One of the most important food items people eat is eggs, as we could not imagine living our lives, without having them on our daily menu.

This is particularly true when we know that they contain an abundance of nutrients.

Eggs provide numerous health benefits as they are a good source of protein and can help reduce inflammation, improve bone health, and contribute to brain health.

We can eat them for breakfast, after training, or as a snack, and can be prepared in numerous ways.

They have high-quality protein and B vitamins and there cannot be any doubt that eggs can be part of a healthy and balanced diet.

When children are growing it is recommended for them to eat eggs, or in the case of people who are in harder training, for them, this may be the best source of protein for sure.

Especially the egg white is the source of all good things and it is harmless.

But when eaten with foods high in fat, sodium, and other unhealthy ingredients, things can change a lot, having in mind that you need to watch how you eat eggs and how you combine them with other foods.

Eggs are often eaten with bacon, sausages, and fried potatoes.

Such foods are full of saturated fat and salt, and you can see that this combination is not seen as healthy.

If you decide to eat eggs, be sure to eat them with other nutritious foods – but if you belong to the Islamic faith, then you may wonder if is it allowed for you to eat them, and if yes, are there any specific rules on how to eat them?

And if they are not allowed, the question is why are they haram?

There are some conflicted opinions but here they are sublimated into some moderate and the most common so that all Muslim believers could know what to do when they are found in a position to choose and buy their food.

Are Eggs Halal or Haram In Islam?

When it comes to this matter, there are some limitations, but we could say that nowadays, people of the Muslim faith can freely eat eggs as they are considered to be halal ingredients.

Many people of the Islamic faith ask this question, as they want to eat this healthy and affordable food, so it is the question that goes back.

The jurisdiction of eating meat and eggs, drinking milk, and riding animals (camels, cows, sheep, goats, and chickens) that eat impurities, such as human excrement or waste, as there are Islamic scholars that says that it is impure, and therefore haram.

It is said that it is haram to consume the meat of any animal that feeds on impurities) and (drinking) its milk until it is closed; or as it is said until its flesh is purified.

In the Quran, it could be read that it is forbidden to eat the meat of domestic donkeys, and also of any animal that feeds on impurity and its riding.

Allah Almighty has forbidden eating an animal that is killed, in a way that it was, for example, tied up by shooting as a target, eating an animal that feeds on impurity, and drinking its milk.

This is important to serve as a reminder regarding animals, and their meat and milk.

But what happens to the eggs of some animals – it is halal to eat the meat, along with milk, and also eggs of all animals that are eating worms, and flies.

As far as chickens go – in the old times, at the time of the Prophet, were

walk and stay outside the cage, which means that they ate worms, worms, flies, and the like, and it was known that their meat was eaten or forbidden because of that or that it should be purified by imprisoning those animals and feeding them clean food.

Many other animals whose meat is halal eat worms, worms, flies, and the like, and we are not prohibited from eating their meat because of that. Like pigeons, pheasants, geese, ducks, and the like.

Even cows, sheep, and goats grazing freely with grass and leaves will inevitably eat worms, flies, and various serpents that are on the grass or tree leaves.

And that’s not why the prohibition of eating their meat or the obligation of purification came to the people of the Islamic faith.

On the other hand, due to health reasons, the meat of indoor chickens that are fed with ground dead animals or various chemicals is more questionable.

And therefore such meat and milk, and eggs that come from those animals are seen as haram, as you cannot determine what is going on, what they have been eating, and is everything in them, all halal.

Are there halal Eggs?

So, it is important that an animal that gives us the eggs is halal – and therefore we could eat its eggs.

Haram are those that are made from animals or in this case birds that are feeding on other animals.

Halal eggs are those that we get from adequate birds, and here we include turkeys, pigeons, and of course chicken eggs.

So, all birds that are consuming vegetables, fruits, or plants, in general, are seen as halal, and their eggs are halal and could be consumed.

Eggs that are not allowed are those that come from animals that are haram, like snakes, hawks, alligators, falcons, or crocodiles.

Are bloody or raw eggs halal?

When it comes to unlaid eggs uncovered in a chicken after being slaughtered is thought to be halal, anyhow, and it does not have any difference in how that chicken was killed.

Alos, those who want to eat raw eggs can do it, as it is also allowed.

Many dishes imply consuming eggs or swallowing raw eggs, and such an act is seen as thoroughly halal.

But in this case, eggs must come from halal birds, for example, that do not come from any birds of prey.

For all those who are wondering if can they consume eggshells, as it is very healthy to do so, the answer is yes, Muslim believers can eat it, as long as all other recommendations are fulfilled.

The main thing you must follow is that the animal must be halal, must be slaughtered by Islamic law, and the way it has been eaten also has importance.

More about Eggs

We have said, and this is something that the majority of us know – eggs are healthy, they are one of the best sources of protein, and people of all ages can eat them.

But not only that, we are talking about the super-food item, that could be prepared in numerous ways, everyone more delicious than the other.

It is crucial to how you eat your eggs, and what is your favorite combination.

All the rules related to the consumption of eggs were changed a long time ago, by now everyone knows that one to two eggs a day can be freely eaten.

But when we say two, we mean two small eggs.

Egg whites, and if you eat 10 of them, you will get the same amount of protein as there is in, for example, 100 grams of white turkey meat.

And just for the comparison, 10 egg whites are about 30 grams, and hardly anyone will eat more than that.

Pure egg whites are even recommended in the diet, as they have not had any calories at all, and if you look at any diet, eggs are almost in all of them.

The egg white will greatly increase the nutritional quality of the salad, add them to any salad for the best results; it is the perfect nutritive combination. Boiled egg whites go well with tuna, and with cheese, in a salad with beans, for example…

There is no salad in which egg whites would not go because they have a neutral taste and do not change the taste of the dish, but improve the nutritional value, and that is highly valuable egg whites.

and the yolk is a different story.

Be extra careful if you have weight problems or a problem with cholesterol, and how much egg yolks you consume.

Have in mind that the egg yolk carries all the fat and cholesterol. Each egg yolk has more than 250-260 milligrams of cholesterol, so if it is consumed at once, it can be a big challenge for the secretion of bile, and in people who have elevated cholesterol, it can cause a problem.

Not for everyone, of course, but all studies, which were done in terms of monitoring longevity and suffering from cardiovascular and heart diseases, especially showed that up to two eggs, a day is useful and does not pose a risk, but more than two eggs – significantly brings a risk.

When you are choosing what kind of egg you will consume, do not look beyond the chicken egg, as it has everything, and it is allowed on the bases of Islamic laws.

It has excellent quality.

The small egg, which we mentioned that should be consumed without any worry, has about 45 grams and there is no reason to buy others because they are not of better nutritional quality.

There is no reason to buy eggs from other birds, as some of them may be pricey, and not only that, we can say that for people of the Muslim faith, this is something that can pose a problem regarding its halal status.

The best combination is to eat them cooked with avocado and bread made from whole grains and vegetables.

That way you will get a very healthy, but also tasty meal, and even suitable for people of the Islamic faith, that have some limitations in their diet.


Regarding meat, milk, and to a certain extent eggs there are some different opinions.

The first one says that it is haram to eat meat, drink milk and eat eggs from an animal that feeds on (or eats) impurity (human excrement or other impurities).

According to some others, it is considered a sin only if the animal that eats impurity changes its body odor or smell, otherwise, it is not sinned, even if it only ate 90%.

Some other Islamic scholars say that when most of the food they eat is impure, it still changes their body odor.

They prove it with the hadith mentioned above, with the fact that they reduce the prohibition that came in the hadith to temptation and not that meat (milk and eggs) is haram.

Some say that consuming the meat of an impure animal is permitted without temptation, even if the smell of its meat has changed because of it.

There is no difference of opinion among the scholars that the temptation or prohibition ceases after that animal is confined and fed with clean food.

So, eating meat drinking milk, and eating eggs from animals that are not pure, is haram.

And there is not a definitive answer here – not all eggs come from chickens, they can come from parrots or ducks, or pigeons, but also snakes and crocodiles.

According to Islamic laws, it is generally halal to eat eggs from ducks, ostrich, and of course chickens.

So, meat and consequently eggs and milk are not allowed from animals that are in fact birds of prey.

As a Muslim believer, you can eat eggs, but not all – halal eggs come from a goose, quail, chicken, duck, turkey, pigeon, and ostrich.

When you choose to eat eggs, it is most important to eat from an animal that is halal, and for health reasons not to eat too many eggs, and of course to combine them properly with other foods.

Everything else is part of your creation, and for those who think that it can bring them some health benefits, eating raw eggs is also permissible according to the Islamic faith.

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