people like oranges and they use them every day, they don’t even know that there are any different types of oranges.

Later in this text we are going to talk about that, too.

We are going to answer now the most common question related to this fruit.

If you are wondering if there are seeds in oranges or not, we are going to tell you now.

Do Oranges Contain Seeds?

As we have said in this text already, oranges contain seeds.

However, you should know that there are two different types of oranges when it comes to seeds.

There are oranges with seeds and there are also oranges that don’t contain any seeds.

As you can see, the answer to this question is yes, oranges contain seeds, but there are also some types of oranges that are seedless.

In the following chapter you are going to find out something more about different types of oranges.

Types of Oranges

We have already mentioned above that there are oranges with seeds and also oranges that don’t contain seeds.

Blood Oranges. Blood oranges are known for their red colour. Those oranges are easily recognizable, because their flesh is bright red. Blood oranges are juicy and delicious.

They are great for making orange juice, but also for preparing different sauces and salads. Blood oranges are known for their specific flavour that is actually a mix of oranges and raspberries.

Blood oranges contain seeds. One of the most popular types of blood oranges are Tarocco oranges.

Navel Oranges. The oranges that don’t contain seeds are the navel oranges. It is the most common type of seedless oranges.

It is believed that these oranges are actually produced with a mutation and they were discovered in Brazil at the beginning of 19. century. These seedless oranges are sweet and they don’t contain too much acidity.

Navel oranges are rich in vitamin C and it is very easy to peel them. We can make a great juice of the navel oranges and they are also used for cooking.

Cara Cara Oranges. This type of oranges is known for its red flesh and it is usually considered to be a mix of a navel orange and a blood type of orange.

Cara cara oranges doesn’t have too much acid and its flesh is very sweet. The flavour of this type of orange has little resemblance to the flavour of blackberry and cherry.

Valencia Oranges. Now we are going to mention Valencia oranges that have seeds. They are favourite among people because they have a very sweet flavour.

When you are making orange juice of these oranges, you don’t need to add sugar, because Valencia oranges are very sweet and delicious.

As its name says, Valencia oranges come from Valencia, but today they can be found also in other parts of the world.

Seville Oranges. There are also Seville oranges and they are known for their sour taste. Also they are high in acid and they are usually used in kitchen.

We can use these oranges for making different sauces or dressings for salads. It is not typical to use these oranges as a snack because they are very sour.

Like many other types of oranges, Seville oranges contain seeds, too. Seville oranges are also called sour or bitter oranges.

Sweet Oranges. Another type of oranges are sweet oranges. Even though they are called sweet oranges, they don’t have any special flavour.

They are not rich in acid and their shelf life is not very long.

Trifoliata Oranges. This type of oranges comes originally from Korea and northern parts of China. Trifoliata oranges are very tiny and they are usually used for making marmalade.

Mandarin Oranges. Mandarin oranges are very popular because they are small and sweet.

People like them because they are not as sour as some other types of oranges. Mandarin oranges don’t contain seeds and people usually eat them as a snack.

Tangerines. This type of oranges are also very popular and they are known for their small size. Also, they are sweeter than other types of oranges.

You can peel them very easy, because their skin is thin and soft. Tangerines are very healthy because they are rich in vitamin C and other vitamins. Tangerines contain seeds.

Clementines. There are also clementines that are very similar to tangerines. They have a sweet taste and they are very juicy. It is easy to peel them and they are favourite among children.

A clementine is considered to be a hybrid that is something between sweet orange and mandarin orange.

Tangelos. Another type of oranges are tangelos. They are perfect for making orange juice, but it is not suitable to eat them raw because it is not easy to peel them.

However, their flavour is sweet and they are very juicy. That’s why they are usually used for making juices. As most other types of oranges, tangelos contain seeds, but usually not too much.

These are the most popular types of oranges, but we have not mentioned all of them. Some research has shown that there are about 400 varieties of this fruit, which sounds really amazing.

As you could see, there are some types of oranges with seeds and also the oranges that are seedless. Seedless types of oranges are very loved by people, because people usually don’t like fruits with seeds.

Apart from the fact that it is much easier to peel and to use seedless fruits, it is proved that seedless fruits have a longer shelf life, too.

Even though there are so many types of oranges, they are all very healthy. You are going to see now what the most important health benefits of oranges are.

Health Benefits of Oranges

It is known that oranges are one of the healthiest fruits and you should consume them every day.

They are loaded with vitamin C, folate, potassium and fiber. If you eat oranges regularly, they will give you energy and they will improve your overall health. You are going to see now some of their most important health benefits.

Oranges Will Boost Your Immunity. Like all other citrus fruits, oranges are rich in vitamin C.

Due to their high content of this vitamin, oranges will make your immunity stronger. If you consume oranges regularly, it will help you stay healthy and avoid many health problems.

Oranges Will Reduce Your Blood Pressure. If oranges are a part of your diet, they will help you reduce your blood pressure.

Because of that it is particularly recommended to people who are suffering of high blood pressure to eat oranges regularly.

Oranges Have Anticancer Properties. Due to a big amount of antioxidants, oranges can help you fight against free radicals that can cause cancer and other serious diseases.

Oranges Have Anti-inflammatory Properties. Another health benefit of oranges is that they have anti-inflammatory properties as well.

When your immune system is attacked, oranges will fight against inflammations and they will prevent many chronic diseases.

Other Health Benefits of Oranges. Apart from the health benefits that we have mentioned, oranges have other health benefits as well.

Due to their acidity, oranges can prevent the formation of a kidney stone in your body.

It is also known that oranges contain a big amount of calcium, which is great for the health of your bones and muscles.

In the end we are also going to mention that oranges are rich in folate, which means that they are great for pregnant women and also for moms.

It is recommended to pregnant women to eat oranges regularly, because this fruit can prevent many defects on birth and also many other complications.

Side Effects of Oranges

Even though oranges are very healthy, they can also cause some side effects, if you eat too much of them.

You should know that oranges are rich in sugar, so you should be careful, especially if you don’t want to gain weight.

Because of their acidity, oranges can cause some gastrointestinal problems.

Also, too much fiber in oranges can cause abdominal cramps as well.

If eaten too much, oranges can also lead to headache, diarrhea, nausea, etc. In some cases oranges can even cause insomnia.

Now when you know the health benefits of oranges and also eventual side effects of this fruit, we are going to tell you how to store them properly.

How to Store Oranges?

Oranges should be stored at room temperature, but it is important to move them from direct sunlight.

But, if you are not planning to eat your oranges for a couple of days, then it would be best to place them in the fridge.

This way you will extend the shelf life of oranges and you can use them later.

If you freeze oranges, you can shred them with a peeler and sprinkle frozen oranges on your meal.

You can sprinkle frozen oranges on your soup, salad, spaghetti or maybe on your smoothie or ice cream.

It could be a great addition to your meal and it could make it more appealing.

Also, frozen oranges will give a special taste to your meal.

Now we are going to tell you a couple of ways in which you can use oranges.

If you have too many of oranges and if you are not sure how to use them, our ideas can be helpful for you.

How to Use Oranges?

You can eat fresh oranges and it is the best option because this way you will get all the nutrients that are contained in oranges.

Oranges can be a perfect snack for you that will give you energy and boost your immune system.

It is recommended to eat one bigger orange or two small oranges as a snack.

You can make orange juice that is also full of vitamins.

If you make too much orange juice and you cannot drink it all, then you can also freeze it.

If you freeze orange juice, it will stay fresh for a couple of weeks.

Apart from eating oranges fresh or making a juice, you can also use them for making a tea.

In this case you should use the peels of oranges.

This orange tea will help you against abdominal cramps and it will stimulate your appetite.

Another way to use oranges is to make marmalade from them.

Also, you can use oranges for making desserts, but in this case we usually use orange juice.

Anyway, we are sure that oranges will make the flavour of your dessert better.

Apart from all these uses of oranges in kitchen, it is also interesting that this fruit can be used in cosmetics for different body treatments.

Also, there is a face mask that can be made of orange peel.

You have seen in this article that oranges have so many health benefits and so many uses.

It is recommended to eat oranges every day, but in moderation.

If you eat this fruit regularly, you will certainly boost your immunity and your health will be better.

As we have already explained, this fruit can have positive effects on your whole body.

However, due to a big amount of sugar and due to their acidity, it is not recommended to eat oranges in very big amounts.

As we have already said, it is recommended to eat a big orange daily or instead of that you can eat two small oranges.

If you consume oranges on your daily basis, we are sure that you will notice great benefits that you get from this tropical fruit.

Also, in this text we have told you that there are seedless types of oranges and oranges that contain a lot of seeds.

Whatever type of oranges you choose, you can be sure that it will have a positive impact on your health.

We have told you what types of oranges exist and you should eat a type of oranges that suits you best.

We hope that you have found useful information in this text and we are sure that you are going to include oranges in your daily diet.

Whether you eat them fresh or juice them, oranges will do wonders for your health.

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