Are Kit Kats Halal or Haram in Islam? 

Food is an essential part of our everyday life, it is our culture, it is our family, and can show a lot about us – having snacks and sweets is also a part of this grandiose element that we revolve our lives.

What are your favorite sweets – what kind of chocolate do you love – dark, or milk, with waffles or plain?

On the market, there is a large variety of chocolate bars, and Kit Kat, thanks to its wonderful taste, its varieties, and also great marketing that follows its enormous popularity of it, surely takes a prime.

Now, the Muslim community, although in some ways restricted by rules, regarding all parts of their lives, and the ways they eat (what, where, and how), also loves this chocolate.

But the question is – is all that is found in this chocolate suitable for them to consume, is it halal?

And even if it is – as we know in many countries around the world, there are hundreds of different flavors of Kit Kat, and here lies the hard question, can the Muslim community eat all of them?

Are Kit Kats Halal or Haram in Islam?

This is something that many Muslims of the Islamic faith have asked themselves, especially because this product does not say whether it is haram or whether it is haram and there is no certificate for it.

But when we took a closer look and studied the composition of this chocolate, which is a favorite of many, we came to the conclusion that it does not contain anything of animal origin, so believe it or not, Kit Kat is Halal.

So you can freely relax and enjoy this chocolate bar.

There are several types of Kit Kat and they are actually all Halal.

We were most distrusted by Wine Kit Kat, which contains alcohol, and because of this, many Muslims avoided it.

However, when we asked the scholars, we received information that the amount of alcohol it contains cannot get a person drunk, and among other things, during the making of the chocolate bar, that alcohol evaporated and cannot in any way affect a person getting drunk from it, so therefore, this means that even this chocolate bar is Halal.

The milk contained in this chocolate bar is cow’s milk and does not contain anything of pig origin.

many Muslims avoid eating sweets that do not have a Halal certificate, in order not to violate their customs, and this is completely understandable.

This Kit Kat chocolate bar was also on their avoid list because it is also not certified.

But the fact that something does not have a certificate that it is Halal does not necessarily mean that it is haram, but simply that the producer did not allocate funds and did not want to finance the obtaining of the certificate because he believes that there is no need for it.

Every Muslim knows to read the composition of any product and to recognize whether something can be consumed or not.

The same is the case with this chocolate bar, if you read the ingredients on the back, you will see that there is nothing that a Muslim believer should not consume.

Kit Kat contains the following ingredients:

Wheat flour

Cocoa Butter

Vegetable Oil


Milk Fat


Lecithin, Vanillin, Yeast, Baking Soda, PGPR, Salt, and of course a certain amount of sugar.

So as we can see for ourselves, there is absolutely nothing here that is Haram and therefore this chocolate bar is free for consumption by Muslim believers.

More about Kit Kat

Did you know that this chocolate is being for almost one hundred years and that it is still one of the most popular chocolate bars in the world?

One statistic has shown that every five minutes, so many Kit Kats are made that they could fit in the Eiffel Tower.

It has been sold all over the world, in almost 80 countries in the world, and on five continents.

Even if there are not the same tastes that were sold all over the world, the mantra stays the same – the perfect balance between chocolate and waffle.

The motto – Take a break and have one Kit Kat is what depicts the operation of this company, and what this chocolate waffle is truly made for.


Most of the producers you will contact to get information about whether something is Halal or Haram if they do not already have a certificate that something is approved for Muslims or not, you will get the answer that it is Haram even though its composition actually says otherwise.

This is because the manufacturers want to protect themselves and do not want to be responsible for something for which they do not have a certificate.

in such cases, it is up to you to read the composition of the food on the back and make sure for yourself whether it is something you may or may not consume.

This is something that takes a lot of time for Muslim believers when they buy groceries in stores, especially because the ingredients on the back of the groceries are written in very small letters, and therefore if someone has vision problems, he is condemned to stick to what he is already sure is for him allowed.

Therefore, many Muslim believers often adhere to certain routines in shopping and do not change products often, and do not experiment too much.

Or, after all, they choose products that have a Halal certificate that is clearly highlighted on the product packaging and is visible.

So, if a product wants to break into the market and win over buyers of the Islamic religion, it will have to obtain a Halal certificate, in order to make it easier for them to buy.

There is almost no person in this world who does not like chocolate, but you have to keep in mind one very important thing, which is that it is fattening and you have to be moderate with it.

The fact that a KitKat chocolate bar is Halal does not mean that it is a very healthy food, and our advice is that you should consume it when your sugar drops or in cases where you give yourself the right to eat it if you are on a diet, or at least once a week. celebrate with this wonderful sweet.

Halal products consumed by Muslims of the Islamic religion are actually a great thing because they are much healthier than foods that are Haram.

Although the fact that they are Halal, of course, means that they can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

Take for example Red Bull, which is the favorite energy drink of people all over the world.

Believe it or not, Red Bull is actually almost a vegan product, but you have to be careful with that too because it contains caffeine, which can affect the work of the heart if you overdo it.

KitKat also has sugar in it, which we all know is not healthy and can lead to heartburn if too much of it is introduced into the body.

Therefore, you should be moderate in everything, and we believe that this is actually the key to health and happiness in life.

KitKat is a high-quality candy and Muslims can consume it without worry, regardless of the fact that it does not have a Halal certificate.

So if you want to have a sweet next to you for God forbid or to give it to a relative or relatives, we believe that they will be very surprised when you tell them that this is something they can actually eat.

Scholars are the ones who are generally the strictest when it comes to the diet of a member of the Islamic faith.

Even they themselves said that KitKat is a Halal product and that it can be eaten, even though the manufacturer himself said that KitKat is not Halal.

Producers are obliged to leave on the back of each food product its composition and what it contains.

This is something that is extremely important, especially since people who are, for example, allergic to eggs or peanuts, must know what is in that food so that their organism would not react if they mixed it in themselves.

Also among the Orthodox people who fast on Wednesdays and Fridays and on certain calendar days when there are major holidays, they are not allowed to eat, for example, milk and egg products, so they can see on the back if the food contains something that they are not allowed to eat.

So when it comes to the composition of a certain food, what is written on its back must be 100% correct and there is no fraud.

So if you found absolutely nothing Haram on the KitKat chocolate bar, it means that you don’t have to worry and you can eat it without any problems and without a guilty conscience.

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