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I’m Micah, a Canadian born expat with experience in Canada, United Kingdom, and most recently, Southern California (hello, sun!). 

As both a Registered Dietitian and Certified Chef, I focus on creating high-quality recipes that can be created at home.

My philosophy is simple; nutrition starts in the kitchen. Food should be enjoyed, with others, with passion and care. Eat what makes your mind and body feel its best.

I have also written, illustrated and successfully published a children’s book on Diabetes and nutrition that is sold across North America.

When I’m not in the kitchen creating recipes, I’m a runner (who stops to pet every. single. dog), expat and devoted wife. In no particular order.  

Looking to work together? Check out my WORK WITH ME  page. I work with individuals, brands, community groups, and multi-national brands to create content focused on eating well.

Micah Siva, RD

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Education & Training

Chefs training program  (2011)
Institute of culinary education (formerly Natural Gourmet Institute
New york, NY 
B.Sc human nutrition (2012-2015)
Acadia University
Nova Scotia, Canada
Registered Dietitian (2016-Present)
Registered in Canada & the U.K.

"Food is powerful. It brings communities and families  together.  Food teaches us about culture, about heritage, family ties, and creativity. It gets our minds racing and bellies grumbling.

With experience living in Canada, The United Kingdom, and United states, in addition to travelling to 50+ countries, i offer a unique perspective to food, wellness, and what it means to build community through food.

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